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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Ninety Three

King David - The Warrior King

The Seven Spirits Of God

Zechariah the prophet knew something about the eyes of the LORD and said there were seven of them. Does God actually have seven eyes or should we say instead seven points of focus?

This is interesting as the theme of the seven spirits or eyes of God is picked up in the Book of Revelation too where much is said about them.

In Zechariah's vision he first sees seven eyes set upon a single stone and these eyes are associated with the cleansing away of iniquity whose root is pride and hardening self will, that point where we say “no” to God because we have adapted to another voice and are giving that voice power instead of the all wise and all loving voice of our Father.

Jesus is the Rock and very foundation stone upon which the New Covenant emerges and his redeeming work is to bring you and me into full abandoned release out of the way of Adam in departing from God, and into the way of Christ which is alignment with the voice, the mind, and the powerful resources of God.

Our reconciliation is an initial act and an ongoing process with a fantastic goal in mind.

For if you will look carefully you will see a stone I have laid before Joshua (Yashua - the Yasha ‘saving’ power of God within a man). Upon one stone will be seven eyes. Look carefully and see that I will do engraving and carvings on it, says the LORD of the swarming armies of heaven, and I will remove the iniquity of that land (the disease of the hardened heart) in one day (Zechariah 3:9).

But the vision of the eyes of the LORD and their power to adjust and align things only begins there with Zechariah. In a second vision what the eyes are about becomes even more defined as he says;

“The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house and his hands will also complete it and you will know the LORD of the swarming armies of heaven has sent me to you. For who is it that despised the day of the seeming small and insignificant starts?

For they will rejoice and will see the engraved cornerstone stone in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven. They are the eyes of the LORD which sweep back and forth throughout the whole measure of the entire earth” (Zechariah 4:9-10).

If we begin to link the language patterns together represented in scripture, we start to see the combination of the Seven Spirits of God, the Seven Eyes, the Cornerstone by which all other stones are aligned and the penetrating search by God for hearts that are aligned toward Him with whom He may show the full power of His salvation in all revelations of its magnitude.

The seven concept extends out, also playing a prominent role in the Book of Revelation as there are:

  • Seven Churches –church being Greek ‘ekklesia’, the word having to do with the echo of God’s image and likeness in the earth through men and women.

  • Seven Spirits before the throne, the place from which power rests and emerges.

  • Seven Candlesticks which are the Seven Churches (the ekklesia).

  • Seven Stars which are the Seven Angels of the seven churches.

  • Seven Lamps of fire burning which are the Seven Spirits of God before the throne.

  • Seven Seals which when opened bring clearly defined outcomes.

  • Seven Horns of the Lamb, horns representing power(s).

  • Seven Eyes of the Lamb which are the Seven Spirits of God.

  • Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets, again with distinct effects.

  • Seven Thunders which haven't been known yet as they’ve been sealed.

  • A dragon having seven heads or seven minds or processes of thought.

  • Seven Last Plagues in the hands of the Seven Angels.

  • Seven Vials in which the Seven Plagues loosed by the Seven Angels are contained.

  • Seven mountains which are the seven heads of the dragon on which the whore sits.

  • Seven kings (powers or stations of influence) associated with the seven heads and the whore.

Is that enough sevens for you? All of these sevens are interconnected in the book.

But the Seven Spirits of God are key as they first come in a cleansing manner to the seven churches (ekklesia) examining deeply their hearts which is the prime issue, to align the hearts of men and then extend their influence into the earth, doing works that are meant to bring alignments between heaven and earth.

But the consistent theme is men and the hearts of men before the eyes of God and how all the things that are happening in the prophecies being spoken are so that men will turn their hearts toward God and experience His salvation, instead of hardening their hearts toward Him.

Chances keep being given.

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