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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Ninety Five

King David - The Warrior King

Letting God Penetrate

David welcomed the magnitude of God’s presence into His heart. There was nothing more vital to David than having his own heart in perfect blended harmony with God and His own purposes. David was a man seeking to be led through life by the Spirit of God only.

This cry of David resounds in his Psalms and the purposes to which he invested his life.

The cause of God was the only cause of life to David. It was these deep passions of God that caused David to watch over the flock of sheep and fight against the enemies that would come as predators to devour them.

It was the deep passions of God that caused the heart of David to turn to music and song in celebration of God’s stunning splendors.

It was the deep passions of God that caused David to become a warrior and a king with the desire for one thing and that was to liberate Jerusalem from her captors and bring the ark of God’s presence to be set at the highest place in Jerusalem so all nations could come into God’s presence and know Him.

Yes, David had a hunger for the living God of all life to be the center of all life, not just in himself but over the entire metron God had placed under his care as the king of Israel (the people of the Yasha saving purpose).

He wanted God to be the stimulant center of all his thoughts. He wanted God to be the director of every word and every action of expression that showed itself in him, knowing that this alone was the real key to life and any man's highest and most excellent value to be expressed within creation.

David begged for God to penetrate into him and probe the depths of his heart with hunger and passion, purifying, cleansing and aligning.

Search me, explore me and examine me Oh God, and perceive to the very roots the depths of my heart.

Examine me, scrutinize me and test my thoughts and observe to distinguish any idolatrous trail leading to anguish, and guide me instead to the trail that leads to perpetuating life (Psalm 139:23-24).

Examine me Oh LORD and prove me (like an assayer of the purity of gold), refine as in a smelter the reigns (the guidance system) of my heart (Psalm 26:2).

Create in me a clean heart Oh God, a heart unmixed with any other thing, and repair within me a restored and harmoniously adjusted spirit (animating power). Don't let me be cast off at a distance somewhere from Your presence, and let me be seized upon entirely by Your Holy Spirit.

Restore and refresh in me the glad mirth of your salvation (yasha) and lay me to rest within your high, willing, eager and generous Spirit.

Then will I possess the power to teach those unaligned, all about Your ways, and those opposed to You will be polarized to you in their own conversion (Psalm 51:10-13).

In the great cause of God for the exorcism and healing of the earth, David knew it had to begin with him, not someone else.

Something had been set within the axis of David’s heart. It was that cry for truth and naked wholeness before the presence of God in which there would be nothing hidden and everything reconciled within him to resonate in union with the same animating power.

David longed to be a man, as God intended from the beginning that was the expression of God’s own image and likeness in the earth.

How vast and multiplied Oh LORD my God and what extraordinary acts You have exercised, and imagined and conceived in Your thoughts, arranging them all in order, announcing them and speaking to us of them by promise and by Your own sworn oaths, and they are numerous and they are vast, they are powerful and binding visions which cannot be unbound.

It has never been sacrifice and offering (of animals) that You craved, but instead it was haring ears that had been opened, and it was not burnt offerings and sin offerings that You were asking for.

The answer that came and sounded in my heart said, ‘See this, come in and go out bringing this which is written in the whole volume of The Book and its continual thread of writing,

‘Take pleasure, and delight yourself in yielding and moving in every way to execute, make and fashion everything in accord with the good will, pleasure and passions of God, being instructed and directed according to them in His directives and prophetic visions kept at the very center of the womb of your heart, the very place from which you create’ (Psalm 40:5-8).

From the passions of the heart flows the expression of the person.

When the heart of the person resonates with the image, likeness and passions of the God of life, then the expressions of the person match the passion.

We are all, right now, the revolving reflection of our deepest passions point of central axis.

There is a passion, a power a flame that ignites the furnace of the fire that we are.

It is always good to check the fire.

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