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Spiritual Warfare: Identity Crisis

Just exactly as Jesus has taught us, whatever it is you believe to be true, and I am speaking of genuine belief at the irreducible axis of the individual, that being the place inside from which all reality concerning the person proceeds, will in fact become true in the life of the person.

In this we are talking about spiritual things and spiritual powers. Why do I say that? Because we are addressing animating powers that are real, yet invisible.

They in fact do exist, and they in fact do possess the power of influence over our entire life paradigm and what we express and what we create within the atmosphere's, and I mean any and every atmosphere and geography, we ourselves appear in.

What you believe to be true, whether that thing is actually true or not, becomes the rule by which you allow or disallow anything to take place, defining the allowable parabolic arc and trajectory of trust the person will equate to, believing that this is or is not safe, that this is possible or impossible..

In this context, there is a level of faith you must have in yourself as a person who has received Jesus Christ and been born a second time by the supernatural operation of God.

This is not a faith that is human based but a faith in reference towards yourself that is completely congruent with your redeemed self, the one whom God has now declared you to be.

Whatever of you that was before, in a self that is disassociated from the infinite love that is God as your Father, has been crucified and buried with Jesus Christ in a level of permanence, and now in your joint resurrection with Jesus Christ, a new person with an entirely new existence of being has emerged.

Who is that person?

It is this new identity that is most significant. It is this born again identity, the person of this regenesis, that has become the all important axis around which your entire life must now learn to reorient and gather it’s self worth and consequential influence, its self evaluation and identification accordingly.

There now exists a new definition of you in the dictionary of names in the universe however far you might ever travel within it, the old definition of you having been obliterated and a new definition entered, it having been written into the code of the universe by the hand of God.

In terms of spiritual warfare, if you have given your heart to the Lord Jesus you have already become an offense to the spirits that have dominated the earth for ages. You have become an object of interest, for you have become a threat to the system that has been.

If you launch out in the arena of Spirit to spirit warfare you will receive resistance, but that is okay, in fact it is a very good sign.

If the darkness can’t keep you from engagement as part of Jesus ‘ekklesia’, it will attempt to neutralize you by throwing hurdles in your path or distracting you with the cares of this life and the deceit that can reside in reference to money and cares of this life issues, and it will assault you with thousands of them that by virtue of your regenesis are quantitatively irrelevant to you.

By whatever means, the darkness will very realistically do whatever needs to be done to neutralize you by whatever means must be used, and it doesn’t play fair.

But, there are rules in the spirit arena that must be followed, and these are the things I am trying to share with you.

In other words, there are rules of battle and exorcism against which evil is incapable of standing, for as we have been pointing out, lesser spirit must always bow to greater. It remains to be seen now, what you and I will do with the power we have been given to share in.

You, along with your new family, have become a family of warriors and an invading force whose mission will not end until all things are brought under the power of the Christ.

As you venture into this space you will find that not everyone in the family of faith is willing to share in battle and many have been neutralized already at some point, but you may be able to reignite their awareness and power.

I have taken some time to lay the groundwork for what we need to explore next by telling you about the heart of David, being the same heart that is alive within the Champion of God – Jesus Christ, and the same heart that lives within the champions of God – you and I, emphasizing the critical nature that our heart plays in all things all the time.

As a Foundationalist, not to be confused with a Fundamentalist, I would be remiss if I had not done so, for the heart of man determines the expressions of Spirit or spirit on the earth.

If you have begun to apply the things already shared, now it's time to pull back the curtain a little more and help you understand who you have become in the structure of the universe.

What I am going to do in this next series of posts is lay a basis of what I think are important things about who you are in Jesus Christ. These elements of faith have been seriously eroded over the years since the resurrection of Jesus in triumph over death and the initiation of the ‘ekklesia’, and it is time to do some repair work on the foundations and the walls of our identity.

Please consider carefully the next few posts.

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