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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

Who Is This Jesus of The Revelation?

There is no success for humankind in the arena of Spirit versus spirit warfare apart from Jesus Christ, the Master Journeyman of the earthly exorcism we have now become engaged in.

If you are an adherent to Jesus Christ, Son of God, if you have presented yourself as an Apprentice to be trained in his School of High Powers, you are unavoidably called into the battle whose goal is the complete elimination of death and all its spiritually rooted tentacles oppressing the splendors of infinite life in all of its stunning wonders.

This is Spirit to spirit conflict. Whether you like it or not, this is exorcism. If you claim your place as a son or daughter of God, you are by nature an exorcist. You better start paying attention to what that means and that is the point of this blog and the book it is formulated around (see 'The Revolution Is ON!)

Jesus is of course the ‘Yasha (Hebrew word for salvation)-man’, which is the meaning of his name being a translator's extrapolation of the Hebrew name Joshua.

The Son of God is man in harmonic union with Creator acting within creation and particularly a portion of creation under the chaos of the elemental spirits of darkness.

The ‘Yasha-man’ has come to effect the restoration or we could say the reconciliation of humankind with God and subsequently allowing for the whole earth to begin experiencing the incredible liberty that only the restoration of man to the wonder filled God of life itself can bring about. This is the point of the gospel, the archaic term which means 'good news.'

An order was declared at the opening of the Genesis record and mankind was the joint power of God in the earth for bringing to pass the eternal purpose, man being given by God the power of dominion and the commission resulting from that power to subdue an element of hostility present on earth (see Genesis 1:28).

The order commissioned to be established was delayed as mankind submitted his ear to believe the voice of lesser power, the voice of created versus the voice of Creator and so the old order, the order of the fallen angels that had been in place continued until the Son of God arrived.

The Son has brought into play the New Order, the New Arrangement, the New Covenant, and so the eternal purpose of God has been resurrected.

Success is guaranteed.

The Triumphant One, the beginning of this now emerging creation of God, is the Spearhead, the Champion, the Director, the Liberator, the Master Mind, the Journeyman, the Translator, the Shepherd and Chief Administrator of the way, ordained to appear continually into the life of whoever it is that will come now into unified spiritual wholeness with him.

He is the long promised Savior of the world, a world and social order made up of men and women captivated by the lower spirits which is hell bent on its own destruction.

It is a world that will destroy itself by reason of the consumptive energies of death at work, energizing hearts and minds captivated within it, mentally bound and heart bound under spirits who themselves can only guarantee their own continued existence by feeding like leeches and parasites off of the lives of others. This is because these, being separated from God, have no power of life within to sustain themselves.

It is this order, their order consisting of the fallen angels who were already present at the time of Eden and the making of Adam that is being challenged and cast out by the now restored order of the sons and daughters of God.

That old order in all its ways is encapsulated in what is known as the administration of death.

Everywhere one turns under the old order, the law of death is at work. Under it, to satisfy its demands, ultimately the whole world would be once again consumed and destroyed.

Enter Jesus, called ‘the last Adam’ (see 1st Corinthians 15:45).

But who is this Jesus?

The Book of Revelation unveils a battle scene of epic proportions. The vision breaches the veil between the heavens and the supernatural activities of the invisible world of spirit and the visible activities on earth.

The culmination of the battle is spoken of as a final clash in a spiritually meaningful place known as ‘The Valley of Megiddo’ or as it is more popularly referred to, ‘Armageddon’, a place one could likely see from a unique vantage point while growing up only 10 miles or so away in a little mountain town called Nazareth.

As we open the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, we are faced with the realities of who this Firstborn Son of God, the man of this new emerging creation, the Savior of the world is, and we are faced with a choice then, to believe and come to harmony with divine truth and with this Champion, or to harden our minds to it and to turn away from the stark realities being presented us.

To understand this Jesus, the Christ and ‘Yasha-man’ we will see if we can catch at least a composite snapshot by viewing what is said about him to the seven churches of The Book of Revelation.

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