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King David - The Warrior King

How God Finds His Warriors

God is not playing games with the eternal destiny of the universe and I hope to God you aren't either. I face this every day and so do you.

As calls from Him go forth into the earth He always follows the same process.

Out of respect I guess and giving people chances to receive His refreshing grace, the first opportunity to come and draw near to Him always goes to those who have most recently been the closest to Him.

Then, it’s a matter of echoed response and the pattern it seems is always the same in that many are called out to, but few and sometimes it appears that very few say yes to the invitation.

It may be due to the reality that in every ‘yes’ there is a ‘no’, and for every ‘come here’ there is a ‘leave there’, and for every new thing being created there is an old thing being abandoned and we prefer the comforts of the familiar to the adventure of the cutting edge of the creations of God and so we stay while He moves.

He alone sees clearly into human hearts and sees those who are the seekers, the searchers, and the hungry for the reality of God, searching Him out with all their hearts to the point they are willing to do anything they need to do, to be anything they need to be, to go anywhere they need to go just to be with Him where He is, integrating with Him, to be doing what it is He is doing.

The Spirit of God, like a magnet, finds those who seek the joys He seeks.

But without faith it is impossible to enter into His joys, to please Him and delight Him, for whoever it is that would draw near to God must possess a reliant belief that He indeed is, and that He always rewards anyone who makes it their life’s business to continually seek Him out (Hebrews 11:6).

And you will desire and seek and attain Me, and you will find Me where I am, when you seek Me with deep care of heart in full and resolute determination. And I will be found of you and turn away every one of your enemies (Jeremiah 29:13-14).

Passion meets passion. The truth is inescapable.

Indeed, God is a truly passionate God, a flaming fire whose focus searches for those hearts that will be able to handle the experience, adjusting their own selves to the resonating passion of His passions.

Remember, the children of Israel at Mount Sinai who did not want God to speak to them because they feared that if He did, they would die?

Indeed, passion meets passion. What limit will you place on the distance you are willing to go to be wherever it is that He is?

Draw near to God we are informed, and He will draw near to you.

David was made a champion warrior and a ruler by God. David’s secret seems to be one thing and that was the focus of his heart in his passions toward God.

Repeated throughout the Psalms of David is the phrase “with my whole heart” have I sought You, praised You, longed for You, etc. God is not a God who can or will invest much in those who are willing only to engage Him on some level lower than what He is willing to engage them.

When God invests Himself in us He is entirely willing to go all the way, as evidenced so clearly in Jesus Christ, and He anticipates a reciprocal investment on our part. In this relationship, He who gave all requests all in return, but the choice, your choice and my choice, is and has ever been ours to make and no one else.

After the call goes out to those who have been most recently closest to Him, and usually we see from history only a remnant respond to His invites, then we find the Lord begins to fan out giving others opportunity to hear and to come to the event He is hosting.

But always there is the call, the examination of hearts, the excuses people make, the response of the responders and then the search expands until God has a full house of ready initiates enjoying the feast He has prepared (see Luke 14:16-35).

We're told, many are invited, but few are selected out and the inference is the selection process has everything to do with our choosing God and God's choosing us together in a mutual agreement to receive what has been given.

David had the key that unlocked everything. He knew that nothing else mattered in the entire universe except the One treasure worth having, the presence of everything, the Presence of God.

What gain would it really be to have the whole world and not have your heart in perfect blended harmony with the true value, who is the Creator of creation, to know God at the deepest level possible?

There is nothing else of any worth but that which is in Him.

These are the teachings of Jesus.

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