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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

Who Is Jesus?: Snapshot #7 - The Amen, True Witness, Beginning of the New Creation

Mankind alone has been created by God to bear within him or herself the very image and the likeness of God. This capacity has not been given to squirrels, it is not given to lions, tigers or bears even though all of these show the wonderful handiwork of God, and the bearers of the image and likeness has not ever been given to angels. There is only one kind within all of creation to whom this honor belongs. It is the exclusive call of God to mankind. No other possesses the unique call and design. No wonder the apostle Paul can say to us all with such clarity, "All of us (humans) have missed the mark, we are all living outside of our destined inheritance and we all have come short of the glory God has created for us" (Romans 3:23). A great gift has been given and yet we continually refuse it, continually disbelieving what all the prophets have been telling us since the world began, and though we instinctively know that it is true, that we are made somehow for so much more, yet we struggle to receive a kindness whose grace is rooted in such magnitude of love.

We who are made to walk the earth as the vessels of infinite love and splendor, instead possess a disease somewhere in our soul and spirit that continually rejects the height of this notion as generation upon generation of our forefathers lived their lives in disbelief of this love,

condemning themselves to some perverse, inborn need to punish themselves and destroy themselves and one another again and again as if there were some form of penance due on a debt so deep we could never repay, and so we continue living on the outside of our destiny. Into this appears a phenomenon. Into this appears one like us yet quite unlike us. Into this darkness God sends a light who is His own son, a man just like you or I yet born free of the disease of our condemnation, for his Father is not Adam, but God, and we see in this Son of God who it is we are all created to be. So, we come to the 7th revelation of Jesus Christ as shown to the 'ekklesia' (those persons now learning to echo the image and likeness of God) who live in the geopolitical sphere of influence known as Laodicea. As we have said, The Book of Revelation is a book that pulls back the curtain on the spirit world and sets the stage for the greatest showdown between the powers of evil that have wandered the earth for longer than our records of history, and the high powers of God active within His sons and daughters.

Laodicea - These things are being spoken by the Amen (that which is what is to be), the always trusting and true witness (the convincing proof and convicting evidence), and the beginning point and commencement of the creation of God.

Jesus is revealed as the ‘Amen’. A cursory definition of the word means ‘that which is what is to be’. Another complimentary version says it this way; ‘according to what has been said, so will it come into being’ and this is true of the Lord Jesus Christ of whom the Father says, “all things are upheld by the word of his power” (Hebrews 1:3).

But there is still a deeper level to the word ‘amen’ that comes out of its Hebrew origins. The word comes to us from Abraham’s encounter with God in which we are told Abraham ‘believed’ God and God essentially said, “That’s it! That’s what I’m looking for! I count that as righteousness (harmonic union with the voice of God) (see Genesis 15:6).

The Hebrew word used is ‘aman’ and means things like, to be nourished, to be nursed as by the breast, to be supported by, fed by and to be made sure and certain by’. The picture we see is Abraham taking on the promise of God and being nourished and nursed by the promise spoken. I suppose he may have taken this radical approach to God’s promise because he knew that it was impossible for God to lie.

But we can take this to an even deeper level if we look at the Hebrew letters that make up the word ‘amen/aman’ for the pictographic nature of the letters tell us a story. In the word ‘amen/aman’ there are three letters, the first is called ‘Aleph’ the second is called ‘Mem’ and the third is called ‘Nun’.

Now here is where it gets fun. ‘Aleph’ represents pictographically ‘father’ and as father, we see the seed giver. ‘Mem’ represents ‘mother’ with specific reference to the womb and can be either represented as either a womb which is open and receptive to the seed of the father, or it can also be a womb that is a closed womb and unreceptive to the seed of the father. ‘Nun’ represents the result of father issuing seed and the open womb of the mother, coming together in a creative, life giving union, and the reception of the seed resulting in offspring or a son, being the embodiment and replication of the father.

The ‘Amen’ is the word ‘believe’ or ‘believed’ in the case of Abraham, who is said to be the father of all those who believe or ‘amen/aman’ in their relationship with God. This is the activity of faith. It comes as the Word of God comes to us (the seed) and we receive it into the womb of our heart (the heart being the incubator of the seed) which ultimately results in a divine, creative activity that produces an offspring (a replication, a son) of the Father.

Jesus Christ is the ‘Amen’, the receiver of the Father’s word, the incubator of the word and the product of the word, being “the word made flesh and dwelling among us” (John 1:14). It is Jesus who is the voice of God to us, God now speaking to us “by His Son” (Hebrews 1:1-2). But that is the beginning, as this Teacher will teach you and I in the same process of replication.

He is the true witness. The Greek word ‘witness’ is the word martyr but the word does not mean what we, over time, have made it to mean regarding someone who dies for their cause. It could happen, but that is not what this word means.

A witness is one who provides the convincing proof that a thing is true. A witness is someone who has actually seen a thing and is bringing the convicting testimony and the actual evidence of that thing. Jesus came announcing the dominion of God was now in effect, that all that the prophets spoke of had arrived and that the day and time of the reconciliation between heaven and earth was now upon us. He not only spoke of it, he demonstrated it, bringing the evidence and proof of what that exactly looks like.

The Son of God is the evidence of all that is true now. Do we believe it? The domain of heaven is ‘at hand’, it is now in effect, reachable and touchable and he is the proof of every reality within it.

Then, there is this one final point. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the commencement and beginning of the creation of God. A time has come. A shift has taken place and it is epic.

The creation and the order that was is no more. It is now in its decline and vanishing stage. It is ready to be wrapped up and tossed because it is no longer usable and serviceable having no place in the new thing that God is now establishing, Jesus being the revelation of this new creation.

As we move forward towards the culmination and exorcism of the old and establishment of the new, the things spoken of this man are the first points of trust of course. What does the vision have to say about these things and then what do our own hearts truly have to say about these things? When the apostle John first began to write his gospel account we don’t get very far before we read the words;

‘As many as received him (Jesus), to these same ones he gave the right, the privilege and the power to walk upon the earth, and to appear upon the stage of history as the sons of God, to everyone who believes upon his name (power, rank and person) (John 1:12).

To agree with the revelation of whom it is that Jesus is known to be, and to be free to do so with our whole heart rightly placing Jesus in his position as the beginning and Lord of all, opens the portal for us to enter into the same plane on which the Holy Spirit is with regard to him.

Our trust is a harmonic alliance with the words spoken of him by which this divine sound and the sound within us are the same sound, the very vibrational intensity of the Spirit resonating in us at the same scale of his power.

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