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Spiritual Warfare: Identity Point #3 - A Covenant Has Been Extended To You Part 2

As we started to say yesterday in Part 1, the belief that a Spiritual Warrior holds regarding their own personal identity, who it is they are, not from the standpoint of man or trouble rooted spirit, but who they are in the eyes of God, holds for the Spiritual Warrior great consequence, for the darkness will always seek to undermine the Warriors confidence in the words God has spoken regarding them and by the taint of unbelief sown, attempt to gain advantage with the ultimate goal of the Warriors withdrawal from the battlefield, his or her demise and their ultimate destruction.

The things that I am talking about are all too real. They are more real than we want them to be.

So, we began to talk about the Covenant of God and the fact that God's sworn oath to His sons and daughters is not rooted in us but in Himself. It is God's covenant. It is God's oath that He has sworn by Himself because there was and is no one greater than Himself to swear by, so God being the God of truth, swore by God who is the God of truth and by two undeniable witnesses, God and Himself, we have been blessed with His covenant.

We know that when the covenant of God it is present over anyone, incredible things occur to that person.

What happened to Noah whom we mentioned yesterday was nothing short of astounding. What happened to Abraham was nothing short of astounding. What happened to David was nothing short of astounding and it is all because God, in eternal wisdom in the works known to Him, willed forth His covenant upon them.

But what was really happening was a continuation of the Father's will over the creation of man in the beginning.

The eternal purpose which originated in God was being transferred forward along with all of its attending blessings and benefits so that the ultimate goal of an earth eradicated of evil and filled with the full measure of God's splendor would become the reality here.

The eternal purpose is the eternal purpose.

The covenant and the agreement to bless, resides with God and is His own self proclaimed promise, that He swears by Himself to fulfill. This is the same covenant of God that He revealed to mankind and proclaimed upon man before the fall;

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God did He create them, male and female did He create them.

And God celebrated, invoking upon them the blessing as God said, 'Increase and bear this fruit, branch out and multiply excessively, fill the earth as an armed mass and subdue it, causing it to be subservient, treading down the opponent that is in it. And have dominion, subjugating and taking the rule over...every living thing that moves upon the earth (Genesis 1:27-28).

God made trees and herbs after their kind with the seed of replication in them. God made living creatures after their kind with the seed of replication in them. And then God created man after His own image with the seed of replication in him, and He placed by grace upon man the ‘Yasha’ blessing which was the empowering for the purpose He subsequently identified, to force subservience upon an opponent, treading that opponent down.

And so throughout history God has confirmed what in fact is His covenant with timelessly selected individuals and now by this same grace it has come to you.

You must know, the certainty of the promise is not based in you or me, it is based in Him and His own righteousness after the sovereign dynamics involved in the counsel of His own will.

Do I understand it? No. Do I believe it? Yes.

It is His covenant that has now come upon you and it is His word of promise bathed in His own righteousness that makes it effective and it is His power that stands, fully backing His word of promise.

See that you aren't dull and sluggish about this matter or fail to give it the honor it deserves, but are imitators of those who through faith and undaunted determination receive all the pronounced blessings promised and allotted them.

For when God pronounced the blessing and promise that was allotted to Abraham, because there was no One greater that could be sworn by, then He swore by the power of Himself saying, 'I certify this, that in bestowing the blessing, I will bestow the blessing, and in multiplying, I will be the cause of your multiplying.’

So as he (Abraham) was undaunted in adherence and would not let go of what God said, and then the promise appeared, materializing before him (Hebrews 6:12-15).

And now it is on you. God has put His covenant upon you.

The blessing of His word that He has sworn by Himself to fulfill is now your portion. It is certified by God and God only. Whether you believe or not does not invalidate the promise or the full power of the actual promise.

The promise continues to exist in its entire splendor because it is not rooted in you, it is rooted and sworn into effect by the oath God made upon Himself alone.

By which God, willing deliberately in excessive manner to show to those allotted the promise, the inalterable nature of His purposed counsel, validated it by swearing an unbreakable oath,

And this, so that by taking two inalterable, already accomplished and unchangeable facts in which it was impossible for God to lie in either case, we might have at our grasp a mighty, persuasive legal summons who have fled into Him for the refuge of power in relation to the heightened expectation of hope that has been laid directly in our path (Hebrews 6:17-18).

It is God's covenant, certified according to His eternal purpose by Himself and now given to you.

Your inclusion into Christ has made it as alive and active over you as it is in Jesus, whose power in the universe we have placed ourselves under;

Remember then that there was a time in the past where you were considered as far as race and nationality is concerned, to be Gentiles, and you were called the uncircumcised by those who called themselves the circumcised at least according to markings on your flesh made by means of a circumcision performed by the hands of a mere man.

That at that previous time then you did not have Christ, and because of this you were also alienated from the common, shared wealth and inheritance that had been given to Israel, and you were estranged from the covenant of the promise, there was no positive future hope of it among you as you were then without God in this world.

But now that you are contained within the envelope of Christ Jesus, you who were previously far, far away, instead now appear in present history as being one in both position and access to the promise made by means and because of the blood of Christ (Ephesians 2:11-13).

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