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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

Who Is This Jesus of The Revelation?: Snapshot #1 – Who Is This Champion?

In the arena of supernatural conflict, in Spirit to spirit warfare and conquest, in face to face, hand to hand, and in the most brutal of trench warfare and triumph, there is a Champion who has faced down the best that evil has and ever will have to offer and he has crushed the very head of the entire operation of evil, and that one Champion is Jesus Christ.

The high Book of Revelation which pulls back the curtain on the true battle which is actually taking place at a level most cannot grasp or refuse to acknowledge opens with a series of examinations of the heart of Seven 'ekklesia', or we could use the word the translators made up to describe these conclaves we know in our vernacular as 'churches'.

Because the book ultimately is The Revelation of Jesus Christ, we will begin there as each of these enclaves of believing hearts is approached by the Son of God and to each is given a certain glimpse or revelation as to who it is we are dealing with as we move forward into the vision and the ultimate exorcism of our earth from every animating spirit of hate, death and evil.

Snapshot #1: Ephesus - These things are being spoken by he who holds the seven stars in his right hand, who walks in the midst (at the center, the heart of) the seven golden candlesticks...(Revelation 2:1).

Let’s think about what we have here.

First there are the seven stars, which we learn are the seven angles of the ‘ekklesia’ in each of these geopolitical regions.

Angels are the ‘ministering spirits’ who live to help the heirs of salvation (see Hebrews 1:13-14). But angels are messengers or bearers of the word of God, functioning in a way as protectors and delivery agents related to the voice of God as we see throughout scripture, particularly as angels watch over the Ark of the Covenant in the temple which we, the ‘ekklesia’ now are called.

The Ark of the Covenant is where the LORD God said His voice would be.

These angels are in his ‘right hand’ which speaks of having the power and authority, and likewise representing salvation or we could say God’s power of salvation which is the often referred to ‘Yasha’ power of life emphasized by me repeatedly in this book and this blog.

Yasha is the Hebrew word for 'salvation' in particular as it relates to the very nature of God as 'Jah' (Yah), Jehovah (Yah-Hey-Waw-Hey) and is at the heart of the name for example 'Joshua' (Yasha-man) which is where the name 'Jesus' actually comes from.

Jesus is Christ who was promised, the one who reconciles man to God, the Savior or epitome of 'Yasha' embodied in man, restoring the original portrait and power who subdues every enemy of mankind including death.

This is what the Yasha looks like in active synthesis in human beings.

Not only is Jesus, the Yasha-man at the right hand of God which is the pinnacle point of all power in heaven and in earth, but he holds in his right hand and power the angels of the churches ('ekklesia') in these locations, and I would venture to say in every company and form of the ‘ekklesia’ in every geopolitical arena, for what is happening here as men interact in synthesis with the Spirit of Jesus Christ has far reaching application as ultimately described in The Book of Revelation.

These seven angels by the way are the seven spirits before the throne of God (see Revelation 1:4, 3:1, 4:5 & 5:6, Zechariah 3:8-9 & 4:8-10) who themselves are the heart searching spirits who probe nakedly into the essence of every person and being without restraint to see the heart of that being and whether it is set toward God or not towards God.

We are then given the pictograph to blaze within our imaginations from which the actions of our lives emerge, that this one, this Jesus, walks in the midst, or the center point of the seven golden candlesticks.

These seven golden candlesticks we had learned previously in The Book of Revelation are the seven churches we will be discussing in more detail as we progress through this part (see Revelation 1:20).

Walking is motion and direction.

Jesus is the Head over everything to the 'ekklesia' (those who will echo the image and likeness of God) wherever they may be found and from my own experience in coaching athletes for over 20 years there is a saying that is true, being, “Where the head goes the body follows” speaking of balance, guidance and momentum.

So, as you can see, we have some pretty important things happening here.

The center of all things among the ‘ekklesia’ of God who live within any geopolitical region is Jesus, the Firstborn Son and Champion to whom has been given all power in heaven (the spirit arena) and, conjunctively speaking, in earth as well for it is spirit that forms what the material creation looks or will look like.

Only when the Spirit/spirit of a thing changes, spirit being the animating energy of a thing, does the expression and therefore destiny of anything change.

It may sound strange to you, but this includes even physical elements such as changing water into wine. If you don't understand the spiritual dynamics of what took place there, that miracle and any of the others will continue to be a mystery to you.

Wherever the Axis goes (the head - Jesus Christ), in whatever direction, however and wherever he walks, the ‘ekklesia’ moves in concert with him in that region.

In any given geopolitical sphere of influence, from the geopolitical sphere of a single person, to a couple, to a family, to a homestead, to a neighborhood, to a village, to a town or city, all the way to include entire nations and the whole world for that matter, if that which animates the entity in question changes, so does the entire expression of that entity.

This is the basis of the entire writing of scripture and the power of Jesus Christ in altering the spiritual makeup of a man or a woman's life and ultimately the whole earth.

Next Topic: Snapshot #2 – Smyrna: He That Is First and the Last

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