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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Ninety Seven

King David - The Warrior King

The Seven Times Process

I often wonder why it sometimes seems so difficult for me to learn a lesson from the Lord. It's like my life is on this revolving circuit where I find, over the course of time, that I keep revisiting the same places and challenges again and again.

Much of this has to do with the uniqueness of our messages into the world, but I will find myself going through seasons where certain issues I thought we were done with are emphasized all over again in my life by the Holy Spirit.

My heart toward what is happening will have a measure of response, and during these times I will be made aware of some deeper adjustment required in my heart if I'm going to take steps to the next level of intimacy with God. Each time we visit these places, what I learned last time is the basis for what I am about to learn this time.

While this is happening, well at least in the discovery phase where my response is usually, “Oh great! I'm back here again?” I can feel a little discouraged and often a little irritable at having to revisit what I thought was old and already conquered territory.

Usually these seasons involve some level of repentance on my part as I first sorrow and then begin to adjust my thoughts, experiencing a further dying to my old way as a deeper level is brought to light, but on the plus side as I follow the process out, there also comes a new faith to embrace an even higher level experience with the power of the resurrection and triumphant rule of Jesus Christ.

As these things about me revolve around their circuit, forming and reforming my life message, I am allowed to see in myself new and deeper levels of God's work and His divine power potential activating in me.

Both of us get really happy about this.

In other words, what I thought I took care of in the last round, I find that it actually extends into an even deeper connection with the Spirit of God in my own heart and spirit. I would love it if everything were all fixed up all at once, but apparently that is not God's way, for in His wisdom He knows the depth of the process is just as important as the ultimate goal.

God is in no rush on the road to my excellence.

Who will He teach knowledge? And who will He allow to understand the instructions? Those saturated with the milk of the full and ripened bounty, those drawing out their life from the breasts.

For the voice of expression leads to the voice of expression, and the voice of expression is to the voice of expression, and the line that measures leads to the line that measures, the line that measures to the line that measures, a quantity is given this time and a quantity is given next time.

For with what sounds like a foreign language, and with what sounds like a strange sounding babbling tongue, will He commune in all conceivable ways with this people (Isaiah 28:9-11).

The picture we are given is again like the small child waiting at a very full and ready breast.

But just as a baby can't eat everything he or she will ever need at a single feeding, so it is with us.

God gives us a quantity this time and a quantity the next time and each time we are nourished and imparted the energy to grow a little more.

We draw from God the sustenance of life.

David drew from God the sustenance of life for he knew within his heart, there was no place else to go.

The idea of the breast also speaks to us of the instructional intimacy because just like, when the dependent infant feeds, there is a loving communication and learning that is taking place during the process.

As the mother blesses the child with the rich overflow of her breast she is touching the baby, talking to the baby, comforting and maybe even singing to the baby in what to the infant is a strange language (a strange and foreign tongue), but the point is the baby is in an educational time where eventually these sounds, this language, will take on clearer meaning and he/she will eventually mimic.

The power of what becomes love based communication sets a tone within the child for maximum learning potential throughout life. But on the other side, the baby's tongue is also making his or her own sounds in cooing, gurgling and sometimes crying if there is a need.

This intimacy is a powerful time of child development.

All this begins in unintelligible languages bathed in love that grows in clarity and detail over time as special connection points and communion between the two continues to develop.

I don't know if we ever grow away from the concept of the breast and what it represents in way of love, care, comfort and enjoyment as much as our relationship to it changes as we grow.

I've spent some time on this because of a vision I had in prayer one day that I wasn't quite sure what to do with and I won't go into detail here.

But let me just say that one of the illustrated pictures God gives to us to help us understand spiritual truth is the revelation of God as El Shaddai, referring to God as the supplying ample breast(s) of heaven.

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