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Spiritual Warfare: Taking Charge of the Battlefield

Justified By Faith: When God And You Become One

When we believe, we are arriving at the same point that God is already at. When Abraham believed God and God counted his faith as righteousness, He was saying now Abraham and I are at the exact same level of operation.

As Abraham arrived there, the miracle promised was able to become active because he was now at the same place where God was. The wall of separation between Spirit and Abraham had disappeared.

(Jesus said), 'I and my Father are one.' Then the Jews started picking up stones again to stone Him. Jesus responded to them, 'Many good works have I showed you that have come from my Father. Which one of these works are you going to stone me for?'

The Jews responded back to him saying, 'It's not for a good work that we're going to stone you but for blasphemy, because you being a man, have made yourself equal with God.'

Jesus said to them, 'Isn't it written in your law, 'I (God) said you are gods? (John 10:30-34).

So, what is going on here?

The suggestion is not being made that all of us become God on our own. This would be absurd. There is only One Almighty and there is none other, nor will there ever be another. But the idea of the child, and particularly that of the son is that the individual be at the same functional and representative level as the Father.

When we take God at His word, believing His promise and His power in fulfilling it, this faith brings us to a meeting point where we are as He is, on the same ground, and the channels between what is true and promised in heaven has its circuit completed and now can become in earth just exactly as it is in heaven.

The Word (the promise) becomes flesh (materially manifest).

In the agreement of faith, we have joined Him in harmony at the supremacy of His power, but not as independent gods of our own will.

The child is the offspring or literally the offshoot and the literal extension of the Father Himself.

To be righteous is to be 'just the same as' , which is the meaning of the word 'justified'..

It is only when we hear His promise, believe it and walk with the confidence of His own sworn power to fulfill it, that we are 'just the same as' the level our Father. We are now seeing with unveiled (unobscured) face, eye to eye with God.

In between accepting the promise of God and waiting for it to manifest itself, or re-mold creation by His power, there is always the temptation to take a short cut just like it happened to Abraham. His son Ishmael is the result of the short cut to a son and heir that Sarah suggested to Abraham, offering him Hagar her handmaid as an option.

Actions born of impatience, while we are waiting for the power of God to work, have never proven to be a good idea.

We don’t know everything that was going through Sara’s mind, but by actions we get the idea she wanted Abraham to maybe help God out a little. Maybe they misunderstood the process or didn’t have the details right.

This seems to be a common problem among even the greatest servants of God.

Moses too had his short cut moment when, knowing in himself he was called of God to deliver Israel, in his first attempt in his own power to do so, rose up and killed the Egyptian who was mistreating an Israelite, that event sparking his long exile.

However, the next time around as Moses was reignited in his calling, God did the work while Moses was the man God worked through. You and I do the same things in our impatience sometimes with similar devastating effects, but God did not stop His plan in either case because of it.

The gifts and callings of God are without repentance.

You try, you fall and you get up. Try again but try it different. Don’t quit. Don’t lose courage. Rise again.

In the equation of binding and loosing as you and I exercise the authority of the keys we've been given in prosecuting the war for our promised inheritance, while you are restricting the one (the anti-promise) by choking off its influence (voice) in the representative name of Jesus Christ, you are making way for the enlargement of the power and influence of the other (the Christ, the voice of promise).

In prayer do both binding and loosing and keep pressing it, remembering that Daniel was heard and the answer was sent as soon as he began requesting, but in the time lapse a weight of power was building in his favor in heaven as angelic realignments were taking place.

When the answer arrived, the release of it scared everyone with its incredible intensity.

God has given you a metron of influence. Whatever the scope, large or small, re-polarize it!

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