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Spiritual Warfare: Identity Point #5 - Enforcing By Demand

We are coming here to the end of our segment exploring the divine belief the Spiritual Warrior will need to hold regarding his or her identity.

If you do not know who your are, and by that I mean who you are in the eyes of God, not man and certainly not according to the lies the forces of darkness will try to impose on you through the invisible broadcast of falsehoods that their spirit born entities shoot at you in so many all too real ways, your missing pieces of foundation on these points will leave you in a state of vulnerability.

I am on solid ground when I tell you that one of the great delights of satan rampant throughout the system of the fallen angels is the destruction of identity among God created men and women.

If your eye becomes singularly focused on who you are in the eyes of God, your very own joy filled Father, and the incredible nature of our rescue out from under created elements to being now established with Jesus Christ as part of the pinnacle of power together with him in the universe, this knowledge, continually held before your attentions, leads to your inclusion as a divine threat to the entire system of darkness that has enslaved the earth and the souls of men and women alive upon it.

The more confusion satan can broadcast into any person's life regarding their divinely created identity, the less threat they are in regard to humanity's mission of global exorcism of evil.

If you don't know who you are, you don't know who you are to be, but if you do know the truth of who you are, with laser like focus you will begin to rise and exercise your God instilled powers to go about doing good and heal every situation in which the marks of oppression from the devil are found by you.

So, we will conclude this segment with the following thoughts.

Enforcing By Demand

I had been in a time of intense prayer over a period of days seeking answers and probing deep into my own heart. I had decided to rest my mind and take a break and as soon as I had relaxed myself the Holy Spirit spoke and said, “Demand that it be so!” and I knew immediately what it meant.

I saw that God had given His servant’s power and that I had actually been on the wrong side of the equation of many things in my prayer life.

I would ask and ask and keep expecting things to alter because I was continuing to ask and seek and sometimes they did alter, but it seemed like a very long process.

Often the things I was praying and asking about were undoubtedly the will of God but the resistance against them happening was strong and nothing moved without great and long effort.

I always wanted to be careful not to overstep my bounds and push things that were not supposed to be. But in light of the clear knowledge of the will of God, He was showing me a different tactic altogether. In a word, He was moving me from a position of weakness to power and now I get to share it with you.

Remember Moses as he stood against the Red Sea and the armies of Pharaoh were coming to retake Israel into slavery? As Moses cries out to the LORD, the LORD says something unusual. He says, “Why are you crying out to Me?”

In effect the LORD was saying, “Look, you already know what we're doing here. We're taking them out of Egypt and into the wilderness. So you have an obstacle in front of you. So what? Take what I've given you, the rod, and stretch it out over the obstacle and speak to the people that they go forward.”

Moses at that point didn't need a new revelation of the will of God, he needed to exercise the rod of power God had given him already as a gift and apply it to the obstacle foaming in the way of their progress.

When we know the will of God we must transition from “hope so” to “be so”.

In fact, real hope is based on an undeniable expectation rooted in a single hearted assurance over a word God has spoken.

When we move into the status of “be so” it is a stage of commanding the lesser heavens, everything below Christ where we are jointly seated with him including the material creation, to conform themselves to the word that God has spoken to us through the authorized power of the Christ.

Our Lord Jesus, and we in him are given a height of power in the hierarchy of powers that supersedes every other power as we exercise it in unison together.

We don't act independently from it, we act in harmony with it, from the top position not the bottom position. We, the last in creation, have been made the first in creation.

We are the authorized enforcers of the known will and peace that God has proclaimed.

We are then to be relentless against the darkness, having no mercy upon the sarar spiritual kingdom.

No disobedience to the life giving words of our Lord will be tolerated by us.

No evil will be allowed to stand but instead the power of greater power will be applied by spiritual means upon the lesser, binding and restricting any influence of the lesser power. We demand an end to its voice and expression, refusing its speech into the metron any longer, and will not allow it to be any other way.

This is what the LORD, the Holy One of Israel and his Maker (He who has fashioned, formed and pre-ordained) says, 'Ask Me of things to come (what is to be) concerning My sons, and concerning the work of My hands, and you then give the commands (Isaiah 45:11).

Leaving No Other Option

We will close this chapter with this regarding warfare: Leave no other alternative.

He has spoken His word and the universe has no other option but to conform if we, His high level servants on earth, His sons and daughters to be exact, demand that it be so maintaining our own clarity of mission and conscience.

God has placed the earth under the care of mankind, but the high power rests in the saints, those of the aligned spiritual class of warriors whom He has called out to and who have willingly come to Him that they might serve the eternal purpose together with the Champion, Jesus the Firstborn.

Our Father who is in the very highest of the heavens, sacred is Your name (Your power, Your rank and rule). Your kingdom come, Your will be done, right here in the earth, matching exactly what is already true with You in the heavens (the dimensional realm of Spirit) (Luke 11:2).

Leave no other option. As long as you leave an alternative to the will of God the darkness will take it and will not fall down in obedience to it. It's just not in their nature to obey. All other options must be taken off of the table.

Be the enforcer of life and the revealed will and power of God that you have been ordained to be.

When we believe we are the sons of God, we will begin to walk the earth as them, replicating His love and demonstrating His life giving power.

And saviors will ascend upon Mount Zion to vindicate, judge, reconcile and settle the controversies of Esau (edom/adam – Genesis 36:8) and the kingdom will be the LORD'S (Obadiah 1:21).

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