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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

The Parable Of The Sower

The Book of Revelation, a book of Spiritual Warfare, opens with deep examination of the hearts of people making up the 'ekklesia' (the church) in various geopolitical spheres of influence.

The Parable of the Sower has always fascinated me. One reason is Jesus said if you understand this parable, every other one will open up to you (see Mark 4:13). That is a pretty big statement for him to make. But what is the illustration all about?

There are several ways to approach it, but one of the clearest is to say the parable speaks to, “At what point will it be that your heart says, NO to God?”

Is the person’s heart so hardened that right from the beginning as God speaks to them they say no? Or, is it down the road a little where as soon as the voice of God probes more deeply it finds hardness and you say “No” to Him? Or, is it when the cares of this life and things of the material visible world become more important to you than His voice? Or, is it the fourth scenario with you, where there is nothing that can separate your heart from the most valued treasure of all which is His eternal voice being transmitted into you through a loving communion with the Holy Spirit?

How deep can His seed and then His roots penetrate into you?

How high will you go as a result?

And when he was alone, those that were near to him, close and touching him along with the twelve, asked him about this illustrative story.

And he (Jesus) said to them, 'Unto ones such as you (those drawn close, near and touching) it has been granted that you should know in the most intimate way the mystery and the secret of the Kingdom of God. But to those at a distance, all these things exist only as parables.

This is so those ones, even though they are looking will not be able to see and therefore will not perceive, and upon hearing they will hear but will not understand, bringing the thoughts together in their minds, at no point in time turning again, reverting and converting their whole direction from one to another and unite again with their share of the inheritance, every one of their sins (missteps, errors in reference to the plan) being forgiven, completely wiped out and no longer exist to hinder them.'

Then he said to them, 'Do you not see this parable? If you don’t see this parable how then will you be able to see any of the parables?

The sower is sowing the word, the expression, the speech of the living voice, the concept and idea, the voice and mind (of God).

Let me describe the ones that are on the wayside, which speaks of the hardened, trodden down and impenetrable ground, where the very same word is sown, these are the ones who have heard the word, but then satan (the adversary, the opponent, the exact opposite one) comes immediately, without pause, and carries off the word that was sown upon the impenetrable, hardened, unreceptive ground of their hearts.

Then similarly to those ones are they upon whom the very same word is sown on a site that is full of rocks, stony ground with little soil in which to rest, who just as soon as they hear the word they immediately receive, taking hold of it so as to put it to use on their behalf and do so with great vigor, joy and happiness.

However, there is no place for roots to develop in them, so consequently they agree and harmonize only temporarily, just for a brief season, but later on at the first sign of trouble and conflict or persecution generated in contrast to the word, they are just as quickly scandalized by it and are just as quickly displeased, becoming indignant, snared and all tangled up because of the conflict.

Now these are the ones who have had the exact same seed sown, but it is sown among thorns being those who hear the word but anxieties and cares and things related to the existing world system, it’s gloomy oppressions and processes, and the lies it professes regarding what it calls out to be riches and the cravings it then produces for other things, divide their attention, stealing their focus and ultimately crowd out and choke off the breathing of the word, and they wind up appearing in history then as unfruitful.

Finally, there are those who received the exact same word but it was sown upon good, beautiful, the most excellent and agreeable ground. These are all those who upon hearing the word and receiving it, taking hold on it as if it were their own life expression, consequently bring forth from within them visible fruit, some of them a thirty fold measure, some of them a sixty fold in measure and some of them a one hundred fold in measure (Mark 4:10-20).

The Son of God, the Master Journeyman Teacher of all things God among men, is making a very clear values statement.

It is always about the heart and what one values as the most vital and treasured substance held within the heart, and it has been about the heart from the beginning.

All of the life we find ourselves living is an unfolding of values we hold within our inner man.

You will always play the song that is inside you.

It is important however, that we do not fall into the trap of letting people or letting ourselves make it about forced changing of behavior from the outside in, because behavior is merely the expression of what is truly valued (loved) within the heart. Until the inner man is saying an enthusiastic, “Yes!”, to the Spirit of God, surrendering itself to the Voice of God within, receiving it as if it were your own valued expression of person, no form of behavior modification will cause transformation of life.

Prisons are full of people whose external behavior has been modified.

But until a man or woman in prison or anywhere for that matter receives the Spirit of Christ, the divine God seed reanimating Spirit into the fullness of every measure of their own inner man or woman, the repeating pattern of their life will continue, or at least the undiscovered parts that have yet been held back.

Only by the heart surrendering to the energy of a new Spirit can any one of us find our freedom to be as Christ is, and whoever the Son sets free has found engagement with the freedom of the universe at its own scale of infinity.

Wherever you are you may travel the universe in exploration of all the wisdom and knowledge of the inexhaustible wonder and splendor of God, without limit.

By this Spirit the infinite power of the Father is also available.

There is nothing too hard for God and if we seek and if we continue to listen and allow ourselves to be guided, nothing is impossible. The only thing that is impossible is what we ourselves might rule out by not continuing to agree and harmonize in our spirit with the magnitude of His Spirit.

But it doesn’t stop there either as the infinite love of God also becomes available to us.

We are talking of nothing less than everything the image and likeness of God holds within it.

This is what our inheritance is all about. It is about receiving Him and as Jesus had said, “I and my Father are one. If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”

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