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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

To The Seven Churches

I wrestled with myself over whether or not I should write about the seven churches of Revelation, but the more I prayed the more it seemed the examination of the Seven Churches really ought to be presented, at least in an initial format.

There is magic here.

There is voice, and the assaying tests of hearts in these churches open up the remainder of the future as revealed within the prophecy.

You cannot eliminate an enemy power with which you have affinity and with which you are in league in heart.

My concern is whether what needs to be said can be said in a cursory overview in a few blog posts, but I must at least present to you the seed and hope it bears fruit in you, because all that is contained in the examination of the churches are matters of the heart within the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The social order of the world may have its magicians, sorcerers and power brokers, it’s Harry Potters and other mystical power representations, but as the apprentices of Jesus, we are the learners learning in the school of the very highest of all magic, called to employ supernatural powers with the mission to conquer in the name of the Lord of All Power the entire spiritual and physical plane of what I like to call the earth sector.

It is a mission of the heart and an infusion of the Spirit.

What is out beyond the earth sector? I haven't a clue. But what I do know is this (the earth) is going to be the habitation of God and of His Christ and of the saints at the very least.

I know all of the principalities and powers ruling in heavenly places and exercising influence over people and entire geographic regions are now to be disinherited and cast down from their “places” by the prayers of the saints and that the suppressive powers will be replaced with whoever it is the Father has selected from among His offshoots (see Matthew 20:21-23).

This is the point of the parable we talked about in a previous post involving the faithful servant receiving authority over ten cities (see Luke 19:12-27).

What are the details of this? In short form it has to do with two things.

The first is one's faithfulness toward managing your personal measure or metron, bringing it under the loving power of the God of all life. The other part of the short form answer is related to the first but has as its core motivation the heart of a servant toward those within your metron.

The power God gives is the power to set people free. The more effectively you serve in bringing life to the lives of others, has a great deal to do with everything.

Jesus called them (the apprentices) to him and said,

'You know the princes of the tribes and nations hold the people in subjection under them and their mega-leaders exercise power over them.

But this will not be the way things work among you. Whoever will be a mega-leader among you will be your high level attendant, exercising commands and orders to benefit you. And whoever will rank at any higher place than you will be your servant, extending and advancing your own critical cause.

This precisely matches the pattern of the Son of Man who has not come here to be benefited by your service, but to exercise commands and orders to benefit you, and to give up his own life to pay for the release of others who are being held bound in slavery (Matthew 20:25-28).

The re-polarization of earth involves the hearts of people becoming just like the heart of the Son of Man.

This is the new race made up of the rainbow of all colors from all nations.

This is the new reality where it is not what you can receive from any other, but what gift you hold from God that might be utilized to make all those in your metron as great as they can possibly be, and they in turn those surrounding them within their measure.

The point of the five ministries specifically mentioned in Ephesians chapter four is to bring the saints into their own greatness, or as Paul said, into “the effective, efficient working in the measure of every single part.”

We are creating a splendid life empowering machine of God's own expression. It is the spread of life on a massive scale across the entire earth.

What this really means is the adjustment of hearts into such an alignment with the infinite power of Christ and the personal measure each one is given, that the fullness of heaven is being marvelously manifest in you and me.

Apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers mission, in one very clear sense is all the same, and this is what you should be experiencing as they hang out with you, loving Jesus, valuing the incredible grace shown them, in turn loving you and the mission you've been blessed to experience, bringing forward a constant improvement in your own heart's mission before God.

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