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THE REVOLUTION IS ON - Blog Seventy Three

The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

To Be Blessed One Must Bless

Trust me when I tell you that I am not a huge authority guy. I lived through the error of the so called “Shepherding Movement” of the late 1970's and early 1980's, so do not even begin to think that I am going to launch into a promotion of abject submission to a leader or leaders.

Please remember that I am the guy the Lord came to three times and said, “Let My people go so they can serve ME” and I wasn't even close to making demands of blind obedience from the people I was called to serve.

In retrospect however, I do believe hidden within the base philosophy and applications of ministry I was laboring under at that time, coupled with the drive and demands to succeed, were the seeds of abuse. Maybe it was there and I was too blind to see myself in that light. It happens, but now I have a very keen eye and sharp ear to see the abuse of people by authority, particularly religious authority, and I recoil, but then pay attention to see if I am to liberate.

But there is something that does exist in the secret spiritual things and that is this, in order to be blessed by the gift within another person, you must first be willing to accept and bless that person.

This shows up first of all and most profoundly in our relationship with God.

It is true that every good gift and every perfect gift comes out from Him (James 1:17), but if you reject Him you likewise cut yourself off from the splendor that is in Him. If you honor the vast and infinite wonder of who God is, and come into a state of receptivity to the wonder of the splendor that He is, then all that He is becomes an open possibility to you.

The Lord Jesus has died for the sins of the whole world in a willing sacrifice of himself for us and every man, every woman and child may come to him and receive wholeness and union with God that is provided as a gift to us by Christ. But John the apostle makes it plain that only those who receive Jesus can actually participate in all the fun;

He appeared to those who were his own and his own did not receive him.

But whoever it was that did receive him, to those very same ones he gave the power, the right, the honor and the privilege to appear upon the stage of history and walk about upon the earth as the sons of God, even to those who came into reliance upon his name (the rank and power and person ordained by it) (John 1:11-12).

In the Book of Hebrews we are being taught about the importance of the supernatural Priesthood of Christ and how it is a superior and eternal Priesthood beyond that of any earthly priesthood. But in making an important point about the eternal priesthood in its relation to the great patriarch Abraham we read;

For this Melchizedek, the king of Salem and priest of the Most High God, met Abraham as he returned from his triumph over the kings and blessed him (Abraham)...

Now consider how great this man must have been to whom even Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils (of triumph from conquest)...

But this one whose descent is not counted from them (the earthly priests) received these tithes from Abraham and then blessed him who had received the promises, and without any contradiction the one of a lower, smaller rank and power is blessed by the one of a higher, greater rank and power (Hebrews 7:1-7).

You see, between Abraham and Melchizedek there was a divine exchange taking place of a highly spiritual nature. But in order for Abraham to receive a blessing from the priestly measure that rested upon Melchizedek from God, he first had to acknowledge the gift, rank and name in Melchizedek which he did by offering him a part in the spoils of victory. Once Abraham honored Melchizedek as the priest of the Most High God, he then became a candidate to be blessed by the gift residing within that ranking.

In The Name Of A Disciple

Jesus taught this exact same thing but expanded significantly on it.

When Jesus taught it he drew the circle in a way that it included the empowerment of God within every one of his followers.

Within every person who comes to alignment with the Father, the very DNA of the Father deposits something decidedly unique and therefore highly significant within the person.

Within the Kingdom of God every person is honored meaning the measure you are given is to be blessed by all if all intend to receive of it, which I might add, all do indeed need to receive of it (see again Ephesians 4:15-17) and that is because our total mission requires the “efficient measure (the metron) of each individually destined part.”

Here is Jesus;

Whoever receives you, in fact is receiving me, and whoever receives me in truth is actually receiving the One who sent me. Whoever receives a prophet in the name (the power/gift/rank) of a prophet can receive that prophet’s benefit and reward.

And whoever receives a righteous man (one harmonized with the voice of God) in the name (power/gift/rank) of a righteous man can receive that righteous man's benefit and reward.

And whoever will give to one of these possessing the smallest of measures, even a cup of cold water in the name (the power/gift/rank) of a disciple, I tell you with pinpoint accuracy he will not miss out on a single benefit (Matthew 10:40-42).

In the Kingdom of God among the fellow warriors of Jesus Christ we find that the power of God is likely to suddenly appear anywhere from within any one of us or maybe many of us or even all of us on any given day.

Of course we learn the unique and specialized ways of God in us individually as we seek to excel within our own given measure and become efficient in it, but the exciting thing is that any one of us can be the hero among us at any moment in time ranging anywhere across the board, all the way from a the most experienced and elder(ly) to the youngest child among us, and we should expect this to be so, as it so often happens to be.

The dishonor of another always causes a cut off of any potential richness from God that He may choose to provision through that person.

Having traveled with teams of ministries, experience tells me we may find that my measure was perfect for yesterday's mission and whatever the need was that we met, whereas your measure may be perfect for today’s mission or situation.

This is one of the great beauties and part of the great thrill of this life with Jesus.

All of us are being honored by the Father all of the time in one way or another as we honor His own power in us. Listen to the apostle Peter share his wisdom on how this works;

In the same way, you less experienced ones subordinate yourselves to the more experienced. Yes, and every one of you subordinate yourselves to all of the others too and be clothed in a mental sense of your own need and respect for others (in humility, as a listener), for we know that God will resist the proud (those thinking they ARE the power) but will always give sweet loving favor to the humble (1st Peter 5:5).

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