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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

Who Is Jesus?: Snapshot #6 - He that is Holy, True and has the Key of David

From The Book of Revelation, we have already looked at the first five snapshot revelations of who this person is that is going to lead us into the future, this Jesus the Son of God, who is come to examine the hearts of those who profess to be his 'ekklesia' (church), being those whose mission is to replicate the image and likeness of God everywhere in all the earth which is a more distinct understanding of the word used to describe the people who are the adherents to his own cause.

"I will build my 'ekklesia' and the gates of hell will not prevail against it", Jesus has explained.

For any just joining us, we are saying The Book of Revelation is in fact the revelation of Jesus Christ and the mission instituted by him which is nothing less than the total exorcism of evil, which is the result of animating energies or spirits whose root and therefore influence on the earth shows itself ultimately in death and decay and the antithesis of the infinite power of boundless life so clearly demonstrated in Jesus.

There is a disease on earth that is a corrupting disease and the root of the disease is found in these spirit entities. The Book of Revelation explains their demise.

It explains their exorcism, and it tells us how it happens and what the ultimate condition of the earth will be as the process of the exorcism goes forward under the leadership of the Firstborn Son of God, Jesus.

So, in preparation for this task of casting out devils, Jesus begins by revealing to the 'ekklesia' in various geopolitical regions who he is within the cosmos of all things and also goes into a deep examination of these conclaves of believers in each of these geographic spheres of influence into which it appears they are meant to bring the wonders of the Kingdom of God, exorcising evil and manifesting instead the rich splendors of eternal life.

The sixth pictograph of Jesus we are given is in reference to the city of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia - These things are being spoken by he that is holy (whole), he that is true, he that has the key of David, he that opens and no man can shut, and shuts and no man can open...(Revelation 3:7).

This one speaking, as we are preparing hearts for the battle that is looming, sends the message to us that he is holy and this is very important for us to know.

But what is holy?

There are many ideas about holy and many of them do a poor job of giving us a picture we can get hold of and utilize in applying the idea of holy to our own lives. I want to try and fix that and simplify this for you if I can.

Holy in the Hebrew language is the word ‘qodesh’ from the root ‘qadash’ but that doesn’t really tell us anything. In fact, much of the material on the word itself is inadequate in defining the intent and spirit of the word, but if we engage some deeper etymology we learn fascinating concepts.

The idea of ‘holy’ on the surface level is the idea of singularity, it is of something set apart and completely dedicated to one thing and only one thing.

This leads to the idea of purity and if we are not careful we can begin to confuse what that means. The purity means that it is not mixed with even the slightest hint of any other thing.

There is neither any dilution of what it is or any addition of a foreign substance.

In all of this, there is another element that is connected and this is where we can begin to get hold of something that can benefit us immensely. The first use of the root is Genesis 2:3- “And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified (qadash) it, for in it He rested from all His work which God created and made.”

God had completed his work. All that was needed for the healing of the earth was in place.

The idea in ‘holy’ is the idea of wholeness, that it is so complete nothing else can make it more complete.

All of the fullness of all that is needed or ever will be needed is resident.

In a way you can say ‘It is finished!’

There is a direct correlation between holy and wholeness in the economy of God and the Spirit of God is the Spirit of all wholeness.

We find that all that is and ever will be in way of creation, power, supply, healing and whatever else you may want to fill into the blank, resides within the revelation of Jesus Christ who is holy.

Jesus is in fact the distribution point of all things God, or as we are instructed, Jesus is “the fullness of the Godhead in physical, bodily form” (Colossians 2:9).

Then we are told as well that he is ‘true’. Jesus had mentioned that at least once before to his apprentices when he said to them, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man can come to the Father but by me” (John 14:6).

True? What is that?

True is everything that is real, everything that is on point, everything that is irreducible, and everything that is accurate.

There is one thing and only one thing that God cannot do and it is certainly to our benefit that He can’t do it, and that one thing is to lie (see Titus 1:2, Deuteronomy 32:4, Isaiah 65:16).

If God were to lie, which is impossible because God is ever who God is, but if He did, I imagine the whole universe wound collapse in upon itself and disappear. But, that isn’t going to happen.

Finally to Philadelphia we learn it is Jesus Christ who ‘holds the key of David’.

He holds in his power the full authority to open and to close, to release and to restrict, to bind or to loose and there is no power that can change that once his decision has been made.

It is incontrovertible.

No man can change the sentence as it comes from the pinnacle point of all power in heaven and in earth. His heart is as the Father’s heart and therefore the power that flows is the same as the infinite power of the Father.

We are invited to share in this inheritance together with Jesus.

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