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“The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power”

Today we start some new thoughts on Spiritual Warfare and The Global Revolution begun by Jesus Christ. We will begin to discuss over the next installments The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power, because they do exist...and it is these giants we are, as Spiritual Warriors, called and equipped to remove from occupying territories, which take on literal geographic significance.

But first, some advance work.

I don't know if you realize this or not, but we are right in the middle of forming in conjunction with the Lord Jesus, what is going to turn out to be an entirely new creation that ultimately winds up being a creation that is restored in perfect harmony with the beauty of God in the universe, as it was in the beginning before discord entered the scenario.

The Father is going to dwell on earth among the children as at the first, as in the Garden of the LORD and we, the children, are preparing the way for this very thing to happen now as the Lord Jesus has opened again for us the portals that our fallen minds had obscured.

The earth has been given to the children of God, as at the first, in present tense reality.

I know that many might find this to be a radical and outlandish statement, but it is no more outlandish than what the Lord Jesus, his initiating apostles, the prophets and the Father have stated from the very outset. Nothing in the eternal purpose has changed.

Jesus the Christ, the Reconciler and Restorer would come it was said, and has come as said, and it was said in consequence of it there would be an amazing thing emerge from among oppressed mankind that translators wound up calling “the church”, which isn't at all what we in our minds tend to refer to and to think of as church because church is not a place, church is not a building that one goes to or a human made organization.

Jesus warned everyone that church, which is the Greek word ‘ekklesia’, was coming;

But he (Jesus) said to these same ones (his apprentices), ‘But who do you say I am?’

It was Simon Peter then who answered and said, ‘You are Christ (the God seed, the anointed, the commissioned, the one bearing the authorized power to help), the Son of the Living God'.

In consequent reply Jesus said these words, ‘In this you have touched on all that is prosperous, all that is beneficial and overflowing with joy Simon, son of Jonah, because this revelation, this unveiling did not come to you through any channels of flesh and blood, but it came to you directly from my Father from whom the origin of all things emerge from within the envelope of the heavens.

Moreover, I say as well to you how you now will exist as Peter, one small stone, and so likewise it is upon this rock, this massive stone (the divine revelation that Jesus is Christ) that the building of my ‘ekklesia’ (church) will emerge, and the gates of hell, the portal of the invisible netherworld of the low regions that has prevailed, will prevail no longer, for now it will no longer possess any strength, power or capacity to resist and offer any deterrence whatsoever against these same ones (Matthew 16:18).

Everyone has had fair warning and everyone has been given ample time to take the words of Jesus seriously. This train is rolling and there is no stopping it.

The exorcism has begun and the Revolution is in fact on!

Why is this? What is this ‘ekklesia’ being bantered about that is critical to the overthrow?

Here is where it gets even more exciting for the word ‘ekklesia’ is a compound word, the first part ‘ek’ referring to the idea of ‘echo’ (Echo reaches into Greek mythology which do many Greek words) and the second part ‘kaleo’ refers to the idea of ‘call’.

Etymology of the word ‘call’ brings one to a fascinating discovery leading to the Egyptian concept of the ‘Ka’ which in the life of the individual meant there was an image of them born in the spiritual realm and the person in question was created to mirror in life the eternal image of them existing in the heavens.

As we put the compound ‘ekklesia’ together we realize Jesus is speaking of the creation of a people who would ‘echo the image created for them in the heavens’.

This is church. It is and has never been, in the Son of God teachings anyway, a place one ‘goes to’, but it is descriptive of a person and persons who have heard the divine call, who are in tune with and echo the image and likeness of God in the earth as replicates, as sons, as daughters, as direct genetic offshoots springing from the eternal point of Origin.

Our reconciliation to the image and likeness of God is what the redemption in Jesus Christ is all about and that so you and I can become mirrors of the image as was and is Jesus.

God is for this upheaval and the netherworld, the lower world and the entire negative of its polarity is powerless against the replication of the image and likeness of God within His sons and daughters.

The only real question is where you or I will be when this incredible journey hits its final stretch of track and picks up steam as it begins to roll full speed to its final conclusions. By that I mean what side of His mission and calling will you be on when the Grand Finale' starts happening and all the destinations have been reached, as its prophetic destiny approaches the final stop and all tickets have been punched?

If you're one of those who are trying to time it all so you can wake up and just sneak in under the wire, good luck. That's a risky venture that Jesus already warned us about. The evidence says that is a loser’s proposition. Hope it works out for you but I have my reservations.

And I saw a new and refreshed heaven and a new and refreshed earth because the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and there was no longer a sea (dividing). And I John saw the heavenly (the spiritual and true) city of Jerusalem that had been set aside for such sacred occupation coming down (transferring) from God out of heaven itself, having been prepared as if she were a beautiful bride made wonderfully ready for her husband.

And I heard a voice of great majestic ranking say out of heaven, 'Look very carefully and consider this, as the permanent dwelling place of God is now with men, dwelling and living with them and they will be God’s people and this very same God will be with them and will be their God.

And God will wipe away every single tears from every single eye, and death will no longer exist there ever again, neither will sorrow, or crying, neither will there ever be any pain ever felt because all of the former things that had been, have all now passed away (Revelation 21:1-4).

Nevertheless we, in precise accord with His exacting promise, look for the new, fresh heavens and the new, fresh earth, in which the harmony and blessings of God will perpetually remain. With this in mind my brothers, as you look for this, make it your business and occupation to be found always by Him in the tranquility of the triumph, unspotted, and with the ability to hold your heads high, free of shame (2 Peter 3:13-14).

And while they (the unprepared, the unwise) had to go take care of this business that was not attended to before, the bridegroom suddenly appeared and those who had prepared themselves before the time went in with him to the celebration and the door was shut (Matthew 25:10).

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