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The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

Our Upside Down-ness

In the mind of man there is often an “upside down-ness” in comparison to what is known to be superior by God. Maybe it's because we were made from dirt (earth) that we are so easily earth oriented in a material dependency and comfort. We feel that the material world is the real world and the spiritual world is the not-so-real world.

But, just the opposite is true.

This material orientation fails to consider that everything began in Spirit (God) and flowed out from that point of origin, then crystallizing into visual matter according to the word and sounding out that was given.

It is vital that we keep this in mind, that material is formed out of spiritual and not visa-versa, that Spirit/spirit is the formulating cause of material and not the opposite.

In our quest to know God we must become spiritual people, developing a spiritually minded basis of orientation as the first cause, the high and higher cause of all things that are and can be.

In reference to the material/spiritual orientation difficulty we face, Jesus one day blew his followers minds when he told them people whose paradigms are materially rooted, cannot experience in any easy way the things of God (Spirit).

This is because their entire polarity of life is based completely on an erroneous first assumption, being oriented to the wrong side of the equation. Just after Jesus explains this idea to his apprentices we hear this exchange of words;

And Jesus looked about on his apprentices and said, ‘How extremely difficult it is for those who resonate and echo according to the things of human need, the money, the wealth, the possessions, the material world, to come into and out (to pass back and forth) within the estate of God’s domain’.

And the apprentices were astonished (amazed, frightened, overwhelmed) at his words. But Jesus, following up said to them, 'My beloved brothers, what means is available to those whose confidence rests on things of human need, the money, the wealth, the possessions, the material world and its material riches, as the way into the estate of God’s domain?

It would be far easier for a camel to rise and pass through the eye of a needle than for material resources to enter from where they are into the estate of God’s domain.

And now they were even more astonished beyond all measurable capacity, saying among themselves, 'Then who and how is it possible that anyone is able to be made whole, be healed, be kept safe, sound and be saved?’

And Jesus, turning his eyes and gazing at them said, 'On the human side there is no power or strength, but not with God, for at the side of God (Spirit), there all things are made possible (mightily in effect, empowered, in play, alive and excelling) (Mark 10:24-27).

In the Hebrew culture, if you will remember, relationship with God was based largely on whatever offerings one could bring to the temple and offer to God.

This in itself created a basis of evaluation of people relative to their wealth and the size and expense, within the culture, of their gifts.

The hypocrisy of it all is that one could bring very expensive offerings yet have a heart completely distant from God.

Jesus statement says it all, “On the side of God (Spirit) all things are made possible.”

Here in this statement is established the directional flow of holistic power and creation. There is a reason why within the commandments relating to our relationship with God, one of the early statements made is;

You must NOT make any graven image or any likeness of anything in heaven above or in the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You will NOT bend over to them or place yourself under their power/dominion” (Exodus 20:4-5).

The reason on one level has to do with limitation. God has no limit. God cannot be contained.

It is imperative then that we expand our minds to take in things that are far superior to the ‘rules’ of this earthly, material dimension with all of its earthbound imposed limits.

When the material or the “created/creature” side is the dominant side, we inhibit the possibilities that exist in manifestation of the wonders of the Infinite God.

By a wrong sided rooting, we weaken our position and capacity of engagement.

When we engage God in the realm of Spirit we engage Him as He is, in limitless and unbound splendor apart from any and all limitation. Though the power of life that is God permeates all creation in causative expressions, God Himself is not creation.

At that point, when we engage God within the arena of Spirit, anything can happen and we need to be ready for this and not limit our understanding of possibilities.

All the fullness of God is out there to explore, and no one can imagine the vast power and splendor of it all.

This is part of the concept of eternal life. It is life that no matter what direction you embark upon, that direction can never be exhausted because with God there is always more and then more. He is infinite and inexhaustible. There is no end forever to the wonder of Him. Place no limits on the vast extent of what can happen or how it can happen.

Jesus told his apprentices that what they were seeing in him was only a sliver of what was available, and that he was merely giving glimpses of the magnitude of the Father, and that there was yet more;

Believe me, that I am in (at the side of, together with) the Father and the Father is in me. Or else believe me because you have seen for yourself His very works (the product of His life energy and power).

With the utmost accuracy, I tell you right now, whoever believes towards me (together with, along with, in union with me), the same works that I am doing, he will do too, and even greater works than what you have already seen will he do, because I am now leading and transferring to my Father (the point of all Origin).

And you will see that whatever you ask for in my name (in conjunction with the power of my person) that very thing will shoot forth and be formed, so that right along with (at the side of) the Son, the renown of the Father and all His own splendor and luster may be openly viewed.

If you ask any specific thing in my name (in conjunction with the power of my person), it will shoot forth and be done. If you love me, then by all means, follow my instructions (John 14:11-15).

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