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Spiritual Warfare: Increasing Your Offensive Force

Are you worried that you might offend the spiritual influences and powers of darkness if you step out into the arena of the Spiritual Warrior?

If so, you are in the wrong place if you want to serve together with Jesus the Son of God in fulfilling the eternal purpose of driving out evil from the earth in what the ancient writings portray as a global exorcism of all the fallen and life devouring forces of darkness.

Just as it was with Adam as God created him to be the incarnate bearer of His own being, His own image and likeness in the earth and to possess the powers of dominion and to subdue an already present hostile enemy (see Genesis 1:26-28), so it is with those who have received Jesus Christ and have been baptized into the powers of his name.

You translated from darkness to light. You translated from being enslaved under the power of satan to living a life streaming out to you from the infinities of God.

You are already a polar opposite if you are living out your life in accord with your new state of being, having been restored to flourish again in the mission for which humanity was uniquely designed to express as the very offspring (son or daughter) of God in the earth.

You are the anti-darkness. You are the anomaly and liberator within a system built upon enslavement and devouring of life. You are the pro-infinity of absolute and pure life mixed and mingled with nothing else but the positive polarity who is God the author of life, life and more life.

Your very existence is an offence already to the absolute negativity of the darkness for you are a bearer of the absolute positivity of the light.

Search the earth around you, which is your home and your inheritance given you from the Father. Is it free from the negativity of the darkness? Are you satisfied with its conditions? Is it mirroring what you know to be true of the absolute positivities you know of heaven?

When the apostle Paul begins to share with us the armor of God, the setting in which he does so is in relation to our power to oppose and set ourselves against the spirits of darkness who are occupying places of principality and power, might and dominion and broadcasting their brand of dissonance with God out from positions from which they are now being removed and displaced.

The picture we are given is from the Greek word anthistemi which is actually a compound word using anti (oppose) and histemi (stand and not waver) which together paint the picture of unwavering stance against these lesser to Christ troublemaking beings.

A fascinating side note is found in pharmacology with the word antihistamine if anyone is interested it following it. You get into the world of what are called agonist's and antagonists.

In the Greek language an agonist is considered to be one who is engaged in a contest with the root word agon being the word for struggle.

The antagonist is the opposite who blocks the action of the agonist.

If we want to take the thread of etymology one step further, agon is the Greek root from which we derive the common word agony.

Agony is defined as the struggle for victory, anguish, terror, mental suffering, one's struggle against pain of any sort, bodily suffering, affliction, trauma of any sort.

What is fascinating is that all of these words and concepts are related to one another.

An antihistamine it has been discovered is an inverse agonist. Because of its nature, the inverse agonist in pharmacology actually binds the agonist and reverses receptor activity, re-polarizing the situation.

All of this is not only very interesting to a Foundationalist like me, but a very good illustration of our mission as extensions of our Father into the earth arena.

We are the inverse agonists or the aggressive antagonists against the agonies imposed by the negative energetic powers of death in their dark polarizations, and our role in it all is found in binding the agonist, thus reversing agonist activity and establishing a new polarity which is the polarity of eternal and infinite life.

What is offered in the armor of God is the spiritual equipment necessary to reverse receptor activity.

As we stand against the spiritual wickedness meeting them at, but from above their level in the heavens (because we are seated with Christ in the third heaven, the highest one) we not only stop the activity but reverse it thus turning the world that is upside down and transforming it into the new world. This is what James said would happen;

Submit yourselves because of this to God, resist (Greek: anthistemi) the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

When we research the words of Paul, and James too regarding spiritual armaments and resisting the devil, it appears their revelation on these things is remarkably consistent with those of the prophet Isaiah;

For a breastplate He put on righteousness and for a helmet salvation (Yashua) on His head, and He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was wrapped with zeal as a robed mantle.

According to what they have done, accordingly He will repay, fury and enraged burning anger on His adversaries, those who oppressed, distressed, tightened and troubled, retribution to the whole enemy nation, into all their coasts and borders will He repay with retribution.

And so will they be terrified by the name of the LORD from the west, and His splendor from the rising of the sun. When the enemy comes near and gathers like a stream, the Spirit of the LORD will fly to the attack, driving at him with fury and putting him to flight (Isaiah 59:17-19).

In the armor of God, which we are about to look at, we are afforded the opportunity to dramatically increase the power of our threat level.

In the prosecution of the supernatural war we are engaged in, it should be each of our goal to wreak as much devastation on the strongholds of the enemy as can possibly be done.

The enemy is the usurper of that which belongs to our Lord and belongs to us as our inheritance also.

It is ours by the covenant of God and it is our privilege to bring it all under the feet of our Lord Jesus.

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