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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Seventy Two

The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

Proficiency Within Your Measure

The Lord never asks us to do what we're not called to do. But by the same token, we are taught to fully engage what it is we have been given to do.

To each one of us is given a “measure” and whatever is contained within that measure is ours to manage before God and with the anointing of His power in the earth according to the grace we are given, which is always sufficient for complete success.

We find that it is true, that God's grace and power to do, always accompany His call to do.

The measure that I have been given and the measure you have been given may be complimentary but they will always be as unique as each and every person who is drawn to Jesus and to engage with him the wars of triumph in this globally re-polarizing supernatural Revolution.

What is imperative is that each of us helps the other to be effective, that I help you and you help me, that I cover you and you cover me, that I have your back and you have mine and in this way we double and quadruple our effectiveness;

But by means of us continually speaking the truth to one another in love, we may mature in him, growing up to be like him in the totality of everything, I'm speaking about the very likeness of him who is the head (the governor), I am speaking to you of the Christ (the God seed),

It is from him the entire body, being synergistically harmonized within the same sound, vibration, frequency and voice, being conjunctively knit together in unified instructions through every bond connecting one to another, creates a choreography of interwoven supply and unabated nourishment in a flow of activating, working energy, encompassing the metron and full measure of each and every person in respect for each one’s destiny (their ordained inheritance and place to posses), brings to the fore, in open demonstration the growth, expansion and increased casting of their shadow, the influence and imprint of the body causing it to build itself up, ever expanding it by means of love (Ephesians 4:15-16).

The idea of being effective in the grace we are given, or as it talks about the release of, “a flow of activating, working energy, encompassing the metron and full measure of each and every person in respect for each one’s destiny (their ordained inheritance and place to posses), is clearly one of the most important things any one of us can learn.

I say this because of history, stretching all the way back into the pride of Lucifer, the fall of mankind, and the numerous debacles we've witnessed in church history since it began regarding people assuming roles and positions that belong to others.

There is a lot to be said about staying in your place and on your given assignment and not comparing what you've been given to do with what someone else has been given to do and envying it.

To the contrary, we are shown that each of us, like the children of Israel going into Canaan, have been given a metron or a marked portion that is ours as a uniquely and divinely allotted inheritance to possess.

There is a ‘place’ for us as Jesus promised.

We are all empowered as we empower one another to possess each one's unique measure. It is in my best interest to do all I can to empower you to become highly efficient in the possession and use of your measure just as it is in your best interest to empower me in possession and efficient use of mine.

The Book of Jude speaks of the angels that left their “first estate” (Jude 1:6). In the description he goes on to say these beings “left their own habitation”, both of these terms speaking of an established place from which they departed because they wanted something different, which he indicates in this instance was “strange flesh” (see Jude verse 7, see also Genesis 6).

The language in the entire Book of Jude circles around and around this concept of stepping beyond a given bound and entering into an area not reserved or given to the person, which if we were to discuss early church history we would conclude, this was very much at the core of the elongated demise of that dynamic visitation of God (see 2nd Peter 2:1-22).

This pattern of overstepping one's measure began in Lucifer when he decided it would be better to be God instead of be one of the highly honored chief princes established within the splendor and beauty of God, and so we find he stepped out of his measure (Isaiah 14:9-14).

The consequences of this attempt have been devastating within the created order which continues to this present hour.

This is the same poison that infected Eve as well. Within the triadic relationship between God, Adam and Eve the woman was the one satan came to and offered her a shortcut solution to something that was stirring in her already. I say this because James explains to us we are tempted when we are drawn away by a desire (a sense of emptiness, a sense of loss or need) true or false, real or imagined, already in us, and then we are enticed (James 1:14-15) meaning that a trap is set and baited.

The consequences of her departure from the measure given her as one to be unified together in the mission with Adam, have likewise been devastating as Adam follower her then, not in some kind of similar deception and trickery as employed on her, but with his eyes wide open for other reasons, but not because he was deceived.

I think it was because he loved her so deeply, and here we have the first instance of loving what is created more than Creator (see 1st Timothy 2:13-14).

The issue is so critical within the economy of God that Canaan, the son of Ham, Noah's son who had survived in the Ark with him, was cursed and ultimately the land of Canaan, which was settled by he and his descendents, was taken from him and given to Abraham because Ham (Canaan's father) messed with the divine order of husband and wife, usurping the place of his father in relation to his mother. Ham assumed a role that was not his to assume, stepping out of the place of his measure as a son, seeing his father’s nakedness, which has deeper implication than merely seeing his dad naked and then telling his two brothers about it (see Genesis 9:20-26 & Leviticus 20:11-21).

The usurpation of another’s place carried far reaching consequences culminating in loss.

Respecting the God gifted measure of another man or woman, and not usurping it whether in regard to their work, their spouse, their goods, etc, is what a great deal of the instructions revolving around the scriptures “to love our neighbor as ourselves” is all about as well as the Ten Commandments whose core message seems to center around mistrusting God and acting out instead from a sense of loss and fear which is what ‘covetousness’, which is considered the root of idolatry (seeking fulfillment and empowerment from a source that is not God) is born of.

This idea of maintaining ‘place’ is even woven into the instruction to children to honor their father and mother so they not disrespect the measure that has been given to either one of them and both together (Exodus 20:12, Leviticus 20:9).

Do not usurp what God has given to another.

The point is that God gives to each of us a ‘metron’ unique to us, a measure, a dimension and realm of oversight and stewardship that is ours to possess. There is plenty to do there to keep us occupied as we bring our measure into total fruition, creating within our measure a garden like (Eden like) atmosphere of flourishing abundance, however large or small that space seems to be to us because its size in this case does not matter as its scope of reach is actually infinite.

Along the way, if we discover our neighbor needs a hand in bringing his or hers to fruition, then we help them too because their fruition and our fruition are linked. I need what their unique garden produces just as they need what mine produces.

All together, we flourish the earth with the wonders of the heavenly blessings.

All together, we overthrow the powers of death and darkness and usher in the new creation whose base of founding is the new covenant between God and humankind.

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