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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Eighty Four

Spiritual Warfare: Taking Charge of the Battlefield

Releasing The Joys Of Heaven

Over the last few blog installments, we have been discussing the power of 'binding and loosing' in reference to spiritual warfare. It has a great deal to do with what voice we allow and disallow to speak and hold power within our metron of oversight, and we focused so far on 'binding'.

Once again there is the other side of the equation and both sides of it are needed to effect the reconfiguration that is desired within our metrons of influence.

The warrior engaged in this epic mission also has the backing of power, not just to bind one kind of energy (the darkness, the negative), but to also utilize the authority given to loose into their metron the incredible splendors of heaven.

This is that part taken from The Warriors Prayer (commonly called The Lord’s Prayer) that Jesus taught us saying, “Your Kingdom come Father, Your will be done, right here in earth – the material and physical realm, in an exact replication of things as they are heaven”.

The will of God is that which delights Him at the highest levels as the word translated ‘will’ means desire, pleasure, inclination and fond purpose. The question becomes, “What is it that He wants to see here flowing out from His abundance and His love into the measure of earth you are given to oversee? What freedom and expansion must come into the metron (or person) consistent with the sweet loving grace and kindness of God? What healing, what application of Yasha (salvation) ought to be applied? What will make that which is not adjusted to God and His infinite power of life adjusted and reconciled to God?”

This is where you and I must learn the true image and likeness of God and the rights of the Covenant that Jesus has already purchased in full with the price resident in the exchange of his own blood.

The rights of the Covenant are the unbreakable promises guaranteeing the “Yasha” expression of life into your sphere of oversight.

Believe the Covenant, for God will never be contrary to His own sworn agreements, being His self sworn promises.

Because there was no one greater to swear by in making promises, God swore by Himself that in blessing He would bless you and me, and in multiplying He would be the very power that multiplies us.

Again, it is His power active within His promise to us, not our power as the activating agent. We are the receivers of the Father’s love. God is the self sworn, self covenanting giver of His love not because either you or I are perfect, but because He is perfect.

You may rest assured that whatever is opposed to the Spirit and promise and the Covenant of God in the earth, is not of the Christ but is of the anti-to-Christ.

Go to war with divine assurance, prosecuting aggressively over what is not according to promise within your measure and don't relent. The Covenant is already established in heaven at the highest possible level and there are an innumerable company of angels assigned and ready to come to our aid whenever needed (see Hebrews 12:22).

What you are authorized to loose and call for is in fact what is already true in the realm of God for a promise with God is not like one with men, for what God has promised is already given in the realm of the invisible Spirit, ready to become manifest in earth.

It is not as if God has to somehow figure out how to make what has been promised, because the fact God has promised means it already exists at the highest level of power. Our part is to receive with a single hearted faith, nothing doubting, unrelenting.

When a person sees this, their prayers begin to change.

They no longer come from the atmosphere of the negative, emphasizing in their prayers what is lacking and reemphasizing the missing part in a kind of unbelieving belief. Those are the prayer attitudes of the person who does not see the wonder of their magnificent inheritance.

Instead, a best practice of the prayer of faith is to picture within you the completed divine picture of the will of God in its wholeness.

What does this answer look like in your heart of faith when it is fully translated into its beautifully corresponding, material and physical presence?

When we come into harmony with it then rejoicing with gratitude begins to flow as we thank the Lord for what we see now as a finished image in our own heart. Let your prayers work around this until your heart is given the assurance it is yours and it crystallizes inside you.

The answer begins there.

In prayer we picture, as James says, what would be “the good gift and the perfect gift” and let the Holy Spirit paint into your imagination by means of His illustrations the dreams and visions, what the expansive longing of God is that is to be created within the space you are presenting.

God loves this stuff, as dreams and visions and pictures within the imaging part of our created mind are His kind of language.

Oh LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and of Israel our fathers, keep this forever in the imagination of the thoughts of the hearts of your people, and prepare their heart for You (1st Chronicles 29:18).

You will keep him in perfect peace, abundance and richness, whoever has their imagination resting on You because he is trusting with confidence and security in You (Isaiah 26:3).

Faith is our bridge into the realm of the Spirit of God and is what makes those invisible to the naked eye things real and true and see-able within the spiritual spectrum of our inner man.

Faith is the pipeline of transference.

It is the material by which the invisible things are turned visible.

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