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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Seventy One

The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

Unrelenting Prayer Brings Change

What we are not told in the case of Daniel the prophet (see Blog Seventy) but are taught in other passages of the ancient writings is that, had Daniel abandoned his quest to receive an answer to his prayer, the outcome may have been different.

But, due to his continued assault and undaunted refusal to quit, even though it caused him a great deal of personal discomfort and even physical pain (hunger), his long-suffering, undaunted participation in his cause to find an answer from God brought into play a greater weight of glory to prevail and open the invisible, supernatural lanes of traffic for the solution.

There is a level in the order within the universe and the spiritual arena in which the participants’ dedication to the cause they are presenting somehow matters deeply. Why this is I do not understand right now, but I know that it does.

How do I know that is does? I know because of the teachings of Jesus;

And he (Jesus) spoke an illustrative story to them (his apprentices) whose intention was to demonstrate the necessity for men to be in perpetual ongoing prayer, and not to lose spirit and then becoming weary and exhausted, saying,

'There was in a city (a geography, a zone of battle) a judge and arbiter of decisions, which did not fear God or regard any man. And there was a widow (one with no power or protection) in that city and she came to him and said, 'Avenge me, vindicating my rights against my opponent.'

And he wouldn't for awhile but as time passed he said inside of himself, 'Though I don't honor God and have no regard for man, yet because this widow keeps pounding away on me, I will avenge her and vindicate her rights so the toll of her unrelenting pressure as she keeps appearing everywhere, will not continue to beat me black and blue.'

And the Lord (Jesus) said, 'Do you hear what this unaligned judge said? And will not God then vindicate the rights of His own hand selected ones, which cry all day and all night for the same advantage, while these same ones continue to persevere bravely through misfortune and trouble against them? I tell you, He will vindicate their rights and He will do so in a short time frame.

Nevertheless, the question remains, 'When the Son of Man appears again, will he find this kind of faith on the earth? (Luke 18:1-8).

Do you see all the pieces in this illustration of spirit world realities?

There is a power that doesn't honor either God or the place of man.

There is also what was considered one of the weakest of the social classes in Jesus day, the widow, who represents you and me.

The widow however knows she has rights even though she has no personal power in her weaker position to enforce them, but the poor woman is also victim of an opponent seeking to deny her rights and take by force the possessions that legally belong to her. He is a thief and a robber!

The unaligned power ruling the city, which the word city contains the idea of a battle zone in the Greek etymology, could actually care less about what is right.

But it is the relentless pounding of the widow possessing the knowledge of her legal rights, in unrelenting pursuit of justice (adjustment to what is according to right or rights/promise), that produces a devastating effect on the power. The word pictures tell us she was literally beating him black and blue with this demand for adjustment.

Jesus is pulling back the curtains on the invisible world so we can see what happens inside of it.

The power in place was being beaten into submission by the weaklings relentless demand for justice, and Jesus point is to illustrate that men should be in continual prayer over the divine rights the New Covenant enacted in his blood as the offspring and offshoots of God into our geography.

Not only should we be in continual prayer, but faith in the correctness of our cause ought to be a force in us by which we pound and pound and pound away at the spiritual resistance until it collapses under the unrelenting beating with the truth of the divinely bestowed rights of inheritance.

God intervenes as promised. From the moment we begin heaven moves.

Power is on the way but the thing we miss is power, and its movement, are directly connected to us and our pursuit of adjustment to what is right, to what is proper, to what has been promised in the allotment of God regarding our inheritance.

I know this sounds violent, but Jesus said it would be.

The violent nature of this battle into which we have been enlisted by accepting his invitation of salvation, leaves no room for complacency at any level.

It is life and death as we do the work we are assigned to by our Lord Jesus within the context of the measure we have been given.

The mission is nothing less than to crush the spiritual powers that resist the invasion of the saving, healing, life giving Christ, who owns the rights to all the heavens and all the earth and we are the on earth, living proof and evidence of these things.

Your following of the instructions has been voiced far and wide. This makes me glad for you, but I still instruct you to be wise regarding whatever is good and not so knowledgeable about evil. And the God of peace and tranquil enrichment will bruise satan under your feet shortly (Romans 16:19-20).

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