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Spiritual Warfare: Increasing Your Threat Level

What I am asking you to do here and in the fuller exposition of spiritual warfare in the book The Revolution Is ON! is engage with things that will affect your life in ways right now that you may not be able to imagine.

In the last few segments I began to tell you, the fact you have given yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ means you already pose a threat to the darkness that is in the world.

On the front lines of battle, where the victories are won in spectacular fashion and the stories of what happen in the trenches are legendary, you just as much make yourself into a target, and you must be ready for this fact.

The spirit enemies don’t really concern themselves so much with those who themselves are unconcerned about the success of the eternal purpose of God in man, which by now you must be realizing is global exorcism.

Complete global exorcism...and the children of God are the exorcists in replication of the God seed that we so clearly and so fortunately observe in Jesus Christ, the Firstborn of this tribe of very powerful sons and daughters.

If you are a son or daughter of God you are indeed called in whatever role, to engage in the casting out of darkness and the shining of light so bright it fills all the measure the Spirit has put beneath your influence at this time however small or large it might be.

Whether you realize it or not, the elimination of darkness and shining of the light is exorcist language.

No one else can bring the kingdom of God into the earth but you and me. We were born again for this mission. It is our turn now in our generation to take the front lines and it is my hope we can take this thing to its final conclusion.

I believe it can be done but only on the battlefield of a spiritual Armageddon.

And though the polarity we are commissioned to bring to all the earth is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit manifest in a continual river of love, joy, peace, undaunted pursuit of eternal purpose, gentleness, goodness, faith, freedom to let God act through us in His power to heal and raise others, and the streamlining of lives to ever greater and greater efficiency in eternal callings, taking the world to that place we are seeking is a spiritually violent business, and there are casualties, but none so devastating that they cannot be healed as well.

We are healers and deliverers. We represent our Father who in so many ways is revealed as pure love.

We seek an earth that is abundant to all people, where disease, pain and suffering have no room to exist, where the Father is loved to the maximum by every heart, and every person is free from all their inner debilitations and may truly and genuinely love their neighbor as themselves.

We are ushering in a world without fear and without tears, one that is filled with joy and laughter, a world of safety, security and peace.

We are bringing in a world whose entire polarity and relation to life has been changed at the deepest root level.

The upheaval and overthrow of powers we bring with us has only one method of success and that is to bind what has bound, to overthrow what has overthrown, to supernaturally imprison what has imprisoned.

It is such a dramatic alteration of the core operational fractals that have been in place since the fall of Adam, that a backlash can be expected.

History shows power struggles involving thieves, liars, cheats and bullies who have usurped power and rule by fear and intimidation can be intense, but our God will beat them at their own game. He is already in the future, having provided all we need now, and is waiting to greet us there.

In the last chapter and in this one too, we are touching on two important foundational doctrines being the Resurrection of the Dead and Eternal Judgment.

The effect of Jesus resurrection and ascension is the dramatic shift that has taken place in our own position as believers, from the low scale to the high scale of position, and it is from the position of this position of resurrection life that we are given the power to execute upon the dark spirit enemies the judgments that are already written regarding them.

Their demise on an eternal scale has been pre-recorded in history.

Let the exaltations of God be in their mouths and a double edged sword in their hands to execute vengeance upon the unaligned swarms and punishments upon those nations. To bind their kings with chains and their noble ones with fetters of iron (unbreakable restrictions and bonds).

To execute upon them the judgment that has already been written. This honor has been given to all His saints (those set apart strictly for sacred use). Give praise to the LORD (Psalm 149:4-9).

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