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The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

It's About Choosing Sides

Jesus was in, or as the Greek idea explains, he was “at the side of the Father”.

One of the fascinating, but I find little talked about things regarding Abraham, who is the one that seemingly quantified the life of faith in Spirit (God), is that he is the first one with whom the word “Hebrew” is used as a description of a man or type of man in relation to God.

The name Hebrew actually comes from an ancestor of Abraham who was called Eber meaning “from the region beyond” and the meaning of Hebrew came to mean one who is from the other side, the region beyond.

The power of our salvation through Jesus Christ is not just in what we have been saved from, but as one single conjoined thought, it includes what we have been saved to as well. We are saved to ‘the other side, to the region beyond' which is the supernatural side of Jesus Christ where he is now at the right hand of God and everything implied by that statement.

Who can possibly describe for us what it is like any better than the apostles of Jesus Christ?

These are men who had been with him in most cases for three and a half years and had seen him offer himself on the cross in our place, die on our behalf and rise again and ascend into heaven after spending an additional forty days with them after he rose triumphant over death.

In the case of the apostle Paul and others who came later, they too had seen him alive after his resurrection.

Let’s hear what they had to say about ‘the other side’;

We are giving continual thanks to the Father who has made a way for us, granting us the power to share together in full participation in the inheritance given, consisting of all the wholeness of those things and persons (beings) who exist in the envelope of the light.

It is He who drew us too then, delivering and rescuing us in the flow of his own being out from the jurisdiction and power of the darkness which had blinded our eyes in ignorance of divine things and has instead translated us, causing us to stand also right in the midst of the kingdom (the realm) of His own dear Son” (Colossians 1:13).

But now you are those who echo forth with the calling of the most highly favored offspring ever generated, you are those who are of the regal bloodline ordained to discharge the duties of the kingly priesthood (reconciling things to God), you are members of the tribe and family set apart to all wholeness, a people specifically created to take possession of the territory (the realm) promised, so that you should demonstrate, divulge, reveal, show forth and celebrate the highest possible excellence of what it means to be the man-child (of God) to which you are called to echo and the name you have been given, for you have been called out and away from the broadcasts of darkness and into the dazzling, stunning, even frightening magnitude of His overwhelming and awesome light.

And to think that at one time you were no people at all, scattered everywhere, but now you are the people, the tribe, the nation, the very root and stock of God, Himself. Though there was no mercy, kindness and love that had been previously extended you, now we realize that everything has been extended you (1st Peter 2:9-10).

Out of darkness. A change of supernatural address and identity. Translation from one state of existence into another.

We are no longer at one side but we are now at the other side as if we crossed a barrier, as if we crossed a landmark or a river and now we are in a completely new place, a new country, a new identity and a new state of being as members of a new tribe with a new wealth and new powers we never had before.

We are people now ‘from the other side’, like Abraham who became resonate with God.

You may stay in heart and mind enmeshed in the side of the darkness, continuing to operate on that side, or you may cross over to the side of God. The choice is yours and it always has been.

You may even try to straddle the two worlds, but that’s not recommended.

What is recommended is you go full scale, like Abraham the Hebrew, to the side of God. That is where all of the benefits are resting. That is where the open heavens are.

That is where you and I belong.

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