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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

What Are The Dangers Present Within the Conflict?

Spiritual Warfare is not a game and neither is the message and power of the Gospel regarding Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world and leader of the 'ekklesia' (those offering themselves to be vessels of the image and likeness of God) and engage in the work as spoken of in places like The Book of Revelation of the complete exorcism of evil and its spiritual cause from the earth arena.

The global exorcism of evil is serious business.

The ancient writings of scripture inform us of the all too real truth that the world of matter that is before our eyes has in every way and in all of its manifest expression a cause that forms the expression and the cause of expression is not visible to us because it exists at a level known as spirit.

We learn, everything in life is spirit, being formed first at that level and then crystallizing into form of one kind or another in the world our eyes are capable of seeing.

There are those who mock this idea though, as can be expected, and they do so mostly out of fear because if that is true, then it places on them a level of responsibility to pay attention to the thoughts, ideas and imaginations they host within them as to the very nature of the good or evil resident in those images, particularly if you mention that we will all be held accountable for the things we personally have expressed into the cosmos of all things.

But it is no longer just the ideas of past prophets and mystics and current prophets, mystics, apostles and others who speak to us of the reality of these things, but deep research by scientists in the fields of Epigenetics and Quantum Physics are leading them to conclude as well by scientific discovery that there is indeed an invisible substance and various energies within creation that actually cause substance to be what it is, causing the material world and its various elements to take the form and shape and expressions we see.

It is global transformation that the revelation of Jesus Christ is all about, not just the book we call Revelation, but the man himself having come to us as the Son of God, revealing to humanity what men and women in harmonic union with the Spirit that is God looks like, with the invitation to us all to undergo a personal, spiritual transformation of our own base impetus at the core of our being which he referred to quite accurately as being 'born again', this second time as the sons and daughters of God, leaving behind the limited and confined world that Adam left us in by his own abandonment of his incredible union with God and without defense against the evil.

Believe it or not. That's your choice. We have however, all suffered because of it.

Jesus clearly explained to the churches (the 'ekklesia' – those persons dedicated to echoing the image of God in a given geopolitical arena, not the organizations we call churches) the rewards of heart alignment that await the Co-Warriors as we discussed in Blog 116, but He also explained to us the dangers resident in what was coming if we decide to opt out of heart alignment and engagement with the mission he is on, for it is again, entirely our choice what it is we will do.

There are real dangers so let’s not pretend there are not.

What Jesus has said is not a threat as much as it is a matter of fact.

He is giving you like all great leaders do, all the details, so you can be informed and make an informed choice about your life.

You have the opportunity to volunteer to take this step and you also have the right of refusal, but knowing both sides of the equation is vital information to you.

Salvation is like a protective canopy over the life of the individual person electing to place themselves under its power. In the exact same way the children of Israel were protected at the first Passover so the angel of death could not touch them, so it is with the canopy of protection we are provided by the blood of the true Lamb of God.

The armor of God mentioned in Ephesians 6 is about the canopy of protection. Within it there is safety while outside of it is exposure, much like the concept of the fear of the LORD (under the shadow of His wings there is safety, outside is exposure).

The watchers, those who are the aware ones because they choose to seek out the mind of Christ, foresee the approach of danger and are given wisdom to prepare against it (Proverbs 22:3, 27:12).

Attention is paramount. The dangers are described.

Ephesus: Danger - Otherwise it will happen to you rapidly that indeed your candlestick will be removed from its place (topography, designated space)...

Smyrna: Danger - To not receive a crown of life (triumph) and exposure to a second round with death...

Pergamos: Danger - Otherwise it will happen to you rapidly that the sword of my mouth (the words of Christ) will fight against, among and in opposition to you...

Thyatira: Danger - Every one of you will be rewarded in perfect accord with their works, according to the business and whose business you have conducted...

Sardis: Danger - I (Jesus) will appear in stealth and you will not perceive the time of my visitation to you...

Philadelphia: Danger - Vulnerability to the various seasons of global distress designed to examine every heart of every person on the earth...

Laodicea: Danger - To find yourself outside of the ‘mouth’ (the voice, the words, the oracle) of Christ and have your nakedness (vulnerability, lack of protective covering) exposed and with no ability to see and perceive things of the Spirit.

It is the love of Christ that calls out to us for the full trust of our hearts within the canopy of salvation. There is no other place of safety as the things within the Book of Revelation begin to unfold, which they do at one level in every generation, but on another level entirely they will as well at an ultimate level involving the ultimate showdown between light and darkness.

Regardless of which we are now facing, present times or ultimate showdown, you'll want to be in harmonic union with the voice of God, coming directly to us now through Jesus Christ, the Champion of mankind.

That an army of true worshipers will emerge and war together with him to take this current age on to its full conclusion there is no doubt, and the truth of the matter is, he doesn't need proportionally a whole lot of them alongside of him to finish this task, but it's certainly better and safer to be wherever it is he is.

There is call and there is response, call and then response;

And Jonathan said to the young man that carried his armor, 'Come with me and let's go over to the outpost and standing placement of these uncircumcised (undedicated, unaligned with the covenant) ones. The LORD will accomplish and create things on our behalf, for there does not exist any possible restraint, hindrance or opposition to the LORD, as He can save with the use of many, or with the use of just a few (1st Samuel 14:6).

The call has come as it has to every generation.

My question is, "What is your response?"

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