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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Sixty Seven

The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

Emerging Into

For the person coming into living experience with Jesus Christ, the transference 'out of' their former state of being is just the first opportunity in our vast expanse of new life.

It is merely our emergence from the confining, limiting, encapsulating womb of darkness that held us restricted in, and bound within, a rather small sphere of existence, with no awareness of the magnitude that has been waiting for us on ‘the other side’ of this dark and confining, small world womb.

But by the life energy powers of the infinite God, something came to us and called us, hinting to us there had to be more than that confined dark place, and a time came and an opportunity came for us to leave the dark place and come to a new and foreign place of limitless expanse.

How could we ever be what we were truly destined and meant to be if we stayed there in that place of darkness, that place of restriction and blindness to the unreserved and unrestricted place we were truly meant to be living out our existence of being?

We heard sounds and voices from the other side and they were calling our name, welcoming us to the truth and encouraging us to come into another world, a world we had no concept of, a world we had no experience with, but yet what we could not see and had never seen or even imagined before, whose air we had never breathed, whose sounds we had never clearly heard, did in fact exist.

And through what often is a great struggle, squeezing us with intense pressure and restricting us even further into a narrow passageway, pressing us in on every side, we are guided to that moment of our spiritual rebirth into this new and unbelievable world that knows no limits.

Though for certain we had been created, we had not yet been born, not in this way.

A conversation was recorded with Jesus, the Teacher, who spoke of it this way;

There was a man from among the Pharisees named Nicodemus, and he was a prominent man among the Jews, a leader with authority.

This same man came to Jesus under the cover of darkness and said to him, ‘Teacher, we know you are a teacher who has come to us from God, and we know this because no man could possibly do these miracles that you do unless God were indeed with him.’

Jesus replied to this by saying to him, ‘Listen very carefully to the truth I am about to share with you. Unless a man is born again, he will not be able to perceive, know or be trained in the kingdom power, realm and judgments of God’ (John 3:1-3).

We were called out of darkness and into light so bright it is blinding at first, but over time as our eyes become accustomed to the light, we begin to see the details.

We catch glimpses at first, and then we catch more.

We see and then drift back to sleep and dream, and then we see more, and then we see more and then we see more. Increment by increment we are becoming our own destiny then.

Many, though conceived and alive in first stage existence never make it out of the womb, preferring to feed themselves in the familiarity of the darkness, but sadly, they will die there having never been born into the greater world that awaited them.

Only on the other side is there life.

When God calls, you must come out of the one, cutting off the energy that formerly fed you in that dark place, but you must also breathe in the new, fully embracing what you did not even know was there for you before.

And the world God calls us into is big and it is vast and you are welcome here in this place.

God calls us to be people of 'the other side', called to be of ‘the region beyond’ as a true spiritual Hebrew (see Blob Sixty Six) living life in the vast and limitless spaces of the Lord's side in union with the Spirit of all Wholeness.

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