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Spiritual Warfare: Identity Point #1 - You Are Invited Through The Initiative Of God

Who chose who? That is a very important question to resolve inside the arena of our faith.

The first part of the answer is, you didn't get to this point by accident. You didn't arrive here at the side of Jesus, or even become curious about him by your own choice, though your choice was involved in your acceptance of the invitation, as receiving it and staying here in it is a continual choice we make all day every day as we move from breath to breath through life.

We choose to walk in accord with the Spirit of Jesus Christ which has come by our invitation (and continues to come by our invitation) or to not do so, letting other animators influence us from the inside out.

Furthermore, just so we don’t lose the idea of our willing engagement, choice will be involved in continuing to stay in the heart of it all as the Holy Spirit moves with one design in mind which is to permeate into every reach and corner of our being, saturating you and me with the magnificence of the image and likeness of God until no one can define the line differentiating where God ends and we begin or where we end and God begins.

But here is the overriding point. You are here now first and foremost because the Holy Spirit drew you here. You were chosen;

No man can come in and go out in reference to me (Jesus) if not for the Father who has sent me and leads, draws and inwardly impels that person to do so, and I will appear and will raise him up from the lowest places of the days of his life, every day even to the final day.

It is written in the prophets, 'And all of them will be entirely taught of God.' Whoever then gives ear and audience, and consequently calculates together with the Father, comes in and goes out together with all of my exact same advantages (John 6:44-45).

Jesus taught us that we didn't do the selecting but the Father did the selecting, and for whatever reason that was we aren’t really told, other than the fact that it was completely His grace.

This is consistent throughout scriptures. There is something going on here that is bigger that any one of us or even all of us put together.

Regardless of the true status of your hearts alignment right now, the fact that you are reading this tells me the motions are alive in you and you are at least hearing something, though you or I may not even be fully engaging it yet.

If not, it is most likely because you fear losing part of yourself and so we must be brought along incrementally. But you won’t lose anything, ever. You will only gain because of Him.

Call, response, call, response. That is the pattern. He who has is given more, and then more.

You keep the edge by continued seeking and by listening to the Holy Spirit, the voice of God that has come to reside within the temple of your own being.

You haven't chosen me, but it is I who have chosen you and in this choosing have also ordained you that you should go forward as you are being led, and carrying within you fruit, bringing that fruit to the forefront, and that your fruit should remain, being present with you continually so it may follow in order that, whatever may be required and called for from the Father that is enveloped and resident within my name, it may be openly shown and given as a gift to you (John 15:16).

Invitations from the Most High God to participate in saving processes are weighty matters not to be trifled with but received and honored as highly as their Source Himself honors them.

From among all the people on the earth, God has seen to it that a unique, specific invitation has come directly your way.

Now it's a matter of the heart, your heart, to keep the flow going together with Him.

But it is important for the Spiritual Warrior to understand always that God has called you to be at His side, together with Jesus our Champion, and that you, no matter what things the opposition in the thick of battle does to you or attempts to throw you way, will never be abandoned,

God stands with His sons and daughters.

The love God has for us is called agape' in the Greek language and as such means 'no gap' and this is a very apt description of the Father's love for us.

It permeates everything about us and His presence within us.

In the economy of life, if you don't know who you are, you don't know who you are to be.

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