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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Seventy Seven

Spiritual Warfare: Taking Charge of the Battlefield

I am a fan of Charles Finney, the great revivalist of the mid to late 1800's. People still to this day rail about his doctrine, but I don't really care about his doctrine. What I love is the methods employed and the incredible results that surrounded his work in the conversion of untold thousands to Jesus Christ.

When I was young, for awhile I thought maybe I should become a Hell's Angel. It was the motorcycle thing. I knew guys that had awesome Harley Davidson motorcycles and were living on the edge. It was almost like they were living the dream of freedom, except for the heroin addictions.

One of the stories I remember being told, and I don't know if it were true or not, if it happened a lot or even just once, or was it just an idea out of the movies, but there was a story about the biker practice of “treeing a town”.

As the story went, a group of bikers would ride into a small town somewhere and pretty much take it over and do anything they wanted to do. The locals, including the law, were incapable of stopping them.

At the time I thought, “Wow! How cool would that be? Own the whole town.”

Charles Finney didn't work alone. He had accomplices.

The method they employed involved waiting on God for directions to specific places, cities and towns. Once they knew where they were being sent, Finney's accomplices, one named Father Nash and the other Abel Clary would head out. When they arrived at the designated site they would rent a room somewhere and then disappear for days on end.

Often they would not eat, sometimes someone else would join them, but usually never more than three, and they would pray and pray and pray, engaging in direct spiritual warfare with the powers over the city until they knew in their hearts that the heavens were open and the city had been given to them.

Then Finney, the spokesman would come and so would the splendor of the Holy Spirit.

It may not have mattered what Finney actually said as long as he was honoring Jesus the Son of God, because the conversions were conversions of stunning power as the Spirit of God was poured out on the people. Incredible manifestations of spiritual power took place as God gripped the souls of people.

And all the while Father Nash and Abel Clary were hidden in their room pouring out their own souls in prayer over the city. With the power of God, they “treed the town”.

Wow! How cool would that be?

The Acts Initiative

There is something about the Book of Acts that I just can't get out of my mind. It seems like everywhere you turn there is this repeating pattern.

It opens with the upper room scene on the Day of Pentecost and the 120 in the room are praying.

The Holy Spirit shows up, His power is released, demonstrations of God are manifest and 3,000 people have their lives re-polarized to Jesus in one day.

As you keep turning the pages the pattern never stops. Prayer is made, the Holy Spirit is poured out in overt manifestations and lives are re-polarized out from under the oppressions of satan and into the effervescing life of Jesus Christ.

What do you think? Do you suppose there might be a connection here?

Is it possible to pray into a situation and know that you know that the heavens have been cleared and what you have asked has in fact been done? The answer to this question is...absolutely!

And this is the fearless courage and assurance that we may grip and possess and echo resoundingly in promoting him (Jesus), that whatever case or thing we crave, call for, require and specifically demand that is in blended harmony with his will (his choosing, joy, delight, pleasure and promise) is always given full audience, and he will hear and attend most accordingly to us.

And in whatever case or thing perceived and attended to because he has given full audience, hearing and understanding, then whatever it is we have asked, we know we can echo and resound in the possession of the request we craved, called for and specifically required before him (1st John 5:14-15).

There is a knowing point in prayer where a fearless courage and assurance from the Holy Spirit will tell you what you asked for is in fact finished and done.

This point is a point of possession.

I've been there. I know what the walls of the place look like, how it smells and how it feels, spiritually speaking.

It's real and there is nothing else like it. You can't conjure it up on your own.

It's a place of total absence of anything else but the realization of faith. It's that moment of total, indescribable confidence.

When you are there, belief in any other possible outcome has no place to exist.

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