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The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

Daniel's Supernatural Encounter

The words I shared in Blog Sixty Nine from the book 'The Revolution Is ON! regarding wrestling against principalities and powers comes from the Book of Ephesians of course, where the apostle Paul is discussing our Spirit to spirit warfare and what our true mission is really all about.

Those who set themselves apart to harmonize with the Lord Jesus are themselves engaged in a conjoined mission which is a vast mission of global exorcism of death and all the tainted threads of its spirit rooted strains, resulting in the reconciliation of all the earth once again to the symphonic harmonies of the vast, inexhaustible goodness and infinite measures of God’s love for His beautiful creation.

But a careful study of this idea proves that scripture (being a spiritual book) is replete with the portrayal of spiritual powers ruling over geographies. Daniel the prophet had an encounter with an angel which serves as an excellent example of this very thing;

I Daniel had been fasting three full weeks...Then I looked up and saw a certain man clothed in linen and his loins were girded with the fine gold of Uphaz, his body was like beryl and his face was as bright as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes were like lamps of fire, his arms and his feet were like the color of polished brass and the voice with which he spoke words was like the voice of a roaring multitude.

And he said to me, 'Oh Daniel, you are a man who is deeply loved. Understand the words that I am speaking to you and stand upon your feet, for to you I have now been sent.' When he spoke this word to me, I stood trembling.

And I alone could see the vision for the men that were with me couldn't see the vision, but a great trembling and awe fell on them and they ran and hid themselves...Then he said to me, 'Stand in awe Daniel, for on the first day that you set your heart to gain insight and to humble yourself before God your words were heard, and I have come out, appearing, because of your words.

But the prince of the kingdom of Persia held his station and ground against me twenty-one days, but then Michael, one of the first and foremost princes came to help me and excelled beside the ruling power of Persia...And now I will return to fight, make battle and wage war against the prince of Persia, and when I have proceeded beyond, then the prince of Greece will attack.

But I will unveil to you what is noted in the scripture of truth, and there is none other with the strength to prevail in these things but Michael, your prince (Daniel 10:5-21).

This is a fascinating encounter in which Daniel in the middle of a time of prayer and fasting, receives a vision containing an angel, who you should take note, looks like a man.

Many times in scripture there is no differentiation made between what appears to be an angel and what appears to be a man, not to say the two are the same, but they appear at times similar.

This should be kept in mind when reading about certain powers and kings or idols, as behind every visible power there is an invisible power, and at times which type being addressed is not delineated. Many of the Psalms are this way, as well as the writings of the Prophets, and most have dual meaning.

In Daniel's encounter we see the interaction of angelic beings. Daniel had prayed and from the moment he had done so activity started in the realm of spirit without any delay. However, as the dispatched angel drew nearer there was resistance to him entering a geographic territory from a spirit entity that apparently had by some right a form of control over the topography.

It is a battle of powers.

We are allowed an insight into what the prophet Daniel saw for a reason and it has to do with the cause and effect between the heavens and the earth and the interaction of powers.

There is something else to understand about this and it has to do with the respect shown to the powers and the position they have been granted within the schematic.

In the same way that God has given a position to mankind within the schema of the creation and continues to honor that position, it appears that within the invisible arena similar respect is also granted even though an entity may not be in cooperation with the harmonies of God, indicating that an order is established and in place, but not to say the entities of control within the order cannot be changed, and that is exactly what you and I are dealing with, the change of entities.

What finally allowed the messenger dispatched with Daniel's answer to get through was the appearance of Michael, noted as one of the “first and foremost princes”.

With the appearance of Michael the principality of Persia was required then to allow passage of the original angel bearing the answer to Daniel's prayer.

This is because, in terms of a simple math equation, a “greater than” appeared.

The “lesser than” must always give way to the “greater than” when it comes to spiritual powers.

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