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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Sixty Eight

The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

Transforming Our Spiritual Polarities

There are two opposite natures of these spiritual orientations, of the darkness versus the light.

In my thinking I see these two as differing polarities and so that is how I refer to them. Think of them as a spiritual force of magnetic proportions, one with a magnetic polarity that is positive in nature and the other as a magnetic polarity that is negative in nature.

When a positive polarity meets a positive polarity there is magnetic or polar alignment and one can easily join another positive polarity.

The same is true of a negative and another negative and the two negative polarities easily join together.

But if a positive magnetic pole and a negative magnetic pole meet one another there is a repulsive force field and the two cannot join together.

Things of the Spirit/spirit dimension are easy to understand in these terms. There is a polarity or orientation that harmonizes with the positive, living and life infinite polarity that is God. We use odd and archaic words to describe the status of this orientation like “righteousness”, “uprightness” and being “justified” which means in its purity to be aligned.

The incredible miracle of redemption in Jesus Christ begins establishing a new polarity in a person’s spirit and inner being, justifying or aligning their innermost being with the ever positive dimension of God.

But if one can be aligned, one can also be unaligned as well.

Unaligned is a polarity that is opposite of God who is Spirit, and instead is earthly or materially dependent and blind to the dimension of God.

But more than that, it is a negative polarity which is exemplified in the spirit (energizing influence) headed by the moniker called satan, who is a real spirit entity or energy and the lead power exercised over what we would call the system of the demonic, which are the opposite and lesser pole of spiritual energy to that of God.

But these demonic spirits emanate vibrational influences designed to produce effects consistent with their own head and chief. Their ‘benefits’ if you want to call them that, pay off in things that decay, that deteriorate and ultimately die for that is their polarity.

The darkness is a downward, anti-Christ drag upon creation and particularly humanity, though all creation is affected by it.

The writer of the New Testament letter by James offers us some insights into the kind of wisdom proffered by the downward polarity;

But if you echo from bitter, harsh and virulent passions that have enveloped your heart and if you echo strife, and contentions, pushing yourself in oppression over others in your heart, then do not rejoice in contrast and conflict against all that is true, boasting against it and therefore lie against it.

This same wisdom or form of intellect, thought and knowledge originates from below, from the lesser and lower regions, and it does not exist or originate from above in the height of the heavens, but is earthly (material, focusing terrestrially), it is sensual (relating to what can only be physically known by the senses) and it is devilish (emanating out from dark spirit energies disjointed from God and therefore are only capable of death) (James 3:15).

That seems simple enough doesn't it?

That there is wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and reasoning that is alive in the God of life whose result is life in an unbroken stream and yet there is also a form of wisdom, an intelligence and a knowledge whose base is from the lowest level, separate from God and therefore separate from life, only producing a same kind effect which is death, diminishing, and destruction in an opposite energetic expression.

It is these spirit polarities we choose to traffic and trade with as the soul is always searching for a supply and stimulus but is not always so smart in its selection process.

Whatever polarity we choose to source from is the energizing power in our lives, causing in a very direct manner, the physical results we see forming in the world around us, relative to us.

Each kind of energy (spirit) produces a kind of effect.

These resulting effects will be good or evil, they will be life or death, they will be spiritual powers of dark or light, of the side of satan or of the side of Christ.

Not only individuals, but entire cultures and geographic regions can be and are affected by the emanation of these things.

In spiritual warfare, we are altering at the most causative level, the kind of animating energy within a particular sphere of influence.

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