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Spiritual Warfare: Identity Point #5 - The Name In Which We Act

In this segment of spiritual warfare and the Spiritual Warrior, we have been focussing on the concepts of identity which is your own understanding, in light of the revelation of Jesus Christ and the love of God poured out on your behalf and for your direct benefit, of who it is in your regenesis through the operation of God, that God has now made you to be in the new order which we call the New Testament, which is in fact the entrance of an entire new order which is the order of the sons of God.

My point is, that we as those sons and daughters, have not really, fully, and completely caught the message and we are and have been under the constrictions imposed by an identity crisis.

The mission we are on together, under the leadership of Jesus Christ (the Firstborn Son of this new order of humanity), if you read the thread of instruction from Genesis to Revelation, is nothing short of the global exorcism of evil, that being everything that is contrary to the absolute power of the pure life that is God on a scale of magnitude that equals infinity.

This global exorcism we speak of ultimately will destroy death itself, death having no place any longer where it can have even the most remote influence (see 1st Corinthians 15:24-58).

And so to continue on with the power of our identity, in the wars, you have been given a name to work with.

The name signifies the power and the rank of the person to whom it belongs.

In our case, it is in the name of the highest of powers in heaven and in earth that you and I come and make our declarations and demands for transformations in the earth in whatever measure particularly God has assigned to us, binding the animating influences (spirits) of whatever evil is attempting to operate and bringing into the measure in question the full revelation of heaven and the love of God, replacing death with infinite life.

God did not give this mission to angels, though they are definitely there (the good ones) working on our behalf and according to our words in relation to these things, but He has given this mission to man and has not now or ever rescinded the calling.

"To which one of the angels did God ever say, "Sit here at my right hand until I make every single one of your enemies a footstool for your feet?

Are not all of the angels ministering and serving spirits, sent forth to serve and follow the instructions given by those who are the inheritors of salvation?" (Heb 1:13-14)

Jesus Christ is Lord and there is no other lord, there is no other at the right hand of God, there is but one name among mankind that is permanently established at rest there at the pinnacle point of God's love.

When it comes to matters of the kingdom/power of God and the knowledge of His will and its enforcement, no power may defy the name above all other names and this is just eternal fact.

The power of the name of Jesus Christ when applied, brings a bondage and demand of obedience upon all resistant forces, for all other forces in heaven and in earth are lesser, and this is how things work in the spirit arena.

The lesser must always give way to the greater.

To mention again from yesterday's post the statement I heard in prayer was, "If you don't know who you are...you don't know who you are to be."

Now, here is a glimpse of the power of the gospel (the stunning news) of Jesus Christ to us, in that you and I have been baptized into that name when we willingly surrendered ourselves to the death, burial and resurrection of our lives in our water baptism.

With the name of all power, you and I have been unified. We are cloaked and clothed in that name, living and breathing and moving about in the auspices of the name of all power.

It is up to us to use this magnificent name with wisdom and in application of his will, but by all means we must use it at all times, bringing all that is dissonant within our metron into subjection to that name.

This includes anything and everything that has appeared and is appearing as discordant with the known will of God which will is easily understood by the Hebrew word for salvation which is, as we mention frequently, the word “Yasha” which is a key component of the name ‘Joshua’ or the mutated English version ‘Jesus’;

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father (Origin and Generator) of the splendor may give to you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,

With the eyes of your understanding enlightened that you may know what is the confident expectation of His invitation, and what are the riches of the splendor of His inheritance given to the saints,

And what is the far surpassing greatness of His power to us who have believed, just like, and according to His same mighty power,

Which He operated in public display in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and then set Him at His own right hand in the heavenly places,

And he (Jesus: Yasha-waw) is now far above all, he is the very Chief and greater power over all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named not only in this world but in that one that is also now arriving and emerging in display.

And has put the sum total of all things under his feet and has given him to be the Head, the lead and living power over all things to those ones who have been called out (the ‘ekklesia’) who are the same as his very own flesh and blood body and the fullness of Him that fills all things in all places (Ephesians 1:17-23).

And being found in the same fashion as a man, he (appropriately) humbled himself, listening, and became congruent in following all the way to his own death, and that being death on the cross,

And because of this (the listening and following) God has also highly exalted him and given him a name (ranking, power, place and rule) that is above every other name (ranking, power, place and rule), that at the name of Jesus, every knee must bow itself down, including every single thing in heaven, every single thing in earth, and every single thing under the earth,

And every tongue of everything is obligated to confess and not refuse, by demand, to personally agree that Jesus Christ is Lord to the splendor of God the Father (Philippians 2:8-11).

It is time for the unbelieving to believe.

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