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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Eighty Five

Spiritual Warfare: Taking Charge of the Battlefield

Faith Is Seeing Eye-To-Eye With God

From Abel onward there have always been those who believed God and took His word to be the true measure of what exists. But when it comes to quantifying the life of faith, Abraham stands out as a God ordained example.

We are privileged in Abraham to see a man who did not allow, as he walked in the light of God's statements to him, room for any other possibility other than what God had said to him.

In the apostle Paul's writings, he explains there were two sides to Abraham's grasp of God's promise;

And weak faith (a persuasion) not being any part of him (Abraham), he didn't even consider the observable conditions of his own body now dead (not able to generate/plant seed) when he was about 100 years old, nor did he even consider the deadness of Sara's womb (not able to generate an egg).

He did not stagger around like he was casting about under some unbearable, impossible weight, but was strong in faith, giving happy proclamations of the great splendor of God. And he was fully persuaded, completely and totally persuaded, that what He (God) had promised, He was also most certainly, doubtlessly, capable of performing.

And because of this, it (being his faith) was counted to him by God as everything required that constitutes righteousness, that being complete and total harmonic union with God (Romans 4:19-22).

There were two things that Abraham rested on.

The first was the promise of God, that God being God, could not and would not ever lie; in fact we are told it is impossible for God to lie. Besides, what would be the need for one who is all powerful to ever have to hide behind a lie?

God cannot be threatened, God is the epitome of all that is true, and as such is also completely accountable to God Himself to ever be the incredible essence of who God eternally is. God has no need to violate the integrity of God.

The promise of God, any promise from God, is in fact a divine guarantee of a thing that God has already willed, for the will is resident within the promise, and in the fact of divine, eternally born promise, is also its already existent completion in the realm of heavens, heavens meaning the spirit dimension which influences and forms the material dimension.

The promise is there, existing and waiting in reserve from the moment that it were spoken, which actually touches on the realm of eternity and revelation of eternal judgments, for God being eternal has always had all this within Him.

It is not as though God makes a promise and then has to go figure out how to make what it is He promised, because within God, the existence of the eternal word or expression of the truth has already made the thing promised, or it would not have been promised.

An eternal judgment is based on something that is already true and has been true forever in timelessness.

The second thing Abraham rested on was the power of God.

He believed, not in his own power to make the miracle happen, but in God's power and ability to make happen what was by the infinite and eternal Word of God the very thing He had promised, and this is the way it is with God.

Our faith too will also rest in the same two elements as Abraham's, that the promise of God is a finished product already and that He has done and will do exactly as He has said by the exercise of His own promised power.

The fact of promise is the fact of power.

When the scripture says, it was counted to him (Abraham) as what is righteous, what this means is God considered that at the point Abraham ‘believed’, he was then on the same exact operational level as Himself.

You see, this is what the Father is doing with His sons and daughters.

The word 'righteous' finds its meaning in the idea of balancing or equaling two things like a scale so they are at the exact same balance point and position. It means the two are level.

Abraham believed God. The Hebrew word believed in reference to Abraham is the word ‘aman’ from which is derived the word we know as ‘amen’ and signifies agreement.

Because of the order of arrangement in which God has set the stage to work His works in conjunction with mankind, for the supernatural to over-ride the natural it requires agreement between God and His promise, and the heart of a man or woman.

When Abraham aligned in heart with God’s heart, when the two became one, a creative resonance took place and the one (Abraham) came into the likeness of the other (God).

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