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Spiritual Warfare: Identity Point #3 - A Covenant Has Been Extended To You Part 1

So now we are at the third point of identity the Spiritual Warrior, engaged in high stakes warfare together with the Champion Jesus Christ, must have in his or her personal arsenal.

Why? These things are important because in the thick of battle the enemy who is called by the moniker 'satan' meaning 'slanderer, accuser, one who speaks falsely to harm and destroy another's standing and stature, one who makes false and malicious statements to weaken and destroy another' utilizes intense pressures, broadcasting against the Warrior an onslaught of psychological warfare designed to first demoralize and then to debilitate and then destroy.

The spirit arena is dynamically powerful because it operates on a system of faith and unbelief.

They are both the same thing in a way with the difference that the positive nature of faith is a full and single minded persuasion regarding the love and promises God has decreed on your behalf, while unbelief is a negative persuasion that is designed to create doubt in that love and in those promises, cutting off the flow of their active dynamic to you.

If you remember the attack against Eve, the beautiful Warrior Princess we see in Genesis, the onslaught of the serpents message was designed to set off in her a doubt in reference to something God had explained to her and Adam which was born of His love for them.

Things haven't changed and won't change until the mission of complete exorcism is finally done which is the continuing charge to the 'ekklesia' (those echoing the image and likeness of God within a geopolitical sphere of influence) which purpose is masked unfortunately in the ancient writings by the substitute word 'church' which clouds the meaning of 'ekklesia'.

Though we've lost the meaning of our mission, not to worry...it's coming back.

So, the Spiritual Warrior must be confident, single mindedly confident regarding the sworn oath or 'covenant' God has made them as He has called them into this great, earth changing mission.

You must have ground to stand on and God has given it.

#3 - A Covenant Has Is Extended To You

What does it mean when God makes a covenant? What are the nature of His covenants?

In knowing what the strength of His commitment is to us, our understanding the nature of God's covenants will be very important. How powerful are His words of promise? What is it you have been given to receive?

A covenant is a pledge of agreement or loyalty usually between two parties in which each one declares what benefits they will offer to the other. Let's use a typical real estate transaction for example.

Two parties come together and each one of them has a benefit they bring to the table.

One person has a house or piece of property and the other one has money, whether cash or cash in the form of a loan, it doesn't really matter as it could be anything the one or the other party considers to be of value. The one brings the benefit of the house and the other brings the benefit of the cash and they make a legal binding contract to trade with one another the mutual benefits they bring.

There are usually witnesses to verify the signatures are valid (that they are actually from the persons whose possessions are on the line) and to verify all the conditions of the agreement have been mutually met.

There is usually in the contract a penalty stipulated if either one of the two parties violates the agreement and does not perform according to their pledge.

This is called, keeping your word and is an extremely important element God has established in the dynamic of the universe.

But there is something very different about God's covenants and the nature of them. The very first time the word ‘covenant’ is used is when God comes to the prophet Noah and begins to explain to him the pending destruction coming to all the earth. We'll pick up the story in Genesis;

And the LORD was in deep sorrow over what man had produced on the earth, and it tortured Him at His heart.

And the LORD said, 'Wipe away and blot out Adam (man) who was created from the face of the earth, both man and beast and creeping thing, and the fowls of the air, for what man has produced, only deeply sorrows.'

But, Noah (meaning: ‘a resting place’) had lighted upon, found, encountered and took possession of grace, the smile, favor, mercy, good will and an abiding inclination within the fountain of LORD’s own eyes (Genesis 6:6-8).

Though all the hearts of all mankind had gone so far from the LORD their destructive perversions had infected even the creatures it seems, changing around we are told even the natural uses of everything and moving them out of their places, as the eyes of the LORD scanned every heart of man, suddenly they stopped.

They found Noah to be a resting place and Noah suddenly encountered grace in the eyes of the LORD. The apostle Peter tells us this one lone man continued to tell everyone about righteousness, being as God is and the harmonic union of getting on the same operational plane as God, but then again, no one is listening to the prophet.

Once the eyes of the LORD encounter Noah, things get interesting.

The ancient writings tell us the LORD doesn't do anything on the earth until He shares it first with His servants, the prophets (see Amos 3:7). So, in light of what the timeless God already knows is about to bleed over into time, He speaks to Noah;

Look carefully and see, a flood of waters gather to the whole of all the earth, destroying all flesh in which there is the breath of life under the heavens, and everything in the whole of all the earth will die.

But I will raise up the setting of My covenant on you, and you will be brought within the Ark, you and your sons, and your wife and your son's wives with you (Genesis 6:17-18).

These are very important words in several different ways and they set the tone for the other times in the writings we see God establishing His covenant upon a man.

The first thing to notice are the words, I will set upon you My covenant.

In the conversation, we have God and we have Noah, but notice whose will is being established and whose covenant it is.

Noah is not a party to the transaction to establish covenant but merely a recipient of it, because the covenant itself belongs to God.

Listen to the words again after the flood as Noah and company emerge from the Ark after their baptism of death and now new life in a renewed and glistening world. They emerge from the Ark as the only humans alive now and God says;

Look carefully and see, I will establish My covenant with you... (Genesis 9:9).

And I will establish My covenant with you... (Genesis 9:11).

Fast forward to God making covenant with Abraham in Genesis chapter fifteen and the same language repeats;

In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram saying, ‘To your seed I have given...’ (Genesis 15:18).

And I will make My covenant, multiplying you in abundance, upon abundance (in double abundance)... (Genesis 17:2).

With Me is the covenant, you will be father of a multitude of nations... (Genesis 17:4).

And I will establish My covenant over and upon your seed after you...” (Genesis 17:7).

This language repeats over and over. The covenant is God's covenant. It begins with God, it belongs to God, and is applied according to the sovereignty of His own selection process, by whatever mystery is involved in it.

In other words, it is not dependent on you because it is formulated outside of you and is the sworn oath of God, originating in Him and belonging to Him and put upon you by Him.

This is important to know.

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