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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Sixty Three

The Apostle Paul Caught the Vision!

The apostle Paul understood the paradigm and this one, post-Christ man, may have done more for the spread of the incredible news of Jesus throughout the earth than any other. To our known record he started more enclaves of believers in more cities than any other of his day. Wherever he went heaven itself visited earth due to the flow through power the good news of Jesus brought to us.

Continually, he faced insurmountable odds in the physical and natural world, yet the energy at work in him altered the circumstances he found himself in from death to life constantly.

Tell me then, who or what can ever divide us from the love of Christ? Can any pressure, affliction or distress of any kind? How about persecution, mistreatment and hostile acts against us? How about when we’re famished, hungry and in need? Do you think being naked and without clothing would do it? What about danger, the possibility of harm or injury? What about the likelihood of being stabbed with a sword?

We knew it would be risky from the start and agreed anyway because it had already been written, ‘That for Your cause, we would face the prospect of death every day, all day long, like those numbered among the sheep who are headed for the slaughter and day of their destruction.

Nevertheless, though we are continually enveloped by the raging swirl of all these things, we are more than conquerors, vanquishing our foes, gaining decisive and surpassing victories over them.

All this is because I am induced by the words I have heard and believed, that nothing, nothing at all including death, nothing related to life and living, no angels, no principalities or powers, nothing at all in the present, or anything at all from the future,

Nothing from the heights or anything from the deepest depths, or anything anywhere in all of creation, has in it the capability to divide us off somehow and separate us from the love of God which is resident in Christ Jesus, our Lord (Romans 8:35-38).

These are powerful words from a man who lived in the trenches of this all too real spiritual war.

He had been persuaded and induced by words he had heard and believed. Are we hearing? Are the words inducing us to action? How far are we going? It’s heart check time.

As we approach the next chapter from the book 'The Revolution Is ON!' and this blog, I will expand on the concepts of warrior power in the Kingdom dimension of God and the nature of it.

In this last phase we have dealt with the theme ‘Spiritual Wars Are Fought By Spiritual People’, because they are. No one can take on spirit and expect successful results by employing natural means.

To be successful in the arena of spiritual warfare you must meet spirit from the vantage point of greater Spirit as that is the only way to win in that realm.

We discussed who these spiritual warriors are and the qualities that make them who they are. We spoke of the Warrior as one under the power of higher power and that this is the very source of their success in the spiritual wars.

To be in harmony with the voice of God makes one quite literally, His own offshoot and extension of power and authority in seamless unity.

Finally, we spoke about the voice of God, that it is the power that is the active ingredient in the creation of this new creation Jesus has instituted and is destined to fill the whole earth. The Warrior is trained in heart to hear and act upon the battlefield in accord with the voice of the Spirit of God.

Let's close with the words of James;

But He (God) gives us even more grace. It is because of this He says, 'God resists and sets Himself

against the proud and haughty while surrounding the humble (those who place themselves within the greater power) with sweet loving favor.

For this very reason then, place yourselves completely and entirely under God with an ear that is ready to hear. Then set your own self in a steadfast and immoveable posture, opposing in defiance and resistance the devil (every false accusation from the false accuser and liar), and he will move quickly away, fleeing for safety from the danger you now represent.

Draw near to God then, joining and attaching yourself to Him, and He will draw near and join Himself to you too at the same time, cleansing the power of your hands (your works) from being misaligned with your inheritance, and purifying your hearts from any vestige of a double mind (a mind uncertain and split by two opinions, by the two worlds).

He will save you from heavy toils, afflictions, hardships and miseries, from mourning and grieving, from weeping and lament, giving you joy instead over against your heaviness.

Humble yourself (place yourself within the greater power) before the presence of the Lord and he will lift you up on high, raising you up to the very summit of opulence, prosperity, dignity, honor and joy (James 4:6-8).

Your Father is ready to make you a transformative force on the earth.

Are you ready to become one?

All it takes is a listening heart, tuned to the voice of the Creator of all creation as it streams through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Center yourself there for there is nothing that is more important.

Next topic: The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

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