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Spiritual Warfare: Taking Charge of the Battlefield

The Keys Of Heaven

Immediately after Jesus spoke in Matthew 16 of his called ones, the ‘ekklesia’, assaulting the strongholds of hell, he made us a promise. In conjunction with his words regarding spiritual aggression based on the revelation that he is the Christ, Jesus promised to place into our hands the “keys” of the Kingdom of heaven, the realm of the spirits.

Giving someone the keys grants them the authority or power of access.

This is significant.

The idea of a key in scripture is rich with meaning. On the one hand it is an instrument of opening or release and on the other hand it is an instrument of closing or confining, all of this depending upon what is the right thing to do or the justice (what is ‘adjusted’) in reference to any situation of course.

The language of the key is the language of power, for whoever is authorized and entrusted with the key is also trusted with the power.

Jesus promise is to put into our control as his co-warriors serving together with him in the interests of the Father, the power of the Kingdom of heaven, the high realm of the spirit arena.

In other words we are given the power to effect things within the animating spirit realm in accord with the plans administered by Jesus, God’s right hand man and whatever is to be adjusted to him.

What I am telling you is you can't have any higher power on earth as a man or woman than that, because it means you and I literally have a delegated power to effect what the creation is going to look like.

Though others may learn to traffic at high levels with evil spirits, it is nothing near the same as those given the keys to the spiritual Kingdom and power of God with authorization to engage at the highest levels with the highest of all power.

In reference to the power given Jesus, God’s right hand man, all else is subservient. We are of a priesthood that is of the highest order, the non-earthly Melchizedek priesthood.

Upon this foundation stone I will establish My company of the called out ones (the 'ekklesia'), and the gates of hell will have no strength nor have any power to deter it,

And I will give into your advantage the keys of the Kingdom of heaven and whatever case it is that you bind (forbid, restrict, prohibit, refuse permission to speak or act, cause to cease) on earth will come to pass as being also bound (forbidden, restricted, prohibited, refused permission to speak or act, caused to cease) in heaven (realm of spirit),

And whatever case you loose (release, set free, allowed to increase, grant permission to freely speak or act) on earth will come to pass as being loosed (released, set free, allowed to increase, granted permission to freely speak or act, cause to flourish) in heaven (realm of spirit) (Matthew 16:18).

These are powerful words.

The key is the granting of authority as we have said, but we are told about a power that is so important in its exercise that whoever holds this key is authorized to make certain judgments according to the nature of those he or she represents.

The one with the authority is allowed to forbid, to restrict, to prohibit, to demand silence and to require a cessation on the one hand, but they also possess the right to release, to liberate and set free, to allow things to increase, to speak their voice freely and to allow certain things to flourish on the other hand.

The keys grant the power.

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