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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Seventy Four

The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

The Glory Of God Within Your Metron

With the idea that God has given the earth to the children of men comes another concept and that is the idea of the measure, or as the Greek word calls it, the “metron” individuals are given which is like a personal sphere of responsibility into which God gives you grace and power to exercise His influence as a son or daughter of God.

There is an awesome beauty to this. There is awesome responsibility too.

I coached athletes for years. One of my personal areas of expertise became baseball pitchers. But there is something within the success drive of athletes and the commitment to the sport that can become a huge detriment to them and that is to press their drive way beyond their ability.

A great training session takes the individual athletes to their peak efficiency, pushes them slightly past it and then backs off again into their effective comfort zone.

A bad practice keeps driving to the point of collapsing the ability to even function at a normal peak level.

Normal is relative to each athlete and their present ability.

Very often if a player enters into a slump, rather than doubling efforts and trying harder they need to step back a little bit into their natural rhythms. They need to reset themselves into their fundamentals and reawaken to their easy strengths.

In sports vernacular it’s called “staying within yourself”.

Don't do what you're not able to do, but do better than anyone else what you alone have the unique talent to do.

In sports, in life and in the things of the Spirit of God we are always pressing for higher levels of excellence or as the scripture says, "the efficient measure of each individually destined part."

But like the athlete, when we press beyond our current ability, or beyond the current grace we are given, we actually lose our effectiveness.

God never asks us to do what we're not called to do, but we are taught to fully engage what it is we have been given to do. With our calling comes our enabling.

Listen to the apostle Paul with regard to living within your “metron”;

But to every one of us there is given sweet loving favor in perfect blended harmony with the measure (metron) of the gift of Christ” (Ephesians 4:7).

Now that is good advice there. That is good advice that I have failed to take on several occasions. Paul takes up a similar theme in another place regarding his own reach of ministry;

But we will not push to dominate and subdue things that are outside our measure (metron), but in perfect blended harmony with the measure (metron) of the bounds established which God has distributed to us, so our measure (metron) has now extended even to you.

For we have not stretched ourselves beyond any prescribed bounds when we reached you, for we already anticipated we would come as far as you with the stunning news of Christ.

We are not pushing for things beyond our measure (metron), entering into other men’s work, but we are possessed of the hope that when your own faith is increased, we will also be enlarged by you in perfect blended harmony with our bounds that have been established in overflowing abundance.

We intend to express the stunning news even in regions beyond you but not push for things belonging to some other man's dominion and what he has been given to subdue as that is prepared for the readiness of his hand.

Anybody who wants to boast about anything, let him do his boasting about the Lord. For there are those who want to establish and approve themselves, and then there are those who the Lord establishes (2nd Corinthians 10:13-18).

For I say this through the sweet loving favor that has been given to me, to every man that is among you, that they should not come along thinking outside the bound of what is appropriate to cherish, but to direct oneself to the advantage of what is solid and clear, in perfect blended harmony with God in His dealing out to each and every one the measure (metron) of faith (Romans 12:3).

This last verse of scripture is in context with the apostle’s instruction to offer our bodies as living sacrifices in service to God and to undergo personal transformations by the catalytic renewing of our minds so we may demonstrate into the world around us the excellence, the favorable acceptance and the wholeness that always accompanies the will of God.

What an invitation!

Stay within your measure for within the limit is an unlimit, within the boundary is an unboundary.

There are more positive benefits within it than you can possibly imagine if you are willing to explore the incredible vast measure of its un-limits.

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