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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Ninety Eight

King David - The Warrior King

David Had It: The heart God seeks

David had the heart God sought after then and still seeks after today.

God hasn't changed and neither has that for which the Seven Eyes are searching.

It is that heart that was (and is) in David that wants, that needs and requires nothing more than intimacy and union with the Infinite Power that is at the heart of the formation of all things that are past, the power that can alter all things present, and the power that is altering all things right now toward a predestined future in which you and I and all the earth is filled with the visible splendor of the Creator who is revealed by the apostle John as love (1st John 4:12-16).

This is the planetary destiny of the earth conjoined with the elevation of humankind in Jesus Christ.

We are moving toward a world that is saturated in pure love between God and mankind, the ruling element saturating all inter-human relations and overflowing into all created things (Isaiah 11:1-10).

This is the creation that is waiting, and over which Jesus Christ triumphantly reigns and will reign in together with those who have come into his depths as liberators from the spirits of evil on our earth.

For the intense excitement of the whole measure of the creation, is waiting for the unmasking and the unbound, unhidden, total expression of these who are the sons of God. But the creation also was made subject to the depravity that has corrupted, and this was not by any personal choice they made themselves, but by the council that had subordinated it now to the exact same hope we share in.

For the whole, entire creation will also be delivered out of the bondage of decay and corruption and into the same splendid freedom of the sons of God.

For we know that right now the whole of the creation is groaning and travailing in pain together, even in this present moment. But not just them, as we right along with them also participate, we who have received into us the first fruits of the Spirit. We ourselves are groaning within ourselves waiting for the final, full and complete result of the adoption, I am talking about the ultimate redemption even of our own physical bodies (Romans 8:19-23).

It is a groaning and panting of the deepest possible kind.

It is a panting of the spirit inside the depths of our being and the entire creation, longing to touch the unfathomable expanse of eternity present in the One in whom we live and breathe and have our being.

In salvation, our regenesis in Jesus Christ, the power that is Creator and pulsating within the living creation on the outside of us, becomes also the power that is inside of us as well in a divine congruence.

This is the Christ. This is the Christian.

This is the news that is good news, and ultimately the permeation of life will swallow all mortality, overcoming it in a grand crescendo of ultimate, finalized triumph, but in the meantime the power of it all is alive right now inside of those redeemed from the former ‘kind’ that we were in Adam, moving in us now toward a destination that was determined for us long ago in the vast resources of God who saw us and knew us even before the world itself began.

When the union happens, the seed of the warrior’s heart in the mold of King David, but even more importantly, in the mold of the One he foreshadowed, the real true Lord and King of all, Jesus Christ is planted within you.

It is the heart of the daring, fearless, cause infused, mighty man or woman of the same seed of God Himself.

The audacious, courageous and enterprising Spirit of Jesus Christ possesses you.

If it's not in you, the passion, the fire, the zeal, the readiness to join the Jesus cause and take on the wars, then I can tell you in all truth, you must and you will examine your heart.

Harmony of your heart with his heart will make his same zealous passions burn within you to the point no one can tell where he ends and you begin, or you end and he begins.

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