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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Seventy Eight

Spiritual Warfare: Taking Charge of the Battlefield

Spiritual Aggression

As I have shared with you my own experiences in Spirit to spirit battles that take place 'behind the scenes', I have tried to do so without tying you down, I've tried to give you pictures of the nature of God so you could use that as a guide to what life in your metron ought to look like.

By knowing the difference between the two Hebrew words “sarar” and “yasha” you will be able to evaluate from a spiritual perspective encroachments against your metron and inhibitions limiting the blessings from God associated with it, whatever size your metron or measure is right now.

Sarar means: To make more narrow, to bind , to restrict the breath, to oppress, to limit, to make a thing smaller, to make less than was before, to make tight, to make inadequate, to make inferior, to make insufficient.

The word 'sarar' is used in the prophetic writings to describe a certain kind of power or oppressive rule whose results are described by the definition above.

Yasha means: To make wide, to enlarge all the more, to make more spacious than before, to open, to free, to give unrestricted freedom of movement, to give the freedom to breathe, to be unbound, to be released from all that would limit, to be greater than what is, to liberate, to give unlimited expanse, to be all sufficient and sufficient for all things, to have no outer limit, to know or have no end.

Yasha is the word that is translated 205 times in the ancient writings into the English word ‘salvation’ and its myriad of derivatives like, save, saved, saves, rescue, delivered, deliverer, defend, avenged, avenging, preserve, preserves, preserved, help, helped, savior, saviors, victory, and safe.

Yasha is the God effect. Wherever His presence is engaged one experiences 'yasha' or what we in English refer to as salvation.

These two words become for you and I the basis of spiritual discernment. The fruit you see is indicative of the spiritual animation beneath the surface.

I have attempted to give you the basics to be able to experience the ‘discernment of spirits’. This is a foundation, however, you will still need to listen to the Holy Spirit, always.

As a warrior of Jesus Christ, as a personal bastion of the Power of Life, a child of the new humanity of saviors (see Obadiah 1:21) whose mission is to fill the whole earth with heaven, it is up to you and I to be the aggressors, just like it was up to Israel to be the aggressors against the giants and demonic spirit idols of Canaan.

When Jesus described the nature of those he would call, he painted a picture of a spiritually aggressive people united with him in life or death, who would boldly and confidently launch assaults against the gates of hell at a Spirit to spirit level, not being intimidated by them, but being the cause of intimidation.

Everything I have shared has been meant to build this case.

Subordinate yourselves therefore under God, setting yourselves firmly in resistance against the devil, and he will flee in an attempt to escape to safety from you (James 4:7).

Upon this foundation stone I will establish My company of the called out ones (church, ‘ekklesia’), and the gates of hell will have no strength nor have any power of deterrence (Matthew 16:18).

When you read the above verses carefully what emerges is a picture of aggression. The picture is one of the gates of hell being on the defense with no power to deter the company of those called into the battle of greater versus lesser powers by the Lord Jesus.

The gates of hell, the bounds and barriers erected, are being assaulted and crashed by the ‘ekklesia’. Jesus knew who he was and the incredible force of power he operated under. Did you ever see him intimated by an evil spirit? No, you do not, but what you do see quite to the contrary is the enemy spirits crying out in fear of him.

You believe that there is one (Supreme, over-all) God, emerging into beautiful excellence. The devils also believe and are struck with horrified fear (James 2:19).

I am NOT saying that you should ever disrespect the things you cannot see. I've done that before and have paid a very high price because of it.

But who is with you and who you are with, are far superior to any of the powers represented within the annals of hell. Be respectful but do not fear. If anything fear the awesome power of God that is to be released in response to your repeated pounding of the heavens with requests for divine justice.

And the seventy came back again in great joy saying, 'Lord, even the devils are subject to us through your name (rank, power)!' And he (Jesus) said to them, 'I beheld satan as lightning fall down from heaven in a ruin (Luke 10:17-18).

There is no doubt we are the aggressors. It is we who bring the battle to them, again, in the same way that Israel when possessing the promised territory of Canaan was the aggressor against those who were occupying that which God had already given them (Israel) by promise.

As they entered the land it was a simple equation, “This is what God promised us, this is what is occupying it. The old is being rooted out by the authoritative name we’ve been given! Then we possess what is supernaturally, by promise, ours!”

An interesting thing to note is when John the Baptist appeared to prepare the way for Jesus, his ministry took place in the wilderness and his baptism was in the River of Jordan. This is no accident by any means.

Mentioned before but worth mentioning again is the thought that when Jesus appeared the game that had been hidden from ages and from generations was finally revealed and was elevated from the physical dimension to its true intent all along, which was and is the spiritual dimension.

This is why John the Baptist message was preached in the wilderness and his baptism was in the Jordan. God was pushing the reset button for Israel, giving them the first chance at entering into the high eternal calling.

The assault was to begin all over again, only this time it would take place at a level truly significant of the whole history of earth, elevated into the spirit realms.

The law and the prophets were in force until John, since that time the Kingdom of God (Spirit) is proclaimed, bringing good news, and every participating man presses forcefully and violently into it, like the fury of a mighty swirling storm (Luke 16:16).

Paul told us about this very same thing in his writings. The war, the conflict and the battle for supremacy is engaged entirely within the realm of the invisible, not the visible. He too spoke to us about the intense aggression of the saints, those who are engaged in the wholeness again, in the mission of the overthrow and displacement of powers of evil that are suppressing mankind and the whole measure ultimately of the earth creation;

Regarding our outlook toward the future my brothers, be fully endued with the strength of the Lord and the dominating power of his abilities. Clothe yourselves with all of the implements of warfare from God (Spirit), the full panoply of all the armaments that have been supplied to you, that you may be empowered to set yourselves firmly in superior and high advantage over the cunning deceits and false impressions emanating out from the devil.

For our contest, the very vibrations of conflict, the wrestling in which one is cast down in defeat at the hands of the other, is void of all reference towards flesh and blood persons, but the reference points are above and beyond this, in superior advantage over and above principalities, and in superior advantage over and above powers, and in superior advantage over and above the rulers of the darkness of this world, to the superior advantage over and above spiritual wickedness in unseen, invisible high and heavenly (spirit) places.

This is the very cause and reason to take up and receive to yourselves the whole panoply of the armaments granted you by God, to clothe yourselves with all of His implements of warfare, for they will empower you, enabling you to stand and firmly establish yourselves as the opposite and the opposition against any and every day and time of evil, any time of trouble, hardship,, oppression, pain, peril, disease or any influence of these things, and having achieved all of this, to continue to sustain the ruling supremacy upon the ground in question” (Ephesians 6:10-15).

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