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Spiritual Warfare: Increasing Your Threat Level

Praying With All Prayer And Supplication - Part 1

Where the apostle Paul wrapped up his writing about the armor of God by discussing prayer, I feel I need to start with it.

In the trenches, prayer is the power release point.

Prayer is a transaction engaging the supernatural elements between heaven and earth with the power to alter in every way the landscape we see before us.

I will admit before we begin that we won't do the topic of prayer full justice because prayer is a book in itself, not to say it's complicated, it's just so beautiful and so powerful.

It is when I am in prayer, interacting with God, that I know things are being moved and changed.

We're taught that things are not what they appear to be. Jesus turned water into wine. Dead people were brought back to life. Lepers were cleansed instantly. Blind eyes were opened. Deaf ears heard. The lame walked. Bread and fishes were multiplied to feed thousands out of what appeared to be, thin air. Water became a walk-able substance. Prison doors opened. Philip dematerialized and rematerialized somewhere else miles away, and all these things and more have continued up to this present hour.

It is what I call liquid reality.

We learn the material world is not as solid as we might think it to be, that in fact it is very mold-able, changeable and shape-able when you believe in the power of God and that faith can interact with invisible things to cause those things that are not to in fact, become.

Into this we have come, and we don't even know what we really have, but it is coming back to us again. I see it forming now and the world we have been invited to create with our Lord Jesus will indeed be created, first in the realm of spirit, then in the realm of earth as the alterations and battles of powers in the invisible world bleed over into time, ultimately bringing time itself to a close while ushering in the never ending, ever expanding and limitless reach of God.

Prayer is crucial.

As an apostle, Paul was in a state of nonstop prayer (see 1st Thessalonians 5:17), not to say that all prayer warriors are apostles, but I do believe all apostles are prayer warriors for that is where the battles are won.

The other apostles contemporary with Paul were cut from the same cloth. This is evident from even a quick read of The Book of Acts and the apostolic writings. Our Lord Jesus, the Son of Man/Son of God (the human embodiment of the infinite Spirit) was given to long bouts of prayer sometimes lasting through the night (see Luke 6:12) as well as times of fasting.

I cannot emphasize to you enough the vital nature of prayer.

It is in this state of communion with the infinite power and throne of the universe that words are expressed in a two way dialog between you and the Highest of the heights of all creative power.

Words from God are the tools of creation, both in the past and still now in the present. They form and transform all substance, visible substance and invisible substance.

Because of this causative action, I say to you, 'All things, no matter what it is you project in desire when praying, and require, crave and ask for, believe, placing confidence that you have received them, believing they have been credited to you and it will follow, coming to pass then that you do indeed have them (Mark 11:24).

This characteristic of prayer is so dominant among hearts seeking God that it will become one of the most noted points of our identity among all nations of the earth.

The world itself will understand the power wielded when the sons and daughters of God pray the prayers of faith.

When we go into prayer, spirits of evil, and those in love with them should become frightened, knowing their overthrow is eminent;

Also, the sons of the stranger that join themselves to the LORD, to serve Him and to love the name of the LORD, to be His servants, everyone that celebrates and treasures the sabbath (the rest) and does not pollute it, and who takes hold of My covenant,

These I will bring to My sacred mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer, their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on My altar, for My house will be called a house of prayer among all people (nations) (Isaiah 56:6-7).

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