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The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

Geographies And Principalities

It was in the first year of my conversion to Jesus that I began to understand the nature of spiritual influence over geographies. It came to me in a very strange set of circumstances but it happened to be by an insight from the Holy Spirit nevertheless.

My Jesus subversive group was going about door to door and from city to city witnessing for Jesus and selling peanut brittle to support the houses we had started (I know, sounds illustrious doesn't it? Good peanut brittle though – the people ate it up!).

Getting things going in a new city or sometimes just a different part of a city always seemed to be a challenge so as I went from door to door or business to business I would pray for guidance and what I should say. It had dawned on me that no matter how successfully my approach and presentation worked in one area, whenever we transitioned to a new area or city the former approach just fell flat.

But as I would pray and refine my approach there would come a point where suddenly something just clicked and fell into place. From that point on it was strange if someone didn't listen to my story of how the living Jesus changed my life and end up buying peanut brittle.

I would even have people say, “I don't eat candy, but there is something about you I just like” and they would buy peanut brittle and listen to my conversion to Jesus story.

On one of these occasions we were in a strange city when the approach suddenly kicked in and I knew it because the same successful impact in speaking with people had appeared.

As I was leaving one person's house I finally thought to ask the Lord why it was this phenomenon could repeat itself so amazingly over and over again. No sooner had I asked then the following words came back to me;

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”

As soon as the words came, my eyes lit up with a picture, and I saw into the heavens.

What I saw was a spiritual hierarchy. On the lower level were spirits that afflicted individuals and smaller groups like couples, families and such, but then as the chain of command increased and as the power of the spiritual entity at each level increased, so did the region of literal geography over which that power held influence all the way to the top.

I wasn't expecting this.

Once the picture came it was just understood that what was happening was like a cracking of a secret code.

As we transitioned from city to city or sometimes neighborhoods within a city bringing the testimony of Jesus, we were actually encountering a different spiritual influence within that geography.

But what was most interesting was the realization that these influences exercised a level of control over the way the people within their domain perceived the world around them. These entities actually influenced their thoughts, their points of view, their communications and their actions.

This stuck with me and became one of those evaluation points by which you begin to examine the records of spiritual history in the scriptures for any other supporting evidence.

What had been happening was that God's all knowing wisdom was allowing me, who didn’t have a lot of it, to adjust my speaking to the mindset of the people according to the “flavor” of their world.

The spiritual influence over an area causes the thought processes of the people living under it to run along a certain course as it literally forms their belief system, informing them allegedly of what they can and cannot do, what is acceptable and unacceptable by what in fact is, a spiritually based system of rewards or punishments that are in place within that geopolitical sphere of influence, complete with approvals and disapprovals within the context of the influenced social structure.

The system of approvals and disapprovals and the rewards or punishments might not have anything to do with what is actually true but certainly has everything to do with control.

The whole culture could be operating under a spirit animating deception and it would seem normal to the populace conditioned by it broadcast and influence.

That is, until something greater would come into play. The gospel of Jesus Christ is that something greater.

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