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King David - The Warrior King

The Heart of David - The Secret Power of Spiritual Success

What in spiritual terms is considered to be ‘the heart’ is a very important matter. The word heart in Hebrew refers to the deep part of a man or woman, the inner and hidden part of them that is central to every expression of their life. The heart is the irreducible core and the spring from which all flows. It is the place from which the fire that lights and ignites the person and all their expression into life burns.

The Hebrew word is ‘lebab’ and refers to the very seat of desire or passion within the person.

There is a deeper root word from which ‘lebab’ emerges known as ‘labab’ and has links within its pictograph meaning to ravish, to crave, that which makes the heart beat faster or quicken, that which delights, that which enraptures the inner man. The amazing list of synonyms includes the words like enrapture, enchant, delight, charm, entranced, enthrall, and captivate.

There is no doubt the life of David is defined by the love of his heart toward God.

It was God who made his heart beat faster. It was God that enraptured him. It was God that David craved and it was God that he longed to have as the fountain of his life and the fire that burned from deep within him.

It is David's heart toward God that became the defining emblem of his rule which came to be called “the throne of David”, and what is also called “the house of David”, and what is called “the city of David”.

It is the heart of David that is connected to the founding of Zion, the highest point in Jerusalem. Within the city of Jerusalem, Zion was the least obstructed, most visible and most open place to the heavens but also was the one place from which the city itself could be best seen and watched over.

From king David onward the standard was set for all of the ensuing kings of Israel that were to come as they either did what was right (harmonized and adjusted) like David or they did what was evil and not like David, all referring to the results of one man's heart in relation toward his God.

When Saul the first king of Israel failed, the prophet Samuel was instructed by the LORD to replace him. Saul by the way was said to be “head and shoulders above all Israel” (see 1st Samuel 9:3) signifying Saul's outward stature in the eyes of the people in comparison to other men and also inferring he was full of man's intelligence and will (the head) and man's strength (the shoulders).

Saul is an example of the leader of the people, who even though has a touch of God in his or her life, as he had been seen prophesying among the prophets, he ultimately relies on human wisdom and human strength and eventually devolves so far as to turn to witchcraft in his desperate search for power over the people.

But while Samuel the prophet is searching for Saul’s replacement, the one the LORD has chosen, he too keeps looking for all the wrong qualifications. Samuel is looking for someone the people can all look up to and is judging the candidates by the sight of his eyes, but all the time God had some other kind of man in mind. Samuel is directed to the house of Jesse to find the LORD’s chosen;

And the LORD said to Samuel, 'How long do you plan on being depressed about Saul, seeing I am the one who has rejected him from reigning over Israel? Fill up your horn with oil and go, as I am sending you to Jesse who lives in Bethlehem. I have provided Myself a king from among his sons.'

And Samuel said, ‘How can I go? If Saul hears of it he will kill me.' And the LORD said, 'Take a heifer with you and say, I've come to sacrifice to the LORD. And call Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will show you what to do, and you will anoint to Me the one that I tell you.

...And it happened that when they (the sons of Jesse) came, that he looked on Eliab and said, 'Surely the LORD's anointed is standing right in front of me.'

But the LORD said to Samuel, 'Do not look at his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have refused him, for the LORD does not see things the way man sees things, because man can't look past the outward appearance, while the LORD looks directly on the heart.'

Then Jesse called Aminidab and made him pass in front of Samuel and he said, 'The LORD hasn't chosen this one either.' Then Jesse made Shammah pass by and he said, 'The LORD hasn't chosen this one either.' And Jesse made seven of his sons pass in front of Samuel and Samuel said to Jesse, 'The LORD has not chosen any of these.'

And Samuel said to Jesse, 'Are these all your children?' And he said, 'There is still one, but we left him out. He is the youngest and all he likes to does is care for the sheep.'

And Samuel said to Jesse, 'Send for him immediately, because we will not do one more thing until he has come here.' And he sent and brought him in.

Now he (David) appeared rosy over all and had a fair countenance and was pleasing to look at. And the LORD said, 'Rise up, anoint him, this is the one.’ (1st Samuel 16:1-12).

Aren't the patterns of God amazing?

Israel had rejected Samuel the prophet from governing them so they were given Saul who was all human brain and brawn, but ultimately proved to be rejected by God because of the hardness of heart.

When God sends Samuel to Jesse to choose a new leader, he sees the stature and power of Jesse's firstborn son and thinks he found the next king. “Wahoo! Good choice! Way to go God!”, he must have been thinking. But none of the progression of sons were God's choice and even the prophet can be fooled by appearances if he isn't listening.

Finally they are out of sons and God has not chosen any of them and Samuel, being puzzled at this point I’m sure, then quizzes Jesse and discovers there is one more son that is considered so insignificant he wasn't even invited to join the party. He is the youngest, the smallest, the least esteemed and the least likely among the brothers to do anything significant but tend to sheep.

