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Spiritual Warfare & The Book of Revelation

Seven Deep Examinations Of The Heart

There are few, it seems to me, that understand the workings and the powerful machinations of the spirit world.

There are those persons who toy with the dark arts of course and use them (or so they think) to possess power over others, and many of them know the kinds of things that happen there even more so than the people who ought to be masters of the supernatural, being part of the high arts and the supernatural crafts as taught by Jesus Christ, which in contrast, exercise the powers of light which is supremely superior to the dark spirit energies.

The light is opposite of the dark. The power of light seeks to release the persons in question, to heal them, to liberate them from anything and everything that would limit them, bringing the person and persons into the fulness of their divine destiny.

It is a sad thing that the children of light don't understand the mission involves the liberation of the entire planet from the active energies at the formative level, in the non-visual arena of the spirit world, and that we are called to engage the powers at that level for that level is the only one by which true alteration of things as they are on earth can take place.

The entrance of light dispels darkness. Change the spirit of a thing and you change its destiny.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is about the spiritual repolarization of the entire earth arena and bringing everything contrary to the power of infinite life into subjugation and ultimate elimination or as we have been saying...exorcism.

The mission of the children of God, the 'ekklesia' - being those whose supernatural inheritance is to be the very vessels of the image and likeness of God, echoing His own splendor and glory into the earth, is to bring forward both the end of a previous order of creation and to bring forward the emergence of the new order of creation as revealed in Jesus Christ.

It is clear from the Son of God teachings and the subsequent teaching of his apostles and prophets that this task is engaged by spiritual persons applying the supernatural crafts first and foremost at a Spirit versus spirit level.

It is when ascendancy is gained at the spiritual level through means of binding and loosing in a process of dispossessing one kind of animating influential power hell bent on the control, oppression and destruction of life, and the establishment over any person or geopolitical sphere the powers of the Holy Spirit of infinite life and salvation, that then do conditions within the geopolitical sphere alter, and not before.

The Book of Revelation, along with the other writings of the apostles, pulls back the curtain and exposes what is happening in the spirit realm as well as teaches us our significance within it.

In these blogs and in the book they are based on 'The Revolution Is ON!' (a primer on spiritual warfare and the mission of global exorcism) we have been discussing these things and the foundations of what it takes to become a successful spiritual warrior.

When we open The Book of Revelation we find Jesus coming to the 'ekklesia' in various geopolitical locations and, prior to the battle about to be revealed, performs what is akin to a 'review of the troops' telling them what they are doing well, where they are vulnerable, more about himself, and what they need to do to get ready for the battle and the triumph that awaits them should they choose to go forward.

All of these things are issues of the heart and this is what the probings of the ‘ekklesia’ as we open The Revelation of Jesus Christ are all about.

The battle is real, more real than any of us wants to think, and so is the promise that awaits us.

How deeply will you or I trust his love over us?

The mission our Lord was sent on required him to trust the Father's love up to, upon, and beyond the cross.

The magnitude of the mission for the saving of humankind meant great sacrifice would be required.

Jesus could have opted out on the eve of the highest battle the universe has ever known and he even said to the Father, “If there is another way…” (see Matthew 26:37-44) but there wasn't, and as the battle inside of him for the salvation of the world raged, and he could have opted out at any point deciding you or I weren’t really worth it, but his heart finally found that place it had always really been set for, and he embraced the Father's will in perfect trust even though it meant a horrible set of momentary personal circumstances would have to be faced by him.

In advance of this moment the Father had already given him a prophecy and promise.

It was all Jesus had to go on as he faced the reality of what was about to happen to him, just a word from God;

I have set the LORD always before me, because He is at my own right hand (most trusted place), I will not totter, shake, be dislodged or slip.

Because of this my heart is glad and all my strength rejoices as my body also will lay down in excited anticipation.

For You will not leave my soul in hell, neither will You allow Your Holy One (Your saint) to see any corruption.

You will show me the way to the highway of life, in the smile of Your face is immeasurable joy, at Your right hand are sweet, lovely delights that go on and on forever without end (Psalm 16:8-11).

In the next seven segments, we are going to jump more deeply into the heart level examination Jesus challenges each of the seven 'ekklesia' he faces as he comes to prepare them for future success in what is to come, beginning with the 'ekklesia' in the city of Ephesus.

What can we learn about our own hearts under the shining light?

Next Topic: Ephesus – The Test of First Love

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