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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

Preparing To Re-Polarize The Planet

The Book of Revelation begins with a deep examination of those who say they are of Jesus.

Something is coming and John the apostle has seen it and the beginning of preparation for what is approaching is the Spirit’s searching of the heart status among the people claiming the promises of God, the ‘ekklesia’, those whose very purpose on earth is to put upon display the image and the likeness of God.

The Seven Spirits of God that Jesus holds in his hand (meaning he holds the power to direct them) are first, before anything else, unleashed upon the church.

This is because the purification of the hearts in loving trust with him is the first cleansing of the dedicated that leads to the power of cleansing the heavens and cleansing also the gift of our planet.

Something incredible is to take place, which is the earth becoming our Fathers “footstool of triumph and rest” (see Isaiah 66:1), a welcome place prepared for Him by his sons and daughters.

Only an eye first cleared of obscuring beams can see clearly to remove the chaff, casting it out and away from obscuring the visions of others.

The healing begins among the sons.

It is the heart that is toward God in all things that the Seven Spirits before the throne are demanding and examining.

God is calling you and me into the most holy, most complete and whole of all places. It is the place of the single mind. It is the place of the purest and most undefiled purpose. It is the place where what we are within our hearts and all that our Father is, are one and the same.

It is the purpose of the Seven Spirits that roam the earth searching the hearts, to bring you and me into this place of perfect integration;

Who will ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or, who will stand in His most sacred and singular place? The one who has clean hands (works, expression of business) and a pure, singular heart, who has not lifted up and exalted his soul in what is empty, void, and what lays waste, or allied himself in agreement with what is not according to that which is true (Psalm 24:3-4).

Let me state again that God cares first and foremost about the heart of a man and not first and foremost about his behavior.

Now let me qualify that statement by saying this is because behavior is incidental and sub sequential, always being the outcome of what the heart trusts for comfort in its present state of enlightenment at whatever level that may be.

The heart that is joined in perfect love with the Father simply expresses that love union as an effortless matter of course.

As is the Father, so is the child.

His seed in us is His own Holy Spirit which is the animating energy that is His own self.

It is the power of both the cause as well as the effect in synthesis of relationship;

For it is out of the heart that there proceeds binding, oppressing and pain inflicting thoughts, also murders, adulteries (conniving to take possession of another's spouse), and the sexual practices of idolatry, thefts, false witness, and speaking against the splendors of God. These are the things that make man common or profane, living below the dignity of their purpose. But eating without washing your hands first does not make any person common and profane, living below the dignity of their purpose. (Matthew 15:19-20).

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