But, this is the one God had chosen to Himself because God sees the heart and sent the prophet to acknowledge the Divine selection.

The spirit of Saul is the spirit of pride and arrogance.

Ultimately as it proves out, the spirit of pride is one that traffics with the spirits of witchcraft as mentioned (1st Samuel 15:23).

This is another subject altogether, but the spirit that usurps God we learn, traffics with spiritual forces that are contrary to Him. A condition of neutral does not exist no matter how flowery the package may appear to be.

David's brothers looked like kings and warriors. David on the other hand doesn't appear to exactly fit the accepted mold. But where his brothers may appear to other men as warriors, David at his young age in fact has already demonstrated that he is a true warrior, and that before God and not man, for not long after his anointing by Samuel we find this exchange;

For Israel and the Philistines had put the battle in array, army against army. And David left his supplies with the keeper of supplies and ran into the army and greeted his brothers. As he talked with them they looked and saw there come up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name out of the armies of the Philistines and spoke according to the same (defiant, discouraging) words, and David heard them.

And all the men of Israel when they saw the man fled from him and were terrified...And David said to Saul, 'Don't let any man's heart be frightened because of him. Your servant will go and fight with this Philistine.'

And Saul said to David, 'You have no power to prevail against this Philistine and to fight with him. You're only a boy and he's been a champion of war since early in his life.'

And David said to Saul, 'Your servant was caring like a friend for his father’s sheep and there appeared a lion and a bear and they took a lamb out of the flock. And I went out in pursuit of him, attacking him and beating on him and stripped it from his mouth, plundering his spoils, and when he rose up against me, then I grabbed him by his beard and beat on him until I killed him.

Your servant killed both the lion and the bear and this uncircumcised Philistine (a man with no covenant with God) will be just like one of them seeing he has reproached, defied and taunted the armies (forces) of the living God.

And David explained himself further saying, ‘The same LORD that saved me out of the paw of the lion and out of the paw of the bear, He will also save me out of the hand of this Philistine’ (1st Samuel 17:1-37).

David was bold and confident, but it wasn't a phony self confidence of fake it 'till you make it, but a confidence in the power of God to fight, deliver and save based on known experience from real life situations. He wasn't new to fighting in the name of the LORD. David had been in battles against insurmountable odds already and knew that God saves those who love Him and that He would save again when the cause is His just cause.

In Goliath was a power greater than David and it was not merely physical. There was a spiritual element as well as Goliath came out cursing David by his gods (see 1st Samuel 17:43). So now, it was the Philistine’s gods against David’s God and David knew in whom he believed.

If you remember, as part of the downfall of Saul who was ‘head and shoulders above all of Israel’, his pride led him to step out of his ordained place as leader and usurp the role reserved in Israel for Samuel the prophet (1st Samuel 13:5-13). In response to this Samuel had this to say even before he knew that David existed and would be God's choice;

But now your rule of the kingdom will not continue. The LORD has searched out a man reflecting like His own heart and the LORD has commissioned him to be the leader of His people (1st Samuel 13:14).

God searched out a man whose heart, the center axis of his being and passions and desires, was an echo of His own.

This one statement more than anything else in his life, epitomizes David. A man who was not out to do anything but entwine his entire existence with that of God and echo into the world the vibrations of His Creator and because of this, God made this shepherd boy the heart standard by which all hearts of all people and leaders would be judged and compared. Paul in his teaching at Antioch spoke these same words about David;

And afterwards they had desired a king, and God gave them Saul the son of Kish, a man from the tribe of Benjamin for forty years. And when He had removed him, He raised up for them David to be their king, to whom He also gave His own personal witness saying, 'I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will fulfill all My will. Out of this man’s testicles has God, in perfect harmony with His promise, raised up to Israel a Savior, a Deliverer, and this is Jesus (Acts 13:21-23).

Notice the family stock that was chosen according to the humanity of Christ by which Jesus came.

When God impregnated Mary the mother of Jesus, He chose a woman who if not of the direct line of David (for we don’t have her personal genealogy), had at least come under the covering of the house of David by means of espousal to Joseph, who himself may well have been destined to be king if the successions from David had continued.

But in this woman Mary, was represented the line whose heart was as the very heart of God, leading to the fulfilling of all His will.

When the angel came to Mary and announced that she was that woman who had been promised long before to Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:14-15), the woman who would bear the child that would crush the head of the serpent (satan) and destroy the curse resulting from the fall, she had only one thing to say;

Look carefully and see, I am the servant girl of the Lord. Let it be done to me in perfect blended harmony with your word (Luke 1:38).

This woman gave her present life, her reputation, her natural hopes and dreams and everything in order to become a living bodily sacrifice to the will of God.

She gave no thought as to how she was going to explain her pregnant condition which under the law could have brought upon her judgment and death.

But putting all that aside where it belonged, becoming the vessel of God was the only response her heart would allow her to make.

Now...we stand challenged.

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