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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog One Hundred

King David - The Warrior King

The Book Of Revelation: A Searching of Men’s Hearts

Can you discuss the topic of spiritual warfare and triumph at that level of conquest without eventually coming to The Book of Revelation?

I don't believe you can, for it is this book that peels back the veil between earth and heaven, delving into conflicts and high level battles the human mind reels to comprehend, culminating in a final showdown in the spirit world resulting in the long prophesied peace of the earth and creations liberation from the oppressive powers of demons operating in darkness.

I will close this segment touching on the heart of David the Warrior King with these thoughts, that the Book of Revelation in the Bible is aptly called “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.”

It is a book of war but not against men.

It is a book that peels back the curtain on the heavens. It is a conflict of dark, evil spiritual principalities and powers vying to maintain control of what they have already lost on that one great day in the city of Jerusalem, at a place called Golgotha where Jesus was not murdered, though that was the intent of the Son of God persecutors, but rather where he willingly, by a far higher wisdom, gave himself as the first sacrifice of the new and elevated war.

In that sacrifice he proved the power of supremacy existing within the Spirit of God, the undivided and unmixed power of total and absolute life, and trusted it, by which he rose again from the dead, breaking forever the backbone of death and all that is of its kind.

Where once the keys of hell and death were in the control of satan, they are no longer.

According to the scriptures and subsequent history wherever people grasp the magnitude of it all in faith, the tentacles of death have been decimated and destroyed by this Jesus Christ.

They are now under the possession of the Lord Jesus Christ and the warrior saints whose hearts are fully engaged in the life and death cause of purifying the heavens over us and thus throughout the earth too in unison with his triumph.

Now anything is possible under these conditions, isn't it?

The purpose of God and the power of God always find a meeting point.

The Book of Revelation opens with an examination by the One who holds the key of David.

It begins with the heart of the churches (the ekklesia – they who echo the image and likeness of God) in deep heart examination and then, from there, it spreads.

In the Seven Churches the Seven Spirits are searching for those whose hearts are perfect toward Him because the passion for perfect toward Him leads as always to what is perfect in union with Him.

The examination of the Seven Churches (the 'ekklesia') is where we are going in the next phase of posts and I will tell you what I know, but you must be aware that success in Spirit to spirit warfare and your part in it begins with a deep examination of your heart and in Revelation, once the heart of the warrior class of believers is set, the remainder of the earth is examined.

This is the mystery of the book, and the prophecy is still waiting for a people to possess.

I suggest you read about the heart of these churches and search your own heart in light of their blessings, their rebukes, their correctional instructions and the rewards that are waiting for the hearts that align.

As the horned ram pants desperately for the brooks of refreshing water, so does my soul pant for You, Oh God. My very soul thirsts for God, for the living God, the God of all life. When will I enter and appear before the face of my God? (Psalm 42:1-2).

Are you panting after God? Is everything within you desperate for Him?

Is it time for you to seek with your whole heart?

He will meet you at the point of your desire.

Next topic: To The Seven Churches

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