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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Seventy Six

The Invisible Hierarchies of Spirit Power

God Makes Room And Place For You

Let me start with a question. If it is true that Jesus and his people, the 'ekklesia' that we have been referring to so often meaning, those who also as sons and daughters of God and are 'echoing the same image and likeness' which I believe is the true meaning of the word 'ekklesia', are engaged right now in a global insurrection against evil culminating in a complete exorcism of the earth in the casting down and out of principalities, powers and various other levels of influence upon geopolitical spheres, what will replace them?

I will just let this thought rest with you for awhile.

A metron is a designated measure or space. It is into this space you are given the honor of announcing and doing spiritual warfare as a representative of the Kingdom of God.

Through the learned lessons of success within a smaller measure, God may well see to it that our capacity to successfully engage a larger sphere of influence is granted. But the point is, that is His doing and not our doing. The wisdom in the Book of Proverbs has the equation regarding how all this works completely correct;

A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men (Proverbs 18:16).

Success breeds success in the supernatural realm.

The clear statement of Jesus explains to us “to him that has, will more be given” (see Matthew 13:12) in reference to capacity to hear with the heart the voice of God. Hearing begets hearing but more importantly response to hearing begets more hearing.

But if we despise the day of small beginnings, what wisdom would there be in giving us something larger?

In relation to the things of God, promotion of one’s self is not required.

What is required is listening to Him with your whole heart within the measure He has currently allotted you and to do so in a state of joy and satisfaction about the measure of faith you have been given to employ.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to polarize what is around you to the splendors of God and once you subdue one measure to the rich wonders of the Kingdom of heaven, you will likely see an expansion in some way of the borders to encompass even more.

Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth. Let it be someone other than you and not your own lips (Proverbs 27:2).

Don't lift up your own horn to announce and elevate yourself. Don't speak with an arrogant haughty neck. For promotion doesn't flow forth from the sunrise, or from the sunset or from the wilderness, but God is the governing judge, examining deeply one's humility (listening capacity) and then exalting them accordingly (Psalm 75:6-7).

Be proficient in your measure. That is the message.

What is your real and immediate circle of influence? For most people it is their immediate family and the people and geopolitical space they are living with most closely. That is your first measure. How is the polarity there? Is there a battle to be fought? Are there triumphs to be won? From there it extends to your most direct circle of relationships.

How's the war going? Are there people under affliction? Are there spiritual influences that need to be changed? How's your next door neighbor doing? How is your village and how is your city?

However big or small the geopolitical space is that you have a measure of influence over, what does that look like? What message is being conveyed into whatever it is you do have a modicum of control over, including the presentation of your own self as a son or daughter of God in reference the world around you?

I am for the real and genuine transformation and spiritual upheaval beginning in our own nearest geography.

If the whole earth is to be filled with the glory of the Lord as the prophets have prophesied it means there must be an upheaval of spiritual powers in identifiable places.

We have this strange tendency to want to wander all over the globe thinking the good stuff is somewhere else.

It's time to do the real work of bringing the good stuff into our homes and into our immediate circles of influence, our families and neighborhoods, our villages and workplaces, our cities, our counties, our regions, our states or provinces, our nations and the world, one measure at a time. It is only when you can alter the spirit of a thing at any given level that you can change the outcome of a thing and its destiny.

In my opinion, I think it's high time we stop going off somewhere to pretend at something we may well faultily call church or ministry and instead focus far more attention on being church ('ekklesia') in the Jesus way, which is a radicalized and revolutionary lifestyle that takes seriously the things taught by Jesus, the apostles and all the prophets who have ever spoken beginning with Abel.

We must re-polarize our metron according to the power of Christ with the zealotry of supernatural Revolutionaries! Bring the war to your metron and fight like...heaven.

And when they couldn't find them (Paul and company), instead they drew Jason and certain brothers to the rulers of the city, crying loudly, “These who have turned the world upside down have now come here too” (Acts 17:6).

Within your metron all power in heaven and earth is ready to come to your aid.

I'm not saying it won't be a war, I'm telling you it will be and it may be long and it may be protracted.

But know your cause, and know who you are, and you must begin the beat down process on whatever is hindering your metron from being a mirror image of heaven.

Gather a friend or two and partner as co-warriors in those times where you need extra supernatural firepower.

Are you ready for impact?

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