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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

The Seven-Fold Examination

Revelation, being a book of epic spiritual warfare, begins before the real battle starts with a 'review of the troops' which comes down to the seven 'ekklesia' (churches). Just as Jesus taught, if you are going to war, you need to first understand what it is you have to work with (see Luke 14:21). But before we proceed there is something else to say and it is this;

Each one of us must consider the spirit of those we follow, because their spirit will eventually become yours if you are in fact following them, and when their spirit becomes your spirit you will be as they are and do as they do.

This is why ultimately we all must choose for ourselves to have Jesus Christ as our Head and with him held in place, receive direct wisdom and power to begin the transformation of our own sphere of influence, bringing it into balanced equality with the Holy Spirit as we see eye to eye with God.

We are called to be as Christ is, sharing the resources of the same mind (see Philippians 2:5-8 & 1st Corinthians 2:16).

This is not to say we don’t listen to and learn from others who will further our own union with the mind of Christ, as long as we keep the true Head, Jesus, in the ever rightful place.

Not one of us can afford to get lazy in our journey and abdicate our relationship with Jesus to someone else because it’s just easier to get fed from another’s experiences than to dig into God for our own. It may seem to be easier in the short term but it will not be in the long run.

World changers are those whose world has been changed and this is the point of the deep readiness examination of hearts among those being invited to the great feast and celebration we read about in The Book of Revelation (see Revelation 19:9).

Many are called but few are chosen. Many are “invited” which is the meaning of the word ‘called’ here (Greek – kletos) but it appears that among the invitees a smaller number or a few are “eklectos” inferring that a choice has been made in relation to the larger group of invitees.

An invitation is in no sense of the word a guarantee of attendance, and I am not talking about salvation here, I am talking about moving from infancy to adulthood in which you and I, the individuals, walk worthy of the call we have been given to be good soldiers of Jesus who is the Christ of the world and the catalyst Rock of the new creation.

The word chosen or as mentioned in the Greek is eklectos, (echo of the lectio or words that have been gathered) is a double edged word subsequent to calling. By double edged I mean there is both being selected on the one hand but also our selecting on the other hand. It is we who first hear and then select or elect to set our own hearts apart to the selection.

God, as is His nature, is not going to force the issue of coming to the feast on anyone.

The mission that is before you and I is entirely a volunteer mission in which the Lord Jesus has said, “This is the mission, and people might die” and we in our hearts say, “Here I am, send me” as Isaiah the prophet responded to his calling (see Isaiah 6:8).

What does your heart say? That is, again, the question that you will have to answer for yourself.

So, in the Book of Revelation is presented an invitation to come to a feast that we might say is similar to a fantastic awards banquet at the end of the judgment of Babylon and its king and Babylon's spiritual lover the Great Whore of idolatries.

None of these things are the point of this book and blog so we won't even go there now because the point of this book is the invitation and our response.

All of the rest that is in the Book of Revelation is incidental to these two critical things. If you don't get this part nothing else matters except dealing with the terror that comes from the judgments emerging as a result of the prayers of the saints.

It’s all tied in together. All we can do here is introduce thoughts and ideas about the nature of the call and each person’s response or lack of response to it. At this time it will be completely up to you and I to say, “Yes, I'm going there and I do NOT care what it takes” or “No, I'll take my chances on the outside of this mission.”

But I can say this, that your own heart’s desire and what you love and trust the most will either lead you into the thick of the wars or away from them.

However, I can also tell you the safest place to be is always at the side of the Lord Jesus, because he has already been through this fight and knows the secrets to total triumph. Things have a way of working out for him and when you're with him, for you too.

In the message to the seven churches in Revelation, there are seven things of course (surprise, surprise). The seven churches, in my view, represent seven examinations of the warrior’s heart at the onset of the epic battle about to be engaged.

The full nature of these seven things is too much to cover in this blog, but the seven things include:

1. The city in which the particular ‘ekklesia’ is located, its nature and the gods historically worshiped there.

2. Who Jesus reveals himself to be to each one of the seven.

3. What Jesus commends in them as excellent.

4. The flaw that Jesus finds in their hearts attitude.

5. The remedy Jesus gives to each one.

6. The penalty or danger each one faces if they don't make more holistic adjustments.

7. The reward they will receive if they do make the adjustment in their heart.

What we will do is combine some of these things and focus more on the conditions of heart surrender the Holy Spirit is inviting us to engage, because success in the battle that looms is relative to the hindering beams we remove first from our own eyes so we can see clearly to exorcise the spec disturbing others.

Only after our heart is adjusted can we see clearly the vision we are invited to engage.

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