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Spiritual Warfare: Taking Charge of the Battlefield

The Pattern of Exorcism

There is an interesting pattern we should recognize whenever the subject of binding and loosing comes up and that is in the fact that the order in which these two are presented is always the same. Just like repentance from dead works always goes before faith toward God, even so binding always goes before loosing, until the book of Revelation with the key of David in the hand of Jesus (see Revelation 3:7), which is written from a different perspective.

In our prayers and spiritual warfare we find there is a two-fold process. We see this process in the administration of divine power in the examples Jesus presented.

It appears there is a proper sequence in which it is important to first restrict the influence of the 'voice' of the lie that is contrary to heaven, demanding that it cease broadcasting its energies, that it be silenced, not in our power or name of course, but in the power of Jesus Christ who is the pinpoint of access established at the right hand of God, His saving hand of grace, power, action, impartation and rule.

The name of Jesus Christ is the highest name of all names existing in either heaven or earth, requiring that the lie, in whatever form it has taken, cease emanating any further influence when told to do so.

We are given the authorized power to forbid, to restrict, to prohibit, make silent and cause the dark polarity to cease all further activity and to be silent. No matter who it is or what its rank, it must bow in submission to the highest name of all.

In the spirit realm, the lesser name must always give way to the greater name.

Because of this (humbling himself, listening) God has also highly exalted him (Jesus) and given to him a name (a rank, a place and power of being) that is above every other name,

That at the name of Jesus (Yashua – the incarnation of ‘Yasha’ within man) every knee must bend in veneration including all things in heaven and all things in earth and all things underneath the earth, and that every tongue must openly acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, honoring thereby the preeminent splendor and exceeding excellence of God the Father” (Philippians 2:9-10).

When we know that our cause within our metron is rooted in the promised guarantees of God, that they are consistent with the divine inheritance given us by grace, we have both the right and the full backing to demand the animating energy (spirit) of evil be silent, knowing we are backed fully in this through our authorized use of the high name of Jesus the Champion who has already judged on the cross the actions of this enemy.

By requiring silence we mean that it stop any and all further expression, demanding without exception or further deception that its broadcast or ‘vibe’ must cease.

We may call for the judgments of our Father God to come upon this invisible enemy almost like calling in bombardment on an enemy position within an assigned war zone.

Your current measure or metron is your assigned war zone and consequent triumph zone as you prosecute the engagement.

God allows you to exercise, or should we say exorcise, power from on high within the measure you are assigned in a promised guarantee to you.

But if I (Jesus) expel, cast out, send away and deprive demons of power and influence by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God has arrived and come upon you.

Or else by what other means is one ever enabled to enter into a mighty beings house in which his goods, possessions and treasures are held, and completely seize and plunder all his armaments, stores of goods, possessions and treasures unless he, as the very first order in a succession of orders, bind (forbid, restrict, prohibit, refuse permission to speak or act, cause to cease) the mighty being? Only then, after this is first done, will he be free to plunder all his armaments and stores of goods, possessions and treasures (Matthew 12:28-29).

On the spiritual battlefield, just like the real battlefield, before you enter to take possession there is often a process of softening the targets. This is along the same line of what we discussed before with the widow in her relentless pursuit of the unjust judge, who was at least being mentally beaten black and blue by her.

The binding process is much like softening the target, weakening its hold and grip, pounding the daylights out of the occupied ground.

The silencing and limiting, the binding, always precedes the release. It is a clearing of the heavens that are causative to the condition of the evil.

Just like an untrained animal, bad spirits can be obstinate, not willing to follow the injunction given.

However, continual pursuit of the objective will turn the tide as they realize you are far more determined to see the glory of God manifest than they could ever be to resist it.

One of the fruit produced in us by the Holy Spirit is called in English ‘longsuffering’ which essentially means the undaunted and unwavering pursuit of an eternal purpose.

Remember the words of this Psalm?

For the LORD accepts His people with great favor. He will make those who are under the power of His power, beautiful with salvation (Yashua). Let the saints rejoice in this splendor! Let them sing loudly from the places of their resting.

Let the exaltations of God be in their mouths and a double edged sword in their hands to execute vengeance upon the unaligned swarms and punishments upon those nations. To bind their kings with chains and their noble ones with fetters of iron (unbreakable restrictions and bonds).

To execute upon them the judgment that has already been written. This honor has been given to all His saints (those set apart strictly for sacred use). Give praise to the LORD (Psalm 149:4-9).

Do we see this pattern of ‘binding and loosing’ demonstrated anywhere in scripture? Yes we do. The pattern is seen in Jesus own ministry in dealing with the expression of demons;

And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit, and he cried out!

He said, ‘Leave us alone! What do we and you have to do with one another Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us, abolish and render us inoperable and inactive, ruining us and rendering us inactive and powerless? I know who you are. You are the Holy One of God.’

And Jesus rebuked him, censuring him, forbidding him, sharply charging him saying, ‘Be silenced, be muzzled and do not speak another word and come out of him, your echo being expelled, your messages being cast out of him.’

And the unclean spirit tore at him and convulsed him and cried out with a loud, insane voice as he came out of him.

And they were all amazed, frightened and astonished and then questioned back and forth among themselves saying, ‘Who is this and what just happened? This teaching and example is unprecedented for in accord with power to free and to liberate, injunction was pronounced upon the unclean spirits and they listened and obeyed, bowing down to his command (Mark 1:23-26).

And Jesus laid a charge upon him (the demon), rebuking him saying, ‘Hold your peace, close your mouth, be silent and be muzzled, speaking not one more word, and then come out of him…’ (Luke 4:35).

And as he (the child’s father) was still coming, the devil threw him (the child) down and tore at him. And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child, and gave him to his father (Luke 9:42).

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