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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Eighty Eight

King David - The Warrior King

Purpose Interrupted - 'Prothesis Interruptus'

Israel's history in the Old Testament is a lesson book for us about the cause and effect of spiritual things. We learn as they begin the process of dispossessing the promised land and possessing it that the generation which began the invasion and conquest of the promise did not complete the work.

It sounds like a familiar story doesn't it?

Adam began the invasion but did not complete the work and so the work continues needing completion.

Noah gave us a new start and another chance to do the work, but the work continues needing completion. In Noah’s day, within the very people emerging from the Ark after the flood, the mystery of iniquity is right there, spoiling it all over again.

Because of this malady, we watch the see-saw history of the rising and falling of Israel too after the beginnings under Joshua and then under the Judges and later the Kings of Israel.

Their enemies push them around until a change of heart comes and revival emerges under a Judge and under the deliverance there appears a temporary reprieve in the land. Then the Judge dies, Israel backslides away from God, the enemies return again and back and forth, and back and forth it goes.

Had they completed the work as they entered the Promised Land, it would have been a different story altogether, other than their heart problem.

And an angel of the LORD came up from Gilgal (the place of the rolling wheel, the whirlwind) to Bochim (the weeping place) and said, 'I had caused you to ascend and go up out from Egypt, and I brought you into the whole face of all the land I swore by My own oath to your fathers, and said I will most certainly not be the party who breaks My covenant with you.

And I said, 'You will make no alliances with the dwellers who are set in their places here, but you will throw down their altars’, but now you have not fully followed and consented to My voice.

Why have you done this?

Because of this I said to you, ‘I am not going to cast them out and drive them away from your face, face to face, but now they are going to be like thorns (adversaries) in your sides and their gods will be a snare (a bait, a lure, a trap) to you.’

And it came to pass when the angel of the LORD had spoken these words to all of the children of Israel (the people of the purpose) that the people lifted up their voice and wept (Judges 2:1-4).

Much can be said about this and how it applies to us and our own long history as people who are called “church” (people of the purpose – the ‘ekklesia’) destined to bear the image and likeness of God in the earth as shown in Jesus, because we see in our history, even as the days of the early apostles were coming to a close, they issued warnings that the mission for which Jesus came was already being perverted by some and abandoned.

Beloved ones, when I determined it was my business to write to you of the salvation common to us all, circumstances and my duty pressed heavily upon me to write and exhort you all to earnestly contend for the faith that at one time had been delivered into the hands of the saints (Jude 1:3).

As I have been saying throughout this book, the mission that is ours, or the eternal purpose of God in mankind, began all the way back in Adam who was given dominion yet instructed to subdue a hostile element already present on the earth.

The further evidence that something was amiss early in Genesis is seen on day two as the firmament is being set in place and God in reference to it does not pronounce it ‘good’ like every other thing, until that is, man is created in His own image and likeness and empowered to ‘subdue’.

Then and only then is it all pronounced not just good but ‘very good’.

The mission itself has never altered and it is this same mission that our Lord Jesus Christ, the one sent to reconcile us to God and restore us to the power of the purpose, has brought again to reality among humankind.

The mission is nothing short of global exorcism of evil from the earth which has forever been declared the inheritance of ‘the meek’.

Remember in Jesus commission to us as he was ascending into heaven, he declared that all power was given now to him in all of heaven and in all of earth, and we were to go in accord with that power and teach all the nations this truth, but as we go one of the first things he mentioned we would do is ‘cast out devils’ (see Mark 16:15-17).

But you cannot cast out what you are allied with, and this becomes the roller coaster ride of human history and now, most particularly what we view in church history.

Men and women of prayer cry out to God as they see the anemic nature of Christianity and God visits according to their cries and the listeners hear His voice and begin to speak the fresh words of God, sparking faith in hearts everywhere and many join in, repenting of their own apathies and renew their fervor for Holy Spirit living.

But then something happens as the voice of ‘other things’ enters in and chokes the life of what was happening, usually as people want to take control for their own personal interests what the Spirit of God has created.

We rise. We fall. We rise. We fall, and the roller coaster ride continues. One step forward, then two steps back. One step forward, two steps back.


If you were to ask me I would point to something called ‘foundations’.

The potential failure of anything is present at its inception. One degree off kilter at the beginning of the journey most certainly affects the eventual destination.

On the spiritual level, it has to do with the idols we neglected to remove at the start, these being alliances with contrarian spirit (spiritual) elements we kept in the closet.

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