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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Ninety Nine

King David - The Warrior King

The Book Of Ruth: The Heart of Ruth

There would be no David had there been no Ruth. Much can be said about the Book of Ruth and should be, but had it not been for the heart of Ruth, David's great grandmother, then the rich heart of David we are so blessed to glimpse shining into the history of the world, would not have been.

It is the heart of Ruth that appears again in David, I believe, causing a renewal in the paradigm of relationship between man and God.

To find a heart like the heart of Ruth, God had to search outside of Israel

I will give you a brief summary of the prophecy the Book of Ruth gives us. The characters in the play and what they represent are important in the Old Testament scriptures as nothing is done by accident and all of them point to Christ. Because of this they hold a wealth of spiritual instruction for those with eyes to elevate them to their Holy Spirit, heavenly level.

The characters in the play are important. It is in the opening two chapters that all of the main characters are introduced and they all represent certain truths. Here is the list;

  • Elimelech – Naomi’s husband whose name means “God is my King” and as such represents the idea of the Kingdom of God.

  • Naomi – whose name means “My pleasantness and delight”. Naomi lives within the metron or husbandry of Elimilech. We don't have to go far to realize she represents that which gives God the greatest of delight and pleasure. The Kingdom of God and the will of God are married together. One does not exist without the other (Matthew 6:10). The very meaning of the word “will” is: that which is desired, delights, giving joy and pleasure.

  • The two sons –

  1. Mahlon – whose name means “weak” and whose definition in one tense is associated with the idea of prayer, the concept being strength comes from God and not man.

  2. Chilion – whose name means “pining” as in pining away for something as in a complaint and is often associated with that pining which leads to destruction.

  • The two wives of the sons -

  1. Orpah – whose name means “gazelle, or the neck” and is associated with being stiff necked, a term referring to being stubborn toward God. She is the wife/bride of Chilion.

  2. Ruth – whose name means “friendship, to be close, welcoming” and speaks for itself in relation to God. She is the wife/bride of Mahlon.

  • Boaz – whose name means “fleetness” and is a picture of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Boaz by the way was the son of Rahab the harlot who gave a place of safety to the two spies in Jericho.

The story comes down to Naomi, the two daughters in law and eventually Boaz.

The women represent three hearts.

Naomi sees herself never being married again to anyone other than Elimilech (the Kingdom of God). She therefore continues to represent the hearts delight of the Kingdom of God which is the will of God. As is prophesied later by David regarding Jesus, “I come to do Your will Oh God!”

On the trip back to the Promised Land after the deaths of the husbands, Naomi speaks to the two daughters in law about leaving her. Orpah, the stiff necked, decides to return to her mother’s house (original heart) and the gods of her people, then kisses the delight of the Kingdom of God goodbye.

But Ruth has a different heart in her. In response to the test of going forward or returning to her original people and original gods Ruth says;

Don't lean on me to leave you and to return from following after you. For wherever you go is where I will go, and wherever you lodge, is where I will lodge.

Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. Where you die is where I will die and that is where I will be buried. May the LORD allow horrible judgments on me if anything but death separate me from you (Ruth 1:16-17).

Is it any wonder where David got the attitude of his heart toward God?

The surprising thing is, God had to go outside of Israel to get such a heart and inject it into the bloodline of the Messiah.

The eyes of the LORD search the hearts. He doesn't care about your human pedigree, your church affiliation, your Bible College, your race, your country, your family, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your friends or any of these things (Luke 14:25-26).

With a deep and longing eye, right now as you read this, the Holy Spirit is searching through your heart, looking through every archive and into every corner, behind all your hidden doors to see and probe with the question, is your heart perfectly toward the Lord Jesus?

Will there be anything in your heart that could cause you to return from following him and go back to your old gods? Will you allow it?

Will you go wherever it is the Holy Spirit goes? Will you live wherever it is and under whatever conditions Jesus is willing to live? Will the people he loves be the people you love? Where he is willing to die and where he has laid everything down, are you willing to die on that same battlefield too?

Is there anything but death that can possibly separate you from continuing now in the will of God? King David wrote these words;

You had no interest or delight in sacrifices and offerings. Instead You opened my ears to hear You. Burnt offerings and sin offerings never really were what you required.

Then I said, 'Look! There it is! I see it! In the whole volume of the book it is written regarding me! I delight, as my own pleasure and joy, to do Your will, Oh, my God! Yes! Your expressions are written on the insides of my heart (Psalm 40:6-8).

Next topic: The Book Of Revelation - The expose' of men's hearts.

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