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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Eighty Three

Spiritual Warfare: Taking Charge of the Battlefield

Identifying The Problem

It takes prayer and Holy Spirit discernment to identify the “behind the scenes” problem.

The spirits prefer lurking about and hiding in the shadows, and even though you may become highly skilled in your gift of discernment and are expected to do so, you will never get so good that you don't need the Holy Spirit's help.

You will find, in fact, just the opposite is true.

The more highly skilled you become in any empowerment of the Spirit of God, the more deeply you will draw into the help of the Holy Spirit and access the mind of Christ for the power that we share in is a derived power.

Spiritual maturity is a maturity in deepening dependency on the power by which the Light polarity of the universe (God) pulsates.

The more surrendered or humble you or I become to it, meaning the more deeply and significantly we listen, the greater measure of that power can be safely transferred into and through us, which is the Father’s intention with us.

Maturity is the opposite of becoming independent of the power.

Independence is what led to the fall of humanity in Adam and the darkening of humanities mind in captivity to irrelevance.

Just as Canaan was an occupied territory for Israel to dispossess and possess, the New Covenant takes us into the global mission with the understanding the earth realm is a spiritually occupied territory and that we are dispossessing the powers within it with the ultimate mission that the meek (those serving in heart and mind under the power of Christ) would inherit it.

Canaan had its giants and we now have ours.

Just as the attackers of that territory were in fact weaker than their opponents and dependent upon the power of God, even so are we. It is the beauty of how this whole arrangement works as ultimate power and capability invades the likes of you and me.

Out of heaven He allowed you to hear His voice to instruct you...to drive out nations from before you that are greater and mightier than you are and to bring you into their places and give you the whole of their territory for the portion of your inheritance, here, now, in this time (Deuteronomy 4:36-38).

That our united partnership with the Spirit in prayer is a creative, creating power there is no doubt.

It is a spiritual thing invoking a clash of powers that no one who doesn’t understand can see, yet so real we anticipate what is happening there in the spirit realm to translate into tangible manifestations here.

In spiritual warfare the first step is always clearing the cluttered air of the contrary forces.

Jesus Christ is the power of catalyst, triumphant already over hell, triumphant already over death, and the total Victor whose experience we are now unified with. We are here enforcing by the Spirit a triumph already secured.

And it just so happened as we were going to prayer, a certain young woman who was possessed with a spirit of divination (python) met us, who brought her slave owners a great deal of money through soothsaying (fortune telling).

She followed Paul and us around crying out loudly saying, 'These men are servants of the Most High God who will show to us the way of salvation.' And she did this for quite a few days.

But Paul who was feeling grieved, labored with great personal exertion, and caused a turning to take place and said to the spirit, 'In the name of Jesus Christ come out of her.' And it came out within that very same hour (Acts 16:16-18).

This is a great example of identifying the problem. Often at the first you can't quite put your finger on it but you know what is happening is not coming out from God.

As Paul was grieved in his spirit he began to labor over this and for a period of days he was praying and listening, waiting to see what the Holy Spirit would show him about the spirit possessing her, and what and when to do something about it.

As a result both he and she were greatly rewarded, however, it cost her abusers, her handlers, maybe we could call them her pimps, a great deal of money.

Sometimes there is a process in the restricting and ‘silencing’ mode of the battle.

As you pray against the dark matter you may not at first have a clear idea of what spirit you might be dealing with but keep praying. As you do, further clarity will come as the Holy Spirit takes you from the surface level of the resistance and begins to peel back the layers to the true essence. You will get clearer on its identity. You may even get a specific name.

Keep praying and keep invoking the name of Jesus Christ and the judgments of God against it, restricting in the authority of that key name you’ve been given to war with and silencing the anti-to Christ spirit broadcast, remembering again the battle is not against people but spirits we war against.

The unrelenting pressure, just like it did with the poor widow as she assaulted the judge continually, will bring the breakthrough. In what time frame we don't always know.

I personally alternate between requesting the judgments of God against His and my enemies, binding and silencing in the name of Jesus Christ and calling out for the opposite release of the power of God, combining both the binding and loosing.

Moreover, there exists a chosen distribution of freely given, joy inducing gifts, but they all come from the same Holy Spirit.

And there exists a chosen distribution of missions of service but they are all coming to us from the same Lord, the Champion and Master Craftsman.

And there exists a chosen distribution of powers and energies by which things are accomplished and carried, but it is the same God who effectively energizes all things within all things

Nevertheless, the exhibition, the open and unveiled manifestation and revealing of those things belonging to the Spirit is given as an advantage to every one of us to benefit not only us, but all of the rest of us collectively too...

One of these gifts given is the discernment of spirits...but every one of these is a product of the energy of the one and selfsame Holy Spirit dispersing several of them to each man exactly as He chooses to disburse them (1st Corinthians 12:4-11).

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