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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

Who Is Jesus?: Snapshot #5 - He has the Seven Spirits of God and the Seven Stars

We have already taken a closer look at 4 of the 7 snapshot images of Jesus Christ that appear as The Book of Revelation opens, which as mentioned is a book about spiritual warfare at the highest and ultimate level, peeling back the curtain of obscurity that so easily blinds us to what is really happening in the non-visual world which the current spectral capacity of our natural eyes inborn limitations do not allow us to observe, unless of course those eyes become infused with the powers residing within the Holy Spirit who does indeed impart to us then an ability to see at a greater, superior dimensional level beyond any limitations.

The touch of the Holy Spirit allows our eyes to see as God sees.

An epic battle looms, culminating in the complete liberation of earth from every conceivable evil including death itself which in the language of spiritual warfare, we consider to engage the spiritually high arts of exorcism.

The fact of the matter is, if you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, you are called to engage in the exorcism of evil and the animating powers that are the cause of evil which the scriptures explain to us over and over again exists in the arena of the spirit world.

God has given us through the Champion Jesus Christ, all of the requisite tools for us to do this.

Those who are free are empowered to free others and must rise in the powers granted and do so.

So, in our 5th revelation of who Jesus Christ is we come to the 'ekklesia' (people called to echo the image and likeness of God) in the geopolitical region known as Sardis.

Sardis - These things are being spoken by he who has the Seven Spirits of God, indeed the seven stars...(Revelation 3:1).

The seven stars and the seven Spirits of God are one and the same.

Stars we learn serve a number of purposes, the first of which designate times and seasons where certain things upon the earth are to be done and others not done (see Genesis 1:14-18).

Stars are also for purposes of navigation for those on a journey as mariners on the sea or as those seeking the Son of God (see Matthew 2:2-10).

These same stars are partners with us in spiritual warfare (see Judges 5:20).

But these seven stars are quite unique in that they are the Seven Spirits that are before the throne of God (see Revelation 1:4).

These Spirits are the eyes of the LORD that search continually throughout the earth.

The prophet Zechariah spoke of them saying, “Look very carefully and see the stone that I have laid before Joshua (the Yasha-man), for upon this one stone there will be seven eyes” (Zechariah 3:9) and “For who is it that will despise and show contempt against the day and time and season of the small (the little and the young ones, those who are the least) things? Rejoice and you will see as seers the stone of separation in the hand of Zerubbabel (he that scorches Babel) with those seven eyes of the LORD that run to and fro throughout the whole earth (Zechariah 4:10).

Jesus possesses these Seven Spirits of God and they are searching the earth.

In fact the stone of separation, the stone which the builders in Jesus day rejected has the seven eyes within it.

But what are they doing? What are they looking for? Why are they in continual search even up to this present moment in time?

That question too is answered.

Proverbs explains, “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, in every spot, in every home and habitation, in every room, in every location, in every city, quarter, region, country and land (both open and closed), and are watching closely, leaning forward to examine with deeply seated interest both the evil (that which causes trouble, adversity, pain and misery) and the good (that which is pleasant, that makes merry, is kind, is prosperous, excellent and comparatively better)” (Proverbs 15:3).

But it goes deeper than just watching, for there is a purpose in the seven eyes of the LORD watching that is directly related to the heart of God and to this purpose we read,

“The eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong and to demonstrate His prevailing power on behalf of the heart that is in peaceful agreement and harmonic adjustment to Him…” (2nd Chronicles 16:9).

The eyes of God are looking for all the places He can pour out His abundance in wonderful and amazing measures.

The evil will disappear on its own because its very essence is self destructive. In spiritual warfare we are giving it a push into the inescapable abyss and towards its final destiny where it (the animating spirits of evil) will be reserved in chains (bound) unto the judgment of the great day of God Almighty (see 2nd Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6).

Remember when Jesus taught his apprentices,

“What I want you to be seeking is the kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you. Do not be afraid of anything, do not be overwhelmed with any phobia and do not give it power over you, you young and tiny sheep, and the reason is this, it is your Father’s good pleasure, His highest joy and greatest delight to show you, give you and furnish you completely with the kingdom”(Luke 12:22-23).

Thoughts like these should affect our faith and open us to even greater wonders and possibilities related to our own expectations.

The Seven Spirits of God are roaming everywhere and at all times searching for every way to show Himself powerful in relation to our own hearts melted and molded into symphonic union with His own heart.

I say we pray that we might have within us the very heart of God.

